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  1. Hello! I believe that's actually me you're referring to. It's been a while since I've logged on these forums so I don't know what's allowed here, but I will say this. The tactics you guys use to advertise this game, in my opinion, are really unnerving. Please stand by your game for what it is, and if it's good, people will come! I simply find it hard to recommend this to my friends with all these strange tactics being disposed. Perhaps some openness in that regard can help you out. Me and many others would like to see TPS succeed! More competition in the market is never a bad thing, an
  2. The popular series returns with the debut of NoLimits 2. Here's a compilation of what people have accomplished in just one year! I worked hard on the video and I hope you all enjoy it. In Order of Appearance (after 0:13) Scorponok - JAKool/TheBeatles Phoenix - 6FlagsManiac Storm Valley - JAMMYD777 Zenith - Crazycoaster Bright Falls - Ibanez Mission Triton - TheCodeMaster Agartha (Steam Edition) - element115 Zhulong - Jakizle Destroid - TheBeatles Aura - cb0688 Dead Factory - Coaster-W├Ârni Beyond - LikiNilsson The Baron - Zingo Flying Hunt - arracuu Norway Demon - c
  3. The handhelds for me started with NL1. Back then there were no options for offride footage that you could control. In NL2, there's more options, but the ones I want to use are currently being looked at by the team. The first half of the video makes use of handhelds while the second half was supposed to use lots more scripted cameras. The issue is that attaching a target object to a train resulted in weird jitters - the team isn't sure of what causes it. I was going to have lots of flying tracks with attached cameras that target the train, but unfortunately this could not happen. Therefore I ha
  4. Spent a week making this video for an upcoming project from Kyle Sloane - "Heretic".
  5. Thanks, I bet you liked seeing a couple of your rides in there. NOTE: The Vol 1 Pack you guys originally downloaded does not have Thunderhead Falls' track file. It has the Package, which includes everything but the track. Re-download the pack if you want the updated version that contains the track file.
  6. Thanks! I spent a lot of time on it and it's nice to see that it's payed off.
  7. EDIT: Somehow, this video was blocked in every single country in the world. I am currently disputing the copyright claim in hopes of getting this video back online for good, not just temporarily. When the person managing the downloads (L Bosch) gets the server online, everyone will be able to download it directly as well. The third and final installment of the mini-series "This is NoLimits" displays the community's passion for creating beautiful and detailed coasters, real or fantasy. No matter how good the build technique or how fast and intense the ride is, there is always something spec
  8. The second installment, "Adrenaline Rush" displays the community's creations of great speed, g-force, pace, and excitement. The coasters featured in this video are just a tiny fraction of the vast number of lightning-quick rides that have been created over the past decade.
  9. ^It wasn't really designed as an Arrow coaster. I just used the track and train style because of the low-slung heartline and the outward track ties which allow the cars to sit very low. Those attributes allow you to get shorter height clearances and less distorted heartline shapes to let you roll more coaxially (see TOGO Heartline Twister).
  10. I guess I did use them in ways that look like light leaks. I guess that's what everyone's calling lens flares. Lens flares are something else entirely though. Perhaps people are just thinking of lighting effects or "bloom" or "sun rays" etc. I'll probably have less color spills in my next video seeing that it will be more fast-paced. For the third video I'm still not sure, though I do have a surprise thought out for the last video that I'd like to get "permission" to include.
  11. I guess the song had some inspiration factor as well. The album cover (and name) inspired the ride's visual presence. (Look up "Chilly Gonzales Ivory Tower" in Google image search and you'll see the album art.) I wanted the support and ride structure to look very similar to that cover. The colors are similar as well, there's that too lol. I wasn't for sure whether I was going to use the song or not, but I thought it fitting because it was playful and quirky just like the ride. I guess in the end, things came full circle!
  12. ^They aren't lens flares - they're just washed out colors that I splashed over screen layers. I wanted a bit of a "pastel" feel to it to emphasize the creativity of the creations on there. Sounds stupid but that was the idea. I figured some people may not have liked the custom "effect" (if you call it that) but I went with it anyway. Most people seemed to like it though so that's at least good lol.
  13. Hello everyone, NoLimits 2 is slated for release "before Christmas" this year. There couldn't be a better time to recount on some of the amazing creations the NoLimits community has seen over the past 13 years of the program's lifetime. Design and culture of the community has drastically changed since its dawn in 2001. To wrap up the experience, I've started a three-part YouTube mini-series entitled "This is NoLimits", featuring a "creative collective" of rides big and small in a presentation. The idea is that this series will show someone who hasn't been involved in NoLimits get the g
  14. Time to talk a bit about the ride and why I just suddenly made it... Many old attempts were made at tall tower-based Arrow-tracked (but not styled) looping compacts that were to be situated on a fake mountain like Matterhorn. However, those tracks were back in the days of "3 years ago" and were Newton trash. I got inspired to try again with fresh knowledge and my favorite challenge of taking FVD's to stupid tight spaces. It's certainly a challenge to even put the track where you want it when you're playing with hundredths of a roll degrees and forces 90% of the time at low speed in compact
  15. Are more advanced "techniques" going to be covered? Perhaps big tips for handbuilding, supporting, or Newton. This book has a lot of potential...looks really cool. Don't really need it myself but there are a lot out there that could use it!
  16. Both sides are correct. In essence, not everyone is going to like your coaster the same way. It's like genres of music...different tastes. When someone gives advice, you can take it or leave it. He's not bashing you, he's just saying what HE thinks would make the ride better. It's up to you whether you want to do something with that advice. I haven't ridden the coaster so I can't really say what I personally find good or bad about it, but in general I'm perfectly fine with original coasters so long as they have a personality or something they bring to the table. Others prefer more re
  17. R.D. disabled the Game Exchange for me because...well...I don't really know. So, those are the only ones I can submit to, unless you're thinking of MediaFire. EDIT: Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?htbf5h11c96qc72
  18. DOWNLOADS: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/g5-coaster/4865 http://coastercrazy.com/track_exchange/detail/18862
  19. ^I was saying that my formula wasn't the way. I like taking up space for a big-name ride (namely Bergsprung from the last entry), then cramming the rest in. It's what satisfies me, and if anything I'm really satisfied for what I did. I really love the bobsled I made and how I managed to squeeze in a looper with it. Either way, I didn't submit it to the challenge because I used 8cars once for the mountain tool. EDIT: We can't submit hacked parks to the Exchange for normal downloading? I thought it was only for challenges? I may try it again, but I'm leaving for the holidays tomorro
  20. Well, I'm defeated. For one, I put in every ride imaginable in this conceivable space, while trying to make some world-class rides. Which I did. But, I'm stuck at 1,760 guests. And trust me, I have used my utmost extreme cramming skills. Other than the various roller coasters, the only rides I haven't put in are a Crooked House and a Cars. The rest is in there...somewhere. It's the start of Year 6, and I don't even know what to do. I honestly can't fit another attraction at all. Literally. Last ride I put in was a Space Rings which is underground and fed off of the exit to a B&M
  21. I just didn't want to start another topic for a single batch of photos. I guess I posted too many though.
  22. So...we can't add scenery (like stations and the like)? Just clarifying before I attempt anything outside the rules. EDIT: Read over the rules and the jist is only tracks for sure. Great then...my specialty!
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