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  1. The Intercourse Souvenirs were priceless. You made a rather mundane trip very funny TR. Too bad about the hotel though.
  2. The Indians gave him no respect and they deserved what they got. I can clearly remember Sehwag, Laxman and Dhoni all falling for unnecessary shots when they were set. He became both the highest wicket taker and most runs given up on debut. That was some negative bowling yesterday. I had to shut off the TV after the 1st session and go to bed. At least the match is set up very nicely for us.
  3. How about riding Test Track until you find the car sponsored by the Wake Board Camp and then get a new picture of it.
  4. India was more than willing to choke away the advantage. The dismissal of the new guy i get, but Dravid and Sehwag? I am ready to go out and puke.
  5. What are the opinions of our English friends? I have been quite surprised none of you posted anything. How about some first person feedback fellas?
  6. What are the Aussies thinking? That's my question of the day. On a bone dry feather bed they put stuart clark on the bench? He was the only bowler in this series who was really economical for them. Yeah he didn't get the wickets at Delhi, but there has to be a value for typing one end and frustrating the batsmen. I really don't get the Cameron White selection either, he is not trusted ahead of Clarke or even Katich yet he is in every game. Oh well.
  7. When i saw the title of the thread, i imagined some creepy Halloween prank
  8. If we can get pup's girl friend to play cricket in that "outfit" cricket will crush baseball here in the U.S of A.
  9. Cheers to the official announcement that there will be a 2009 edition of Big Mike adventures.
  10. I think the Indians wanted to assure themselves that they wouldn't loose this match. That's why they batted that extra half a session or so. It was nice to see Laxman stick it to the Aussies again. What drove me mad was Sachin shutting it down just before tea on day one, if not he could have been the one with a double hundred . Oh come on now Aussies your spin department is so weak, you should give Warne half the country just for pitching on this tour.
  11. Seems to me like with the evolution of the IPL, this southern continent series, the stanford tournament in Caribbean we will soon be moving away from national tournament to city based franchises like most other sports. Maybe in a decade the only national side based tourney will be the World Cup. The funny thing is, i still don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  12. Australia, South Africa and New Zealand announced a southern hemisphere version of the IPL today. It seems they will start in 2011 and will usually be held in October. They are also hoping to attract english and indian players. Full details from cricinfo here
  13. There should not even be a poll for this. TPR's approval for this thread can been seen by the sheer number of Big Mike fans. Of course we would all love a 2009 edition of the Big Mike Road Show .
  14. Symonds could have made a huge difference on this tour. The aussies have almost no spin options and he does a pretty good job bowling but his batting is where they miss him. He intimidates the opposition for sure. I wish there wasn't such a long gap between games two and three.
  15. Moving on what do you guys think is a competitive target for the Aussies for their second innings? I would think India needs at least 450+. The pitch is still decent so if Hayden gets in Aussies still have a shot at it.
  16. Wow i didn't the Rays would ever beat the Sox and Yankees in the same year during my lifetime . Congrats to the team though, they thoroughly deserve it this year and they almost choked it away. Still feels weird saying it The AL champion Rays. Unlike the last few years where there were way too many sweeps, we can have competitive series between the Phillies and Rays.
  17. It's always been like that in India. But considering most of the facilities there i won't really been keen on spending a whole day there either. Now if that was SCG or Lord's then it is a whole another story. Plus as you said the aussies and the english do have the best appetite for tests. I personally love test cricket and i prefer it over the 50 over version. But i guess T20 is more convenient for everybody. If can only hope one day that Aussies and Indians can come here for some games.
  18. Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption: "Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."
  19. Steve Waugh ranted for five years that Ganguly stood him up at a toss. The aussies talking about others being whiny bitches is pricesless. Coming to the game i am surprised at the ineffectiveness of Lee and to a smaller extent Johnson. Especially when the Indian seamers seems to do just fine.
  20. It really is rather sad to see that Aussies don't have anybody to take over for Shane. Not that following in his footsteps is possible but White can't even threaten the tailenders. After seeing Shane do his thing in the IPL i am sure he has more than enough in the tank if he can ever get himself away from the poker tournaments of Vegas.
  21. All i can say WOW at the amount of ground you covered in 2008 Big Mike. Your awesome posts are very helpful on a boring day when you don't want to do any work. Are there any preliminary plans for 2009?
  22. Thanks for the heads up. I set up the DVR for next weekend.
  23. Since we seem to have a reasonable amount of people, maybe we can make this an "official cricket thread" to discuss all things cricket. England seems to be a whole lot better now under KP and Aussies ain't all that hot so i say you guys have a real chance to get back the Ashes. Too bad for you they series ain't now.
  24. Talk about a choke. The Sox had no life in them after six and the TB bullpen gave it away. You must have enjoyed that scott.
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