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  1. Thank you for the replies! Wondering what Friday looks like with students in school?? I'll probably just get the q bot!!
  2. Can any one tell me what the park capacity might be on Memorial weekend??!! Also how is the weather usually at that time? Just trying to think a little ahead. Thanks Roxanne
  3. Looks Great!!! I love how in the photo for lunch everyone has one beer and Cliff has three. Awesome!! You guys have a tequila shot for me and not that cheap stuff either.
  4. Great Video, One of your best Robb! Looks amazing and Fun to ride.
  5. Thank You!! Hope you are doing well!! Gonna be at Disneyland on March 26!! WooHoo!!!
  6. Hey guys, I have a question. Does the monorail have a drop-off station at Downtown Disney?? I can't remember if you can get off there or not. Thanks in advance.
  7. This post was about some U2 Tix for sale but.. tix are sold..
  8. Your night pics are Amazing Joey!! Great photos! Can't wait to see the ones you'll take on the CP Trip!!
  9. Wow! That Transformer ride is a really long ride!! I would have thrown up 3 mins into it. Crazy Fun, but Crazy Sick also!!
  10. I want one of those Disney character things in an egg!! They look soo freaking cute!! One of you guys can go ahead and pick one up for me and I'll get you back when you come home....
  11. ^True as that may be, calling it in or getting on the website is not as FuN, not to mention those awesome coupons would end up going to the recycling bin because this Texas girl is nowhere near Ohio...
  12. Congratulations to aesthyrian!! You have won the Getaway Guide for this summer!
  13. Hey CP Fans, It's that time again!! I have a Getaway Guide 2011 that I will not be able to put to good use. First person that PM's me "I want a Getaway Guide" has it. I guarantee it will be in the mail by Saturday! Good Luck!
  14. I would of loved to have seen Elbow!!! I got to see Arcade Fire!
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