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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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Six Flags, please replace all of your aging, decrepit splash boats with these. Thanks.

That is a movement i could get behind


Just seeing these photos, it makes the scale of this thing a whole lot more noticeable! I knew it was a big ride, but seeing how it is physically fitting in the park now makes it seem even more massive. I am wondering, will this ride have a water filtration / cleaning system or are they just gonna let the water turn into liquid death like they did with the old aquaman?



What you don't like pink eye?

Nah, i prefer to get ebola from my water rides

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Latest Aquaman pics!


Second tower has gone vertical!


More track in place!


Base of tower 2!


Tower 2 is pretty damned close to the RR tracks!


Another angle.


From atop the tower!


Aquaman really starting to take shape!


Aquaman looks impressive from the walkway!


Seen from behind Bucket Blasters.


A better look at the track from the Hall Of Justice!


This is where the splash pool will be located.

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^ No turntable! If your planning to visit SFOT to try this ride when it opens, I strongly recommend investing in a Flash Pass. Wait times are likely going to be horrible during the hot summer months.

What a bummer! It's not a ride I'd travel to a park for, and I'm not a fan of super-splashy soakers. I think it'd be a fun ride to watch, though, and it'll definitely be a super-popular one with the GP. If ever make it back to SFOT and the line happens to be short, I'd probably give it a go.

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I'm going to Six Flags Over Texas in May, currently planning the Sunday before Memorial Day (May 24th). As you guys have said, wait times will be long and assuming that Aquaman will be open by that time, will I need a Flash Pass that day?

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Yes. but you won't need it until later in the day.


but be aware, sometimes the wait line to buy Flash Pass is huge too . . . so I'd just plan on it, and buy it early even tho the park will be dead.


Sunday Mornings. . . Texas Parks tend to be dead on Sunday mornings, until ~2pm.

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I'm going to Six Flags Over Texas in May, currently planning the Sunday before Memorial Day (May 24th). As you guys have said, wait times will be long and assuming that Aquaman will be open by that time, will I need a Flash Pass that day?


Most definitely invest in a Flash Pass if you can afford one. The wait times for Aquaman: Power Wave during opening weekend are likely going to be alarming. Care for a 2 hr wait?

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I'll be here in Oct, so prob dont gotta worry about huge lines.

This ride is simple but looks super fun. I'm pretty excited.

From what I understand, Aquaman can also operate as a dry coaster by simply adjusting the water level, which is pretty neat knowing this coaster can operate during cooler months as well.

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^ Yes! We tried it this past weekend, it's much better than kiosk ordering! Only 3 resteraunts were available on the app- Johnny Rockets, All-American Cafe and Dry-Hole Charlie's- but others are soon coming. I love the fact that you can order your food whilst standing in line for a ride and have it waiting for you when you get there! All you have to do is indicate time of arrival on your order. I think it's the best thing they've ever done as far as dining options. And yes, your All-Season Dining Pass works perfectly!

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Aquaman update! Tower closed due to high winds, no photos from up there.


Aquaman seen from inside All-American Cafe!


Tower 2 now complete!


Track now completed!


This thing looks impressive in person!


Tower 2 looks incredible!


WOW! Tower 2 is really impressive!


From behind Bucket Blasters!


Tower 1!


These hoses are part of the water filtration system!


Side view of Tower 2!


Park President Steve Martindale!


Tower 2 from underneath Pandemonium!


Looking towards Tower 1!


Aquaman towers above the park!


Seen from Mr. Freeze entrance!


Seen from Batwing!


Tower 2 in all it's glory!


The covered section is where the splash pool will go!


That hill looks intense!


Looking good!

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^ That’s awesome!!! I can’t wait for this thing to open. Thanks again for the on going updates!!


Also, can someone who is more familiar with SFOT’s VIP Tours explain to me the difference between the two circled items??


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^ "Attractions" includes the shows (tho I believe there's only one kiddie show, now that the theater across from Yosemite Sam has been demolished) . . and also things like the Oil Derrick.


I would guess it's just a leftover from when there were more show options (such as the stunt show, or Crystal Palace shows), and they just never updated it.

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I'm not terribly concerned about capacity considering how the ride operates. Not only with the ride being fairly short, Mack uses an automated restraint checking system which is used on Pulsar and Time Traveler which will allow them to check all restraints at the same time with just a push of a button. I've seen videos online of Pulsar loading and dispatching a single vehicle in roughly 30-45 seconds. So if Six Flags does a decent job with grouping and filling all seats on the ride, the capacity shouldn't be terrible. Not great, but not terrible.

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