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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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Now, if it can only not tear up a cable, and keep running. Since roll-back shouldn't be an issue with this one, cable failure is the only thing I can see happening. Intamin should have learned quite a few things by now, and I doubt the launch is much different, mechanically than KK. I would the launch portion is inside, and the outside part being watered are brakes?


Do we know for sure? Perhaps it launches by cable, then a LIM booster?



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The very end of Dragster and Kingda Ka's launches are both misted so as to keep the parts nice and cool - if the whole launch is being cooled on this thing, it probably has something to do with the outdoor temperatures as well as the extra strain on the cable to get it going another 10-15mph over Kingda Ka.

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^^Well I'd say that together we proved a pretty good point!


^I've been under that impression since the design got released. I would imagine that they're going to trim the speed down over that first hill, considering it's what, 170ft tall (I did RCDB this one - I hope I'm not wrong again!)? Kingda Ka probably goes 80ish over its 130ft camelback, and that's pretty darn fast to be going over a hill, even if it is drawn out. I'm thinking that those fins are definitely trims - of course, launching to 150mph, even with those trims I'm sure it'll hit 100+mph on the other side!

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I read about the brakes a long time ago... it has many times been told in the last years, (can´t remember the sources) that it is just launched with highspeed and then braked down to a lower speed to take the rest of the course, like ring racer on the nürnburg ring! So don´t hope that the ride will take the complete course with world-record speed, its just for the record (because Dubai everytime needs records to get the worldwide press reports) and then slowed down.

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