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  1. Screamscape posted a picture of the progress on Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway and it looks like construction is moving right along. The show building looks massive and it’s great to see in the midst of everything that’s going on Disney is moving full steam ahead on this project. After all the fallout from being closed for over a year after this is all said and done Micky and Minnies may be the only new attraction we see at DLR for a long long time! I really hope that the new Avengers E ticket for California Adventure doesn’t get the Axe!! http://screamscape.com/html/disneyland
  2. Where are you getting this information from? Is there a specific site we can check?
  3. This is a crippling blow to the theme parks. I live in Los Angeles county and we haven’t even gotten close to getting out of the worst tier. To get to the minimal tier could be another year or longer. Such a shame!!
  4. Hey quick question, my fiancé is obsessed with Harry Potter and we’ve been to the Hollywood version but I think the Florida experience will be perfect for our anniversary. What is the best time to visit the Orlando resort with minimal crowds???
  5. I got it too. I think it was generic for all six flags parks. I just can’t see Magic Mountain staying closed if all the other parks are able to reopen. Who knows though, Newsome seems to be in no hurry to reopen California parks....
  6. Man, that theming and attention to detail is amazing!! I’ve never been to this park but it seems to be a rare park that competes with Disney in terms of theming. Who owns this park?? They have some DEEP pockets!
  7. Quick question. I’m thinking of heading to Taste of Knotts this weekend but my Driver license recently expired. I just got the temporary paper one from the DMV. Would I be able to purchase alcohol at the park with that and my expired license??
  8. Has anyone seen the new guidelines that just came out today? If I’m reading it correctly Knotts and Disneyland should be able to reopen very soon. All indoor rides would likely have to remain closed for now. It’s all based on county.
  9. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the counties, it all has to do with the state and we all know what’s going on there. SMH. Expect after the election the parks will be able to open. My guess mid November
  10. I wouldn’t really call it a huge development, but happy they will be able to offer something (outdoor exhibits only). All of our parks have been closed for over 5 months. It’s big news even if it is no rides!
  11. Seaworld SD has been given the green light to open as a zoo type atmosphere.... huge development for Cali theme park fans!!!!
  12. What I don’t get is how beaches in California are allowed to be open with virtually no regulations in place, no masks, no social distancing, packed to the brim, but theme parks must remain closed. It makes no sense
  13. Just curious, was that a formal announcement from the park or something you heard through the grapevine?
  14. At this point I’m just writing off 2020 and have no expectations for any of the parks to reopen until some time in 2021. Sucks
  15. Man this is a bummer on a lot of levels. I’m not so much bummed about the characters leaving but the ride just won’t be the same without the iconic music. Every time I ride this ride today it gives me rush of nostalgia. It will be missed, but I can’t say I’m surprised in today’s society.
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