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Favorite Soft Drink


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Cheerwine when in areas that sell it, other wise I bounce between Coke and Dr.Pepper


I am a top ten finalist in the Cheerwine Passion Project contest. Please click the link below and vote for IDEA #7 (my idea). Hopefully a TPR member can win this contest.




Vote for Idea #7 please. - Andrew from California

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Just for a normal drink I like coke zero. Regular coke tastes really syrup-y to me now and I'm not a huge fan which I guess is a good thing! Occasionally I'll fall in love with Dr Pepper or orange fanta as well.


We're getting a few more coke freestyle machines in the UK now so I can experiment a bit more often which is cool.

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1. A&W Cream Soda

2. Barq's Red Cream Soda

3. A&W Root Beer

4. Barq's Root Beer

5. Mug Root Beer

6. Diet Barq's Root Beer

7. Coca-Cola

8. Pepsi

9. Sunkist

10. Fanta


I haven't tried Barq's French Vanilla Cream Soda, but I think it will be my favorite. I guess it is in my roots since Ed Barq lived in my neighboring city...I like Fanta and Sunkist but I don't drink it often because of the amount of sugar...just like Mello Yello, I like it, but I'd rather not chug down 48 grams of sugar in one can.

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