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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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  • 1 month later...

So um, Whilst i was searching google maps and looking at the bone-yard using street view I found that they repainted the

2017 HQS cars to the original crazy legs colors And the capture was made in November of 2018.. What could this possibly mean?

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Good news. For science I gave it a shot to see if it mattered what park was listed as your home park and it doesn't seem to. Any Diamond Elite membership seems to have early access to any park they want (well, the Texas parks but I'm assuming that this will apply everywhere), though I didn't hit the final reservation submission button on the last screen.


I am also f*cking shocked that the website is easily handling this and not crashing. Six Flags is exceeding my low expectations.

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^ It also appears you can book multiple reservations. I thought they originally said you could book one online per park and additional ones would need to be done over the phone.


I was able to get everything booked for my Texas trip with shockingly zero problems.

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  • 2 weeks later...

^ good.


i'm still not going to opening weekend. (waiting a few weeks to let them iron out policies/processes)


But if SFOF (or SFFT) aren't enforcing masks, I would absolutely provide them profane feedback.

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Will be interesting to see how strict they are and I can tell you after tomorrow what the SFSTL employees are told about mask enforcement. On Wednesday the ride ops at SDC were enforcing masks but not so much walking around the park.

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Some pics I took today.


Hand sanitizer stands like these all over the park.


A few mask selections were available.


I chose this one.


It appears that some work had been done on Aquaman.


That building off to the left houses the electrical system.


The concrete section is part of the water filtration system.


Joker was running today.


Riddler was down.


Catwoman was only loading every other seat.


Harley was running at reduced capacity.


Aquaman seen from the Oil Derrick.


The power building is plainly visable to the right of tower 1.


Globe Life Field in the distance.


Gold River is still the same condition as before.


Texas Giant trains were running at half capacity making for long wait times.

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Thanks for the update.


I really like how Aquaman fits in the area. I visited in December when construction walls were up and was a little interested to see how they would squeeze the ride in, but it looks nice. The color scheme is also excellent. Hopefully it can open... this year?

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So, I'm curious, particularly since I am still trying to decide if we should reschedule our cancelled spring break trip for August. At SFSTL they are not only leaving every other row empty on coasters but also sanitizing AND running the train empty every other cycle. Is that happening across the chain or just at our park? Checking in with those of you that have been to the Texas parks. It will be a factor in my deciding if we will come down for a visit or perhaps postpone til next year sometime. I'm going to ask in the SFFT thread too.

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I don't have an answer on that, but if crowds stay as light as they've started out and the inevitable late summer heat slows things down further, I don't know that I would let them doing ^that^ scare you away.

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  • 3 months later...
11 minutes ago, coastercrazy216 said:

My partner and I are planning to go to SFOT on Halloween, but concerned it might be crazy busy. Anyone have any experience with the park on Halloween? 


it will be crazy busy.

either budget for Platinum Flash Pass (and hope they don't sell out). . or just go to people watch, and don't expect to get on any/many rides.

the SF Texas parks are already nuts, and its' still 2 weeks to Halloween.


Edit to add helpful hint:  if you do go, park WAY far back in the lot, even if you're tempted to get a spot up near the front.
SFOT lots do *not* exit from the gates you come in thru.  Instead, they exit from the back (and side) of the lots.   

If you're near the front when the park closes?  you WILL be stuck in massive traffic jam getting out - and behind everyone that had parked behind you, and is now closer to the exit that opened up behind you.

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I'm currently thinking of doing a short trip at the beginning of 2021 to SFOT since I'd like to utilize my SFMM membership that I haven't gotten to use yet. I'd be able to get a couple hours at the end of Jan 1st, all of Jan 2nd, & a few hours in on Jan 3rd.

For the 2nd, I currently am budgeting for at least the gold Flash Pass, but does anyone know if it'll be busy enough to just go for the Platinum? I also know that SFOT is using a ride reservation system, which I assume is one-at-a-time, does anyone know how the Flash Pass "connects" to that system? I am also curious if anyone has insight on what the weather could be like, as well as rides usually down for maintenance during that time. 

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^I'd look to someone who's more a "regular" at this park for better answers. . but since SFOT went to Year Round Operations (mostly weekends on off months tho), not sure they have a set maintenance schedule anymore.     They likely just do what SFFT does, and try to do work during the week when they are only open weekends.


but again, look more towards someone who frequents more. .like SportsDude.


as to weather?  it's Texas. . it MIGHT be in the 60s?    SFOT does have some rides that are impacted by windgusts, so keep that in mind (check out the main site to see what else other than Skyscreamer can be affected).

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6 hours ago, IronWolfman said:

I also know that SFOT is using a ride reservation system, which I assume is one-at-a-time, does anyone know how the Flash Pass "connects" to that system?

They tested the system for 1 weekend.  Hasn't been back since and currently no plans to bring it back.


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