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  1. From discussions / photos over on Reddit it looks like the back car was dragged through a good portion of the layout while derailed. This is going to be an expensive and long fix.
  2. ^ Looks like a fun little ride... I love the Kong interaction right at the end!
  3. Holiday World's woodies are definitely from another time. This weekend all 3 were TEARING UP THE TRACKS in the best way possible and absolutely hauling. Aggressive, forceful, possible bruising... only Holiday World could maintain those 3 as well as they do. Newer woodies are still fun but they might as well be steel coasters. HW's trio are classics that really show what you can do if you push the limits with old wood design.
  4. Voyage is open today and running WONDERFULLY. The turnaround has zero potholes for the first time in many years.
  5. Sad indeed. it occurred before the trims were turned off - just to clarify to everyone. Legend is running better than it ever has, absolutely hauling.
  6. ^ maybe that’s it… but what an odd choice. I wouldn’t think Disney of all companies would want to show off their new attraction in such a state. The launching animatronic Spider-Man outside the ride seems to be the highlight of the area
  7. That’s the second video of this ride I’ve seen where there’s no music… Is something broken or did they just forget to score the whole ride?
  8. Honestly SV could have a million more issues and it wouldn't prevent it from still being the #1 coaster in the world, it's just so insane when you get a lap where the MCBR doesn't trim you at all. Especially at night. That said, I would be furious if a FL+ line, at that cost, took over 15-20 minutes. They should fix the easily fixable problem and manage the lines. Seems like this is going to be another crappy year for the park operations wise.
  9. Sounds like the staffing is even worse than previous years now… which is really bad. I remember ~10 or so years ago where there was no phased opening of rides in the morning, no closed food stands, and they’d run the big guys late into the night for those final night riders. Seemed like a lot of efficient European workers at the time. Coming from my home park of Paramount-era Carowinds I couldn’t believe how clean the park was and how great the staff were. It’s way harder for me to justify travel expenses, a room at Breakers, fast passes for the weekend, and all the other costs when the park can’t even open itself properly. There’s no excuse at this point.
  10. The new IRex is impressive, but why is the whole indoor area so bright?! The original version with the orange flashing lights, the huge ominous waterfall, and the verbal countdown was just such a classic. I can’t believe they ruined the most epic ride finale just to show off an IRex animatronic while removing all the beautiful animatronics at the beginning of the ride. Hollywood went from having the world’s best to world’s worst Jurassic Park ride.
  11. Is this thing supposed to still open this year? I haven’t seen any progress photos and it needed a lot of work after it’s journey up from Mexico.
  12. Wow… those Mystery Mine mods really make the second half of the ride even more pointless. The drop is much less steep and no more vertical turn
  13. ^ I think this coaster is uniquely suited with a giant flat turn that overlooks Mt. Fuji. I can’t think of any other ride with a similar setup that would benefit from this.
  14. My tips are that you really don’t need two full days in the park if they’re running rides at full capacity, but they probably won’t be next year in time for the event given the vaccine schedule. We went for the first time in 2019 and it was an incredible event, Friday and Saturday night ERT’s were insanely good with untrimmed Voyage having ~10 minute waits. But once we got there on Friday and rode everything in the park we realized quickly that we didn’t need 2 full days. In the future we’ll come in Friday night for some Voyage laps then enjoy the park on Saturday. Even as a 30 year old the untrimmed Voyage rides really take a lot of energy out of me... I haven’t slept so good in years as I did after those.
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