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  1. Chevy just released the details of the production version of their electric car the Chevy Volt. The interior features two LCD screens (not traditional analog gauges), and can be had in White, Black or Green. The front of the car. The rear of the car.
  2. What-a-Burger (Too bad i only get the chance when i go to either FL or TX). They need more locations. Subway Rosa's Pizza in Downtown Atlanta Chili's Buffalo Wild wings
  3. I was very afraid to try contacts at first for the same reason and it took me a almost a full couple of weeks to get the hang of it. Now i do it in seconds.
  4. It looks like the people here in the south are the only ones really getting screwed. The people at the center of the hurricane in Louisiana are still only playing $3.50
  5. He is supposed to get out of Levenworth around June-July of next year. He still on the Falcons roster because the team is trying to reduce the effect on the cap hit by cutting him. Plus they are still trying to recover some more of the dough they gave him. I am sure they will cut his butt when he is released. Good riddance.
  6. Burn After Reading was pretty good. Didn't even know about the movie until i saw the trailers last couple of days and it was very good. Loved the trailer for the new Bond movie; this is one flick i can't wait for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQW2MtibAmk
  7. Even though the Falcons lost they showed some good progress. Matt Ryan was pretty good in the second half even though he was lousy in the first.
  8. Can you send me a higher resolution of this picture please?
  9. A new trailer is out for Quantum of Solace and i for can't wait. Too bad they postponed the movie to Nov.14. Lucky English still get the movie on the 31st. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQW2MtibAmk
  10. One of the best TR's in a while. The pic with the Monorail & the golf ball is my new wallpaper.
  11. I know some people say contacts are a hassle, but if you use them for a little while it almost becomes second nature. I love my contacts.
  12. I am a huge NASCAR fan. Go ahead and mock. I don't fit any of the NASCAR sterotypes, but here i am.
  13. Georgia has seen big price hike last couple of days. I have seen almost $5. Couple of stations even ran out. If people would only stop panicking and creating a shortage situation.
  14. Hi everybody, my name is Vivek. I have been trolling the site for a few months and finally registered today. My home park is Six Flags over Georgia, but my favorite park will always be Epcot. Just graduated from GSU and currently job hunting.
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