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  1. Lol I agree Alyssa, my question is what happened to the message boards? Seems dead?
  2. What happened to these message boards?? Used to be the place to really talk coasters and rumors. Now it’s a ghost town. USH is about to get an Intamin custom free spin mega coaster and no one cares. Pretty sad
  3. Well this just about confirms the Fast and Furious Coaster is coming!!!!
  4. Surprised no one is talking about the rumors for the Fast and Furious coaster. Looks pretty imminent at this point due to permits being filed and concept art being leaked. Honestly I could do without the “drift“ gimmick and just get the west coast version of Velocicoaster. I’ll reserve final judgment when the plans are released. Nonetheless over the moon that USH is getting a legit coaster!!!!
  5. It also appears that you will be loading on the opposite of where you used to load. If the collars are more snug on you unlike the floppy nonsense of the premier trains I’ll be more ok with it.
  6. Well, we have our first look at the trains and I’m sure many people will be disappointed to see they will have comfort collars. The good news is they don’t appear to be Premier trains unless it’s an updated restraint from them. It makes sense now that they extended the closure time on this because essentially this will be a whole new ride/experience. The station and trains look great though!
  7. Sounds like the Hotel renovation got pushed to 2023, happy to hear it’s still happening because the hotel looks like crap in it’s current state!!! I think the fiesta village update looks great!! I love the water features in front of Jaguar! and overall feel of everything. Much needed. As far as the new Montezuma’s Revenge I'm curious to see what manufacturer is doing the update and if the layout will have any major modifications. Obviously it will be a new loop, a launched airtime hill would be cool. Surprised they didn’t give us more on that announcement.
  8. Finally got back to the Mountain yesterday and got my first rides on Wonder Woman. My first ride was in row 6 and I was slightly underwhelmed. Let me preface by saying I am a HUGE fan of Railblazer (top 5 for me currently). Don’t get me wrong I thought it was great and I knew going in don’t expect Railblazer but I just thought the elements would be more. Knowing I was in row 6 I quickly got back in line. I let two girls behind me go ahead on the next ride to secure row 12 and let me say the ride blew me away!!! It’s shocking the difference the back makes. The drop is insane, literally out of your seat all the way to the bottom and the air time doesn’t stop there. It’s my #2 in the park as TC still reigns supreme. I rode them back to back twice to confirm. TC’s airtime is just so freaking good especially blue track in the front. So good! I know this has been said before but yes X2 is rough and it’s really only the last part. I got back row inside seat and honestly thought I got a concussion after riding. I was holding my head hard against the headrest and it still slammed hard. Anyone else had that? Nonetheless my #3 in the park as the first drop and raven turn drop are unlike anything out there! Tatsu was running one train and even with flag pass it was still a 35 minute wait, BRUTAL!!! Ops were so slow, I even timed it from departure to departure it was 7 minutes and 35 seconds. Unbelievable. #4 in the park as the pretzel is still unreal intense! Last ride comment, Goliath is easily the best themed ride in the park. Built in a time when Six Flags gave a crap about theming and I love it. When I went to Discovery Kingdom a couple years ago I was pleasantly surprised that Medusa built around the same time was themed almost just as well. Even Wonder Woman just feels cheaply done so I appreciate Goliath tremendously! Overall a fun day as I went strictly to ride rides. The park doesn’t look great as there are a lot of abandoned buildings decaying in the extreme heat by the day. When I was 12 years old if I said that Knotts was better than Six Flags I’d slap myself. Today it’s not even a comparison.
  9. When Cedar Fair announced their new for 2022 last year they said that the Knott’s hotel was going to be receiving a major renovation. I know that it hasn’t received any exterior renovations, can anyone confirm or deny any renovations on the inside? Or did this just quietly go away….
  10. My other question is, does the pass just go on forever until you cancel it? I thought I had a 12 month membership yet they’ve been charging me for almost 3 years now…
  11. Does this seem normal? I started my membership in August 2019 and have paid every month since including every month through the pandemic. I realized it because I changed debit cards and they started hitting me up for payment. Weren’t we supposed to get free months for the Pandemic months paid!?!?
  12. Here’s some pictures from Thursday of Montezuma’s loop completely gone and in addition the work walls up in Fiesta Village. They have begun to clear out the old gift shop as well.
  13. Intamin track is now on site at SWSD! According to recent reports land clearing is under way as well. Another family launched ride on the way.
  14. Doesn’t look like that jungle theming came to fruition…. oh well the ride looks great though!!
  15. In addition to the work walls up in Fiesta Village it’s now being reported from Screamscape that half of Monty’s loop has been taken down! I think we’re getting much more than a LSM conversion….. are they going to rebuild the ride completely??
  16. Knott’s posted this yesterday on IG. In addition, I got confirmation that walls are up around the stage area, Papa Loco Fries, and the arcade in Fiesta Village. Let the speculation begin!!! Personally I think this chunk of land will be a another new restaurant and probably a new stage area.
  17. Well they say in the official announcement it will be “featuring tropical landscaping” so I have to think they will make some sort of attempt at that.
  18. Hopefully Railblazer will go to Knott’s. Rip out Coaster Rider and there you go!! If that’s not enough room then rip out the two flat rides as well. I was never a fan of those replacements for Perilous Plunge. This will right the wrong!!!
  19. I wonder what they will do with that sizable chunk of land left behind from Tidal Wave. Too big for a flat ride but almost too small for a new coaster….
  20. For reference this is the newest video with great drone footage. Still tons of work to be done and a lot of space where The Flash once stood.
  21. The ride looks like it could ready to open in a couple weeks but what’s going to delay this into August or longer is the DC universe area leading into the ride. The last aerial view I saw a couple weeks ago the whole place was practically all dirt. With the ride being finished and testing now maybe they will really pick up on the area. Anyone know what’s replacing the old atom smasher/flash ride or are they just making a giant concrete pad there?
  22. This is a bummer to hear but not surprising. We’ve been speculating on a hyper/Giga for years and nothing. The real question is what and where will the park build another attraction. I really don't see anywhere feasible in the park.
  23. You say September, well I actually predicted that back in March and was trashed for it. We will see at this point
  24. According to some outlets the track work on Wonder Woman is complete. Any guesses on when it will actually open?? Optimistic me says July 15th. Realistic me says August 15th knowing SFMM and the amount of work that appears needing to be done in the DC universe area.
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