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Favorite Soft Drink


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Any other Peach Ne-Hi fans here?

I absolutely LOVE the stuff, but the only place I know of that sells it is a little gas station fifteen minutes from Sumter, South Carolina (and I live 5 hours away).


I guess my favorite soda that I can actually buy is Diet Dr. Pepper; I drink at least two cans a day, which leads me to believe I'm going to die from aspartame poisoning.

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A&W Root Beer and Cream Soda

Stewart's Orange Cream Soda

Dr. Pepper




I'm with you on the Stewart's, especially the Orange Cream Soda. I haven't found it anywhere but Ohio.

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For me the list is:

Fanta Fruit Punch is amazing. I drank it all the time when I went to Belize.


Sprecher Ravin' Red is great to, I believe it's a local thing?


Then some of the average things being Vanilla Coke and Mtn. Dew Voltage.

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I don't drink caffeinated beverages anymore, so I stick to Sprite and Fanta as my favorite "soda" (whatever that is! )


I used to really like regular Coke, vanilla Coke, Surge>Vault, Dr Pepper etc etc - it's amazing how crappy they taste after you haven't had any in a few years. Well, Coke can still taste good, it just needs some liquor in it

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