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  1. ^ I think this coaster is uniquely suited with a giant flat turn that overlooks Mt. Fuji. I can’t think of any other ride with a similar setup that would benefit from this.
  2. My tips are that you really don’t need two full days in the park if they’re running rides at full capacity, but they probably won’t be next year in time for the event given the vaccine schedule. We went for the first time in 2019 and it was an incredible event, Friday and Saturday night ERT’s were insanely good with untrimmed Voyage having ~10 minute waits. But once we got there on Friday and rode everything in the park we realized quickly that we didn’t need 2 full days. In the future we’ll come in Friday night for some Voyage laps then enjoy the park on Saturday. Even as a 30
  3. Well damn, I’m sad we got a busted ride on Taka then. The back of Dododonpa was a bit bumpy but it didn’t hurt my brain like Taka did in the second row of the car we got. The only vibration I’ve felt as bad as that was Gwazi the year before they shut it down, which was basically torture. I loved the launch and the vertical lift / hanging elements though!
  4. I’m not really surprised Shellraiser has some brutal bumps, I was caught off guard by Takabisha (same ride but in Japan) and didn’t really enjoy the ride because of the insane bumps in the valleys. Pretty extreme jackhammering for a steel coaster imo, it’s sad that they couldn’t fix it for the clone.
  5. Look at any post on Holiday World's Facebook page and the comment sections are just an all out war zone of people who claim the park should be a safe space for anti-maskers because freedum. I guess I won't be getting my Voyage laps this year, and that really makes me sad.
  6. Someone should take Ed Hart to Do-Dodonpa then and let him feel what S&S can do with a proper launch. I feel like until you've felt the king of launches you shouldn't have such a strong opinion.... who knows maybe he's ridden it... but I can't imagine not liking launches after that beast.
  7. The Governor of Indiana just mandated masks be worn indoors and in all outdoor spaces where social distancing isn’t possible. I seriously hope the park starts enforcing them so I can go get some Voyage laps.
  8. Thunderbird appears to be super reliable, which is quite the testament to B&M's decision to wait on launches until they could do it reliably. On another topic, if anyone that had previously bought tickets to HoliWood Nights for this year but now can't attend due to the park's disappointing stance on virus protections Angie from the group ticketing department at Holiday World was *extremely* nice and helpful to me yesterday and immediately gave us a refund for our tickets and related fees... the park was originally hoping that we'd accept 3 tickets for another day in exchange. She can b
  9. Is there something about the B&M vest trains that is less capable of tight radiuses / snappy elements... maybe because of the slightly increased width? It seems everywhere they appear rides get worse... Banshee is the least snappy invert, Valravn is... Valravn, and now Hulk got nerfed when the new train style showed up. It's sort of a weird trend no?
  10. I think we would all like all of these threads to go back to being just about theme parks, but right now the reality is that America's bats*** insane leaders, and their lack of Covid-19 response, are limiting us from enjoying all of our favorite parks as we are used to enjoying them. Hell some of our biggest 2020 rides are locked down due to liens thanks to the virus. It didn't have to be this way. New Zealand is open. Parts of Europe are already scheduling concerts again - even indoor concerts. Meanwhile we have morbidly obese, scooter-driving, red-hat wearing crazy people threatening to
  11. Am I correct from looking at photos that the Hulk clone is pretty much the same except they smoothed out elements (at least the first twist) to reduce forces?
  12. ^ Yes, that's absolutely what we do. If you're took sick to wear a mask you shouldn't be out in a pandemic. This isn't rocket science. Masks work. Look at asian countries. Americans need to learn to respect their fellow Americans instead of throwing tantrums at mild inconveniences.
  13. I hope Cedar Point can finally get their staffing issues under control next year once Orange ****** is gone. I couldn't believe how awful staffing was in 2018, FAR worse than I had ever seen in previous years, all because getting international workers is a pain now.
  14. That's a shame about Mount Olympus and also the most unsurprising news of the year.... it's pretty scary though when you look around that park (and Indiana Beach) and realize that 90% of the guests (including children) have giant Covid-19 risk factors such as obesity and being smokers. 2 years ago when we first visited both parks I couldn't believe the average state of health of Indiana and Wisconsin citizens.
  15. Good call from the Governor... I might actually make an effort to visit KK this year if they force the locals to actually care about the safety of those around them and wear masks. I've already had to cancel my Mt. O and IB trips because it's clear that the locals don't understand science and are extremely selfish.
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