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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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1 minute ago, coasterbill said:

Anything on any Six Flags web page at any time could be a typo, bad information because of a total lack of communication or anything in between.

VERY true.


but on that "what's New" page, 2021 is listed for Aquaman at least 3 times that I counted, thruout the page.

could very well be 2022 - which doesn't make a whole lotta sense, since it's basically built and almost ready. . but guess we'll see.  

i'm thinking 2022 is a typo tho on the app.

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Like other have said, the Six Flags website may very well be wrong. But I can also see them delaying it for whatever reason. I guess we'll see.

I did, however, see a note on Instagram (reliable, I know) that the website mentions that Aquaman has an inversion. Maybe it's opening in 2022 because they're adding in a loop like in that concept video. lol

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^ Mack *did* introduce a "power loop" concept (Power Splash with a loop) in January 2020 - (you can search for it on youtube - deleted the video imbed, as not from an official MACK site)


so who the hell knows. . LOL

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  • 3 weeks later...


Six Flags Over Texas Introduces Fire and Ice Winter Festival

All-New Shows, $19.61 Admission, and Saturday Fireworks Highlight Special Winter Event through February 28

ARLINGTON, Texas — January 6, 2021 — Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, is introducing the Fire & Ice Winter Festival to kick-off the park’s 60th Anniversary season in 2021. Open weekends and holidays in January and February, this all-new event features a high-energy ice carving show, an extended run of The Frosty Snowhill, plus a fiery finale each Saturday night with fireworks.

“We are thrilled to begin our 60th Anniversary season at Six Flags Over Texas with a winter festival for guests to enjoy,” said Six Flags Over Texas Park President Ron McKenzie. “Now, more than ever, families and friends are looking for opportunities to create special memories together, and this event offers a fun, thrilling, and safe experience for guests of all ages.”

As a nod to the park’s 60th Anniversary, having first opened its gates on August 5, 1961, guests can purchase one-day admission for just $19.61 at http://www.sixflags.com/overtexas throughout the duration of the Fire & Ice Winter Festival.

Live shows and entertainment highlight the festival, including Ice Carving by Reverend Butter on the stage in the GOTHAM CITY section of the park. Reverend Butter and his ensemble will show off their ice carving talents by slicing and dicing 300-pound blocks of ice into amazing sculptures using a variety of tools, including their favorite…a chainsaw.


Guests can warm up or chill out with other Fire & Ice Winter Festival offerings, including:

More than 40 rides and attractions; The Frosty Snowhill; Fire and Ice Marketplace; Four Live Performance Stages; Mystic Acres Winter Wonderland; and Dancing Fountain Show at Texas Star Mall


As the sun sets, the park will light up with millions of twinkling lights, including the Fire and Ice Light Show that will captivate guests as the entire area illuminates to the beat of music. Plus, each Saturday, guests can wrap up their day at the park in unique fashion by watching fireworks being launched from the iconic 300-foot Oil Derrick tower.

Tasty libations and treats will round-out the festival, including unique fire and ice-inspired cocktails, frozen treats, and warm, savory snacks.


Park attendance is always carefully monitored to avoid overcrowding and all Members, Season Pass Holders, and guests with one-day tickets will be required to make a reservation to attend the Fire & Ice Winter Festival. In addition:

All team members and all guests two years and up will be required to wear masks covering the nose and mouth while in the parks; No indoor shows will be operated; Props, rides, restraints, handrails, and dining and restroom facilities will be cleaned and sanitized regularly; and Multiple alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the parks for guest and team member usage.

The Fire & Ice Winter Festival runs weekends January 9-February 28, plus Jan. 18 and Feb. 15. The festival is included with one-day admission, Six Flags Memberships, and Season Passes. For more information, including operating day and hours, visit www.sixflags.com/overtexas.

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I hope Six Flags keeps doing things like this in the coming years when things become "more normal."


As for Aquaman it's Screamscape so take it with a grain of salt, but they say they have received reports the delay to 2022 is because they have decided to retrofit the ride with a turntable and 2nd boat. Good news if true.

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36 minutes ago, CoasterGuy06 said:

As for Aquaman it's Screamscape so take it with a grain of salt, but they say they have received reports the delay to 2022 is because they have decided to retrofit the ride with a turntable and 2nd boat. Good news if true.

Can they add the loop while they are at it?!

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17 minutes ago, KIEnthusiast said:

Any1 have any more details on the Yosemite Sam ride.

only what they announced at Winterfest.

that it WILL be reopening at some point in the future.

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On 1/8/2021 at 3:33 PM, cfc said:

Looks like a nice event--glad to see more parks trying to work within the restrictions of the pandemic.

Six Flags over Texas is year-round now, aren't they? Is this an event that only takes up part of the park and it's not fully open this year or is the park fully open and this is just a bonus thing?

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They are year round.  Just a bonus event inside the park.  SFoT and SFFT are both working their asses off putting together events and keeping their parks going strong.

Also, they confirmed at Winterfest they are adding the turn table and extra boat for Aquaman this year.


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