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  1. Carnival has agreed to reimburse some costs the US government and Navy incurred in rescuing the Splendor and the Triumph: More @ http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/carnival-reimbursing-us-for-disabled-ship-rescue-not-part-of-maritime-tradition-of-assistance/2013/04/15/467904ac-a5d8-11e2-9e1c-bb0fb0c2edd9_story.html
  2. It has been a week without any Klassy news. Are all carnival ships accounted for or are there any floating in the Atlantic without any plumbing?
  3. My apologies if this has been discussed already since i haven't followed the whole thread. Will all guests get these bands or is this an upcharge? It seems like the customized box is a lot of expense for Disney.
  4. USA Canada Mexico UK France Netherlands India
  5. A new water park will open this spring in Norcross on the site of Malibu Grand Prix track. The water park, Buccaneer Cove, will have water slides and tunnels, interactive aqua domes fountains and a huge splash bucket, according to Palace Entertainment. Semi-private cabanas with food service will be available for all day rental at an additional fee. The playground is currently being constructed where the Grand Prix track once belonged. The park is expected to open Memorial Day weekend. Source: http://www.ajc.com/news/business/new-water-park-planned-for-norcross/nWybL/
  6. Karnival is now flying home the passengers and obviously the next sailing is cancelled. No matter how cheap they are i don't get why people want to throw away their hard earned money with this shitty company. Now their precious vacation and dollars are ruined. Yet again more tone dead stuff from Carnival management: http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/14/travel/cruise-ship-trouble/index.html
  7. While i understand the Cruises need to serve all kinds of people and needs, I was kind of hoping that the ships never really develop a reliable internet connection. Cruise Ships seem to be one of the last places where you can truly turn off your phone and be unreachable for a week.
  8. Interesting article on how RCL "cleans" the Ipads in their suites as well as the future of connectivity on their ships which include Apps for customer devices which will take over the tasks currently done by these tablets. They also were talking about higher speeds and flat rate pricing (which i think was discussed earlier in this thread). http://www.informationweek.com/global-cio/interviews/why-royal-caribbean-treats-ipads-like-be/240146704
  9. Some one on the social media team trying to be cute: @CarnivalCruise: Of course the bathrobes for the Carnival Triumph are complimentary.
  10. Love these updates rolling in that totally contradict every Carnival update saying all is fine
  11. They just showed the engine blowout on Sunday that caused the whole mess on CNN. The smoke coming out of that red funnel thing Carnival has is pretty ironic
  12. $3.99 cash for regular is the cheapest on Staten Island and most of NYC.
  13. According to a passenger on CNN right now the sewage dripping down was like rain and it they are using tarps. To the poster making apologies for Carnival sewage dripping down the walls is not bearable in anyway. I hope none of these folks suffer from Cholera or something equally awful like that. The new arrival time is 10-12AM ET. I am now totally buying into Scott's theory of trying to sneak out the passengers under the cover of darkness.
  14. Maybe i am not the target market for a cruise like this but what is the attraction of an itinerary that goes NYC, Halifax, Boston, NYC and then UK? Couldn't they just get to the ports in order? http://www.lastminutecruises.com/booking/PageCruiseDetails.aspx?esq=118&eiq=241221#itin
  15. That aimless cork in the Gulf they call a Karnival ship has drifted so far from their original location that it will now be towed to Mobile instead of Mexico. Feces on the floor, sleeping in tents, vomits et al. Sounds like just another day on Klassy Kruise. http://www.ajc.com/news/ap/transportation/tug-boats-to-reach-disabled-cruise-ship-monday/nWLjX/
  16. I am not sure if you have DirecTV but if you do they are reairing it. For New Years Eve the aired the first 3 seasons commercial free for about 18 hours each day. Now they have gone back to airing to season 1. I think it's M-Thursday at 8ET or something like that. I am not near a TV to check for you.
  17. Currently Homeland, NCIS, White Collar & Suits
  18. You hit the nail on the head. Dumbo was always a favorite for my sister and her kid had to ride it, even when i told her there was another one 10ft the other way. More than the kids, i think it's the parents who try to recreate their childhoods with Dumbo.
  19. That play area for the Dumbo ride is probably the smartest thing Disney has done in a long long time.... I was tasked with taking my 2 year old nephew the last time we were there, Yikes
  20. It looks like i get all TPR updates on my facebook feed except the Cruise ones somehow.
  21. As a huge fan of the old test track, honestly i am not yet sure about how to feel. I really liked the factory look of the old version. Like other said, pictures and POV can't really convey what it really is like. I think everyone has to personally experience it. Maybe i didn't understand the concept of the car design in the preshow properly, but does every one get to design their own car or is it 1 per group? Of course Disney knows a lot more than i do, but is there a possibility for bottlenecks in the line?
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