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  1. Excellent update. Your whole thread is now like a travel guide for what to do the next time i am up in TN.
  2. ^ When i read this i thought the same thing, the only one i am really interested in seeing the one versus Micheal Phelps.
  3. Megan Fox in all her glory, looks like after having had a nice dinner
  4. If i remember correctly the spot from where you got the shot of the capitol is where CNN broad casted from during the Obama inauguration. Excellent pics by the way. Went to DC a couple of time and never had the time for this.
  5. Varsity is pretty close to the Marta station. I am sure you started with the parks but you should make some time for it if you can.
  6. ^ . That will surely get a rise out of Scott.
  7. Georgia (Duhhh) Florida Alabama Tennessee Mississippi Texas Arkansas Oklahoma New Mexico North Carolina South Carolina Virginia Maryland New York Washington DC
  8. I just recently came across this "futuristic" game uniforms that MLB did in the late 90's. Seattle and KC were the teams. I am pretty sure the year was 1999 and these uniforms were supposed to be like some twenty years into the future or something. The pics are not of great clarity but they speak a thousand words. Another equally horrific style from the 90's. A lot of teams including my Braves did this style of unis. The even wore their jerseys untucked. What's with the oversized logo and the 90's?
  9. ^ Not only a vegetarian burger, but Indian McDonald's also have a pretty big emphasis on Lamb. This has to be the first decent "park" in India. Definitely will have to check it out the next time i get there and by the way an excellent report. I have friends in Bangalore and even they never told me about the park.
  10. Currently i am reading Where have all the Leaders gone? by former Chrysler CEO Lee Iaccoca. An excellent read so far.
  11. The ugliest every uniforms ever just got some more company from the Atlanta Hawks. They tried but they couldn't make the Hawk any bigger than that.
  12. A pretty pathetic 11/20. I got almost all of the now defunct parks wrong.
  13. In the batch of pics that i saw somebody actually found a pretty big fish in the water on the backstretch The Coke 600 was an epic disappointment. The 00 car did not lead a single lap under green. When the rain first came it looked like it would go away pretty soon and it never did.
  14. Excellent end to the season. During the off-season maybe the Bryan and Adam show can come to Atlanta so we can go to the World of Coca-Cola and enjoy a delightful and refreshing Coke Classic.
  15. It's been four years since Jimmie Johnson won at Lowes and i predict a fourth 600 win for JJ. While we are on the topic of NASCAR have you guys seen some of the flood damage at Daytona? The pics speak for themselves. An overview of the entire track. The Tunnel leading into the infield under Turn 1 The Daytona superstretch under siege.
  16. ^ I saw somewhere that the teams were infact selected for the next season. Usually their air a season in the fall so i am pretty sure they might have already started on the production process. R&E would totally rock TAR though. With their world travels, i would not want to be a contestant on that season, plus Robb would a great character and they are always on the look out for interesting people.
  17. So Scott are you excited to go see the fins at Jimmy Buffett's Loanshark Stadium? Oops i mean Landshark.
  18. I am sure the negative publicity from this episode will not be worth it for KFC. Instead of letting people print out so many coupons they should have planned ahead by saying one per mailing address or something.
  19. Hmmm....i must have been living under a rock because today is the first time i have heard about this promotion. One of my friends who lives in Texas was telling about it this evening, their local KFC in Amarillo it seems will only accept the coupons between 2 & 4 PM. Seems like way too much trouble for some chicken.
  20. Nothing wrong with either one really: When you tear off the packaging that is just a Joey Lagano car and the Jets tee doesn't have the name of the drama queen that might return again for umpteenth time. All kidding aside, nice TR.
  21. ^ Agree with you totally. While two weeks ago no one was allowed to laugh at her son's deficiencies, but it was totally okay for Margie and her son to make fun of Jen's fear of water. I sooooo do not want them to win, hopefully they will get eliminated this week.
  22. I know you are loyal to your team but what DO you look forward to this season anyway? I really feel sorry Oakland fans. I really am happy with the Falcons draft. We got a DT and Safety in the first two round and stud TE for pick next year. Filled all the necessary spots. The Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff nailed every pick last year and so far it looks good again this year. In Thomas we trust.
  23. Totally agree with you. I think they were laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation. Sure he is deaf but that Luke is one sneaky guy. Is there one episode where he hasn't whined about something?
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