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  1. I am going to have to go with Paris also. Bureau de change is a french word so that's what my guess will be. I am not too confident because the Alvey's have been Europe too many times already. If not Paris then a very weird routing to Australia.
  2. I love my PS3 and so far had no issues with regards to compatibility for either Blu-Ray titles or PS3 games. Plus mine is backwards compatible so i am still getting some use of my old Need for Speed and Gran Turisimo games.
  3. Compare crowds and support from a few years ago to that of the 80s, and that's what I'm talking about bangwagon*. * Yes I caught that typo but it was too funny to edit out The Redsox weren't exactly selling out Fenway pahhhhhk back when we they weren't much good. Every team will see more fans when they win. Even the marlins had more than ten people show up when they were winning.
  4. Most Braves are not bandwagon jumpers, they were just apathetic. I don't care how bad the Braves suck but my butt will be in the Terrace level at Turner Field for at least six to eight games every year. But i hate the fact that this year the Braves are forcing me to shill for some package to get ticket access to the Redsox and Yankee games.
  5. Geographically too. Somebody please tell them you can take over the entire state for your team name only when you are the only show around.
  6. The Buccaneers today released Warrick Dunn, Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway and others.
  7. I collect diecast cars. Most of them are 1:18 scale. My collection right now is at about 20 cars.
  8. Too bad GM announced that Saturn is getting no new products and the dealers are trying to spinoff saturn into it's own seperate entity. Nice choice for the new car by the way. The outlook and it's twins the Enclave and Acadia are excellent. I have driven the Enclave and it's an awesome cruiser for trips.
  9. Not that i want to ruin a baseball thread with more steroid babble but he could still be taking HGH and other crap today to hit that homer. Once a liar always a liar. Anyways as for Braves my expectation are tempered. Last year we were devestated by injuries so if they can hold off on those the bullpen will be excellent and the starting pitching will be solid. The lineup is what worries me. We have absolutely no pop at all. Other than Chipper there is no long ball threat. So the Braves have to get by with a lot of 3-2 wins if they want to have any shot at all. You non braves fans take note of Tommy Hanson. He is the next stud pitcher in a long line of them for the Braves. At 6-6 with a nasty slider, he should be in the big leagues by the all star break.
  10. Purplepills Montezooma Themeparkman25 These are my favorites. Wes's submission was awesome too but it didn't garner my vote.
  11. ^ There will be golf on CBS most weekends, so if you DVR the show i would recommend you extending the end time.
  12. One more vote for Bryan needs to try out for AI. Totally hilarious update.
  13. These Japanese chick are "crazy". That's all i will say or Robb might throw the hammer down on me. Another awesome update, waiting for more Tokyo Disney Robb
  14. Hmmmmm seems like we have a lot of Amazing race fans here on TPR....Good.
  15. I know reality shows love characters but what exactly can the virginia couple do? Way too much sobbing and drama for my taste. Did anybody else find it strange that the flight attendants are carrying around rolling suitcases instead of carrying bags? Those things are going to be a hassle when they have to run around a lot. As others said no real teams to hate this season though i don't mind the Virginia couple leaving.
  16. Are you kidding Big Mike, we need more of Angel. If you put her on the 2009 thread it will explode in popularity for sure. And thanks for the awfully cool signature. Edit: I didn't even know my 100th post ended up on the best thread in TPR. You Big Mike are the inspiration for me to join TPR. Thank You.
  17. That's a lot of damage, at least the good thing is you are okay. And thanks to this stinkbomb of an economy you don't have to pay as much for a new car. Same thing happened to me dad about a year and half ago (almost word to word the same incident, except replace the drunken college student with a drunk security guard) and he had to pay some of his own cash to get a new one.
  18. I love your random TR's. Please keep them coming. You have the ability to make even the mundane things seem fun. Not that a trip to the RV show is mundane or anything.
  19. From about 3:30-4PM most interstates all around atlanta start getting heavy. Since you are coming through southbound into Florida you should be okay. If you coming in the evening hours most people will heading back in the opposite direction. And there is the added bonus of HOV lanes through the heart of Atlanta. Don't sweat it and enjoy your vacation.
  20. Damn i live about 15 miles or so from Dixieland and i haven't been there in a couple of years. Were there any other options you were asked to consider for the name change?
  21. Very nice TR and thanks for the updates about the goings on at Universal. And by the way, welcome to TPR.
  22. Damn living in the deep south i would kill for snow like that. I love snow blasts like this.
  23. Can't wait for the new season. The one thing that annoys me about TAR is that they always reserve one spot for the old team, for what? These teams almost always get kicked out early.
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