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  1. I know some people are calling you ignorant for your choice, but enjoy your new car. It's no worse than a Sequoia, Expedition or Suburban. You are an adult and earned your money and should spend it how you see fit, not what based on others will think of you. On to Scott's topic the 1980's are not the best decade to be born in if you are looking for exciting cars, but one of my faves.
  2. I vote no as well. Maybe i am old fashioned but i don't like these after market rims on the exotics espescially. The rims that come from the factory usually do an excellent job of both form and function.
  3. Found top gear on youtube a couple of years ago and now i have every episode of all 16 seasons thanks to torrents. Quite possibly the funniest piece of television. Nothing can beat it. It's not automotive journalism in any way since they are way too biased, but its entertaining as hell.
  4. That kit car underneath is a Toyota Corolla by the way.
  5. You can tell from the blue leather seats they flew Delta Air Lines. Skypesos are very addicting, i can vouch for that. Great start to the trip guys, can't wait to see more.
  6. A quiz for our resident Ferrari expert Scott, What is this car? A Ferrari F430 right? Right?
  7. Probably the most in depth review of Disney World that i have seen. I hope you post just as many pics of the the cruise. Really looking forward to that.
  8. Last week's Disney cruise or this one from RCCL? Wow can't decide between the two. Amazing report Robb, thanks for taking the time out of your vacation to post this.
  9. Wow what a trip report. We are were planning on doing some kind of cruise this year, but those plans have been canceled after seeing this trip report. It's the Disney Dream or bust. Thanks a ton for the great pics.
  10. I tuned into RAW tonight for the first time in six months to see the conclusion of the main event, Jerry Freaking Lawler is the #1 contender? Is WWE really that down on talent or is this part of some major storyline? I can't imagine there will be many buys for a PPV with Lawler in the main event.
  11. Here's what happens when a 458 Italia meets a F-150. From Autoblog:
  12. Had some good times at this place when i was a kid in the 1980's. Thanks for the refreshing some of those memories. It seems like there were a lot of people at the shows but none of them showed up in any of your pics, did you get some kind of people filter for the camera?
  13. I just wish their stunts are a little more original. From what we saw of the previews during episode 1, all the stunts seem to be an imitation of the UK show. Adam Ferrera is the weakest link on the show for me. He is not very funny, and he ain't a good driver either.
  14. Robb, at the end would you explain all the pictures and why you posted them?
  15. I am saying Tokyo based on two pictures. In the picture with the Singapore A380 in the background there is a sign on the building that says JAL. Obviously JAL is based in Tokyo. Delta Airlines has a hub in Narita, so you would expect to see DL aircraft there. Since i guessed Tokyo, they will probably end up on the other side of the world in all likelihood.
  16. The replacement for the Enzo will be a Hybrid according to Autoweek:
  17. You can try either one of these links: http://www.autoblog.com/2010/07/17/ferrari-458-italia-fans-the-flames-in-the-city-of-lights/ http://www.autogespot.com/nl/item/8266/ferrari-458-italia-in-de-brand-in-hartje-parijs.html
  18. Scott, take a deep breath before you view the carnage below. The first 458 to meet it's maker.
  19. Finally got to see Toy Story 3. If Pixar movies are the only that come out of Hollywood, the world will be a better place. If you didn't have tears in your eyes for the last five minutes of the movie, you are not a human being. Usually people can't wait to get out a theater after a screening, but Sunday night after the movie was over, about the 40 people in the theater not one person walked out until all the credits rolled and the screen went dark. That's the best review any movie can get.
  20. For me the Hawks exist for one reason: I get to go to a Lakers game once a year. I know a lot of fans of different teams like to complain about their ownership situation, but nobody has it worse than the Hawks/Thrashers. David Stern should be hanged for allowing the team to be sold to a hundred thousand clowns.
  21. Have you forgot when KG was on a terrible TWolves team and they didn't make the playoffs for a few years? What about the year Kobe missed the playoffs? Just because you're a superstar doesn't guarantee that you'll make the playoffs. Bosh has had a terrible team around him throughout most of his time in Toronto. But to each his own. Are you seriously comparing KG & Kobe with Chris Bosh? Like you said to each his own.
  22. To those who says Vets will be lining up to play for the egotistical three, remember that we could have a lockout after next season. For some of the old guys this will be the last time they might draw a NBA paycheck. Most are not going to leave guaranteed dollars to shine the shoes for James and Wade.
  23. If Chris Bosh was a superstar the Raptors should have atleast been a 8 seed everyear. I think in his tenure they made the playoffs 2 times. In the NBA, with one "superstar" a blind bat can make the playoffs. Nobody rewards mediocrity like the NBA & the NHL. Wade saying this is the best trio in the HISTORY of basketball? I surely want to buy some of what he is smoking.
  24. That is still one of the most weirdest things i have witnessed in sports. Just because your franchise has no history worth celebrating doesn't mean you retire #'s of players on other teams. Well, the NHL retired #99 (and #66 is sort of an unspoken retirement thing), #3 is pretty much retired in NASCAR, and MLB retired #42, so I've never really been opposed to the NBA, or certain teams, chosing to retiring #23. I have no clue about the NHL so i won't comment but Dale Sr died in the 3 and Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and impacted the whole sport. What did MJ do for the Heat? Probably put some more butts in the seat when the Bulls came to town, that's about it. If you are that tempted to retire a #, atleast do it for Alonzo Mourning who is probably the best player they ever had anyway.
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