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  1. Done only 1 cruise in a balcony but i agree totally with your reasoning. If you are not getting the balcony just the little window seems like too much of a tease. I so enjoyed just sitting in the balcony with my feet up and nothing to do. Probably one of the best parts of a cruise. Scratch everything i said if anyone cruise will be on the Fantasy. After seeing R&E's TR, if i ever go on a Disney i might skip the balcony to check that magic porthole out.
  2. I haven't been on the site for the past few months, was there a TR for that cruise? By the way, thanks for posting such an extensive amount of these pics on FB. Really cool of you to do that while on vacation. Also the menus for the Main Dining Rooms featured specialty cocktails on some nights, or those included or upcharges?
  3. That's because their entire schedule is back loaded. Yeah they have been squeaking by but they are always in the game. Even with all these wins, the Falcons need 1 or at least a couple of playoff wins to get the monkey off their backs. We will see how good the Falcons are when they face the rest of the NFC east these next few weeks. Even though the Saints have a bad record they will be good competition.
  4. I always get all the TPR updates on my Facebook page but somehow these Disney Fantasy updates haven't been showing up. Bummer. It is currently out of my price range but wow the pictures were just spell binding. Thank You Robb for taking time during your vacation to post these pictures. It is really nice of Disney to not only offer free sodas but also for carrying some variety. I did not like the fact that RCL makes you pay for drinks and then only carries Coke & Spirte. Maybe this situation is remedied with the new freestyle machines they have been advertising all over Atlanta.
  5. I was hoping the Dodgers would win the next two so that the Cardinals would have been forced to go play a tiebreaker there before coming to Atlanta. Oh well.
  6. It will be 9PM on the east coast and 8PM central time. I have no idea if they will make it available to watch online. They will definitely have clips of it up on their website, but not sure about full episodes.
  7. That smaller logo is Ford's new marketing philosophy. Their research has shown that people still associate newer Fords with Fix or Repair Daily era. Even their new marketing campaigns just talk about the product and its features but not the brand itself
  8. I was surprised that CBS didn't pick Big Mike to be on the show. I thought he was a guaranteed lock to be called out.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I am not going to lie: ever since you guys came back, i keep checking Facebook & the site every couple of hours to see when a TR will go live. Looking forward to it.
  10. Will there be a TR for your Dubai-India cruise Elissa? Eager to see more pics from your trip there.
  11. They just paid 2 BILLION DOLLARS. Most sports economists predict that it is atleast 750 million more than the market price. There is no way they can reduce prices.
  12. I will be okay if they give me a third of the winnings. I will gladly give up 75% of the $540 million. I got a couple of tickets, but my luck is awful with lottery. Never won a single dollar in any game.
  13. Couldn't agree more. Turned off my phone when the ship took off and never even thought about it. I felt like my vacation officially ended when i turned it back on in Port Everglades to the barrage of emails and texts.
  14. The national media will always bow at the altar of the unselfish Derek Jeter but i never saw him switch positions when the Yankees acquired a better SS than him. Chipper is One of the most underrated players of all times and the second best swing i saw personally after Griffey Jr.
  15. Chipper Jones just announced 2012 will be his final season. Even though we all know the end was near, it is a sad sad day. Always a team first player. Took multiple pay cuts to accommodate the team's shrinking budget. Changed his position when inferior players were brought into play his position. Always took less money to make sure he stayed in a Braves uniform. These days we are lucky if our favorite athlete is on our favorite team for five years. Larry Wayne Jones gave us Braves fans 19 great years. BTW, someone needs to take over the Mets ownership from Larry Jones.
  16. Orton didn't get thrown out because of Tebowmania, he got replaced because he went 1-4. Tebow won 8 games with the same team. Say what you will of his QB skills, he won the games.
  17. It's actually a very reasonable contract for a top-5 qb (Which he ofcourse is when healthy). There are no bonuses involved. He get 20 million or so this year. That is the only guaranteed figure. Next year he has to pass a physical or he doesn't get paid. If he gets hurt next year he won't be paid in 2014. If they eventually have to cut him, it doesn't affect the cap much since there are no pro rated signing bonus. It's a very reasonable contract in my opinion. He plays and he gets paid. The one who must be licking his chops is Drew Brees. He just set a NFL record and the Saints want to pay him 14 million. As a Falcons fan who didn't have much to cheer about this off season i hope he takes them to the cleaners.
  18. Peyton Manning has decided to play for the Denver Broncos. I don't know why he was so averse to playing in the NFC. It's not like the leagues never play each other. I think he best shot at another ring could have been with the Niners.
  19. No you are not wrong. It doesn't matter if the ship is 60 years old, the quality of service and food shouldn't depend on the ship. What they served you on this ship should be illegal. I am surprised none of you are in a hospital with food poisoning. I have never cruised before this January, so we tried a 4 day on the Liberty of the Seas to see if we would like it. Totally loved the experience. Now i would never set foot on a carnival ship thanks to you guys. BTW when you are doing your Dubai-India cruise do take an excursion on the houseboats in the Backwaters of Allapuzha if you get the chance. It is a relaxing way to see the real beauty of God's Own Country (which is what the state of Kerala is called by BTW).
  20. Thank You Robb for posting these updates at those outrageous internet prices. I was in class today and all i could do was keep refreshing my facebook page to see if you posted one more update. This is epic fun. This convinces me to stay as a RCCL lifer.
  21. Picture of the Costa Allegra taken by Indian Navy: Costa Cruises, the Italian company that owns the ship, announced that instead of being disembarked at Desroches island in the south-west of the Seychelles, the vessel will be towed all the way to Mahe, the main island, more than 200 miles away. Trying to disembark the passengers, including 31 Britons, into small boats and then transport them across a reef to the shore of the tiny island was too risky, the company said in a statement. The island, which has just one luxury £1,000-a-night resort with 24 rooms and 24 beach villas, would have been swamped by the influx of 1,050 passengers and crew. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/seychelles/9110926/Costa-Allegra-passengers-face-three-day-voyage-to-safety.html
  22. The Costa Concordia's story gets stranger by the day: Read more @ http://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/lawyers-cocaine-on-capsized-1353879.html
  23. The cruise industry can't seem to shake the bad news. About 200 passengers and crew have contracted the noro virus on two Princess cruises.
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