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  1. It's about 35 miles (give or take a few) from downtown Atlanta where Turner Field is. But most of the Braves fans do live in the northern counties where the Gwinnett Braves are now located and traffic is crazy coming into Atlanta from those northern suburbs. You probably experienced that traffic if you ever came into Atlanta from North Carolina.
  2. Can we expect a TR for the new Yankee Stadium Big Mike? Looking at the prices it looks like i will have to sell a kidney to get a decent ticket to that place.
  3. I think Braves fans do this to comfort themselves, knowing that their own 14 straight years of playoff baseball only produced one championship. That's just percentage points above the Buffalo Bills. Hey atleast we don't choke away seven game lead in two weeks.
  4. I follow the Braves and that's about it. I mean i will casually follow the goings on in the rest of the league but no i don't have a team in each league. I sure as hell enjoy the New York Mets choking like clockwork though
  5. When this update made the homepage, i was expecting some AI hijinks. Let's just say i am disappointed.
  6. I love minor league ball as well. This season i am looking forward to see the Gwinnett Braves (AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves) who just moved from Richmond to the Atlanta suburbs.
  7. Six Flags will be de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange from April 20th.
  8. You wrote many superb TR's Scott, but this one is now the undisputed champ . I didn't know you are a Nascar fan. I would kill for an oppurtunity to be on somebody's pitcrew for a day (Even an abbreviated "race" with Derrick Cope would do). This is what i love about nascar the most, nowhere else can you get that close to the action. I had a garage pass for the fall Atlanta race in 2004, my best afternoon ever.
  9. Even after 14 seasons teams still don't take the extra five seconds to read the clue properly. Tammy also suggested they hire a taxi to lead them but the brother said you can't do that. I am still not sure about the penalty for putting the pumps in the box. If the teams don't even notice that their tire is flat, then that's their problem.
  10. I am going to Amarillo for a couple of weeks so i will get a couple of new credits there at Wonderland
  11. Great end for the 2008 edition Big Mike. I have to admire you for doing these updates at 2:30 in the morning.
  12. I am just under the assumption that he wouldn't be spending his trip taking care of stuff like that. If he is London/Paris somewhere else he probably has other stuff to worry about.
  13. I just received an email from Robb about West Coast Bash, so is it safe to assume he is back home in California?
  14. The funniest part of the show for me was the eliminated couple (can't think of their names right now) saying that Margie and Luke would feel very bad for them. I sure as hell thought Phil would keep them around for another week.
  15. Mark me as disappointed. I was not so secretly hoping for a pummeling for the Aussies. Talking about disappointed i was crushed to sachin walk off after 163 last night. He could easily scored the 40 that his replacement Raina did. Now that would have been the ultimate feather in his cap. I need to ask you folks down under something, what's up with the cricket grounds in NZ? Seriously i played in bigger ground than that
  16. ^ I am positive that a "Where in the world is Big Mike" will be even more popular.
  17. ^ The teams are to run on a bobsled in under 4 minutes at an amusement park in siberia.
  18. I sure don' know where they are headed but is it "sad and pathetic" that I am following this thread on my phone right now?
  19. Must watch are 24, Daily Show, Colbert Report and The office. I also try to catch most new episodes of the Simpsons. Too bad Fox decides to randomly air one new episode every trimester.
  20. Met Chipper once at Turner Field & once at Disney WWOS and both times he talked to the fans around and signed some stuff. Those are some killer seats though . The Braves have similar seats (don't know if all those extras are included or not), too bad i can't afford them right now.
  21. ^ I am surprised your pic didn't yet make it into Scott's profile as his avatar.
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