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  1. I think it looks pretty good and happy to see Six flags making big investments again. The only thing I don’t like is the MCBR. I thought B&M was getting away from that with their newer installments like Emperor at SWSD.
  2. I’d be willing to bet a lot of money it opens in 2022 barring anything crazy like another COVID shutdown! WCR was an outlier…. All of their other coasters have always opened on time unless they’ve had mechanical issues (X and Superman).
  3. Six Flags Magic Mountain is well into construction on their 2022 RMC Raptor….
  4. Since it opened I have been envisioning Knotts getting something similar to Copperhead Strike…. hopefully a bigger faster version
  5. You would think that this area could be on the chopping block for a new ride. You have to consider this first.. that waterfall is amazing and ripping it out would be a huge mistake! Next Knott’s just spent a good chunk of money renovating the bathrooms directly next to the old exit of mystery lodge. And to the guy asking about mystery lodge… it’s gone bro, probably for at least 5 years.
  6. It’s possible that Cedar Fair would invest in Knott’s right now because of its close proximity to Disneyland and it’s their most attended park. In addition, all of the So Cal parks are getting major additions over the next couple years. Knott’s is the only park without anything slated for them at the moment……
  7. Saw this image floating around and of course taking it with the smallest grain of salt. The only place I can see a B&M of any kind fitting at Knott’s would be the station starting back behind Ghostrider and then the ride would venture around either the parking lot in front of the Knotts Hotel or behind it. With that being said I think a hyper would work best because it could travel a good distance and wouldn’t take out too much land.
  8. Awesome report! As a native Southern Californian and still living here, SFMM is all we really have when it comes to big thrills. The park has definitely had its ups and downs over the years but I still love going there. I’m about the same age as you and have all the same nostalgic feels. I remember my parents taking me there as a very young child when Viper was new and my mind being blown. Although I couldn’t ride anything I was so intrigued by what I saw and knew I wanted to come back over and over. When I finally got to ride coasters like Batman, colossus and viper I was instantly hooked. I know everyone likes to bash on SFMM mainly because it’s easy too, but at the same token it’s one of the most talked about parks in the country good or bad. I think they’re on a nice path now and with the addition of the RMC single rail their coaster collection will get a nice boost in quality!
  9. Interesting, I can’t imagine how it would be open with all of that construction going on!?! I’d love to see a report on that!
  10. Has anyone heard anything about the status of the Sesame Place conversion at Aquatica SD? I haven’t heard a peep since it was announced but it does look like on the updated images of Google Maps construction was at full steam ahead.
  11. Does anyone actually know when they’re Six Flags pass expires?? They’ve been charging me for months and I’m in California. I literally have no idea when it expires lol
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