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Favorite Soft Drink


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I like Dr.Pepper/Mr.Pibb


Mountain Dew of all kinds

Cactus Cooler

and any old fashioned root beer.

But I like all sodas exept Cream Soda

Kevin"Its carbonated whipped cream in a can"Bujold

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Here are some of my favourites:

Fanta Greenz -something like apple, lemon, melon with ginseng extract, from France.

'Regular' Coke/Pepsi

Kaz Manzana - apple.

Fanta with Blackcurrants taste, Fanta Green Apples, Fanta Exotic

Sierra Mist

Red Bull, Battery, Teho - all of them are energy drinks with almost the same taste.

And last Tropicana Apple and Tesco's Lemonade Shandy.

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^ Sometimes I put a shot of Fanta Orange or Strawberry in my Diet Coke. Gives it a nice flavor.


Also, at Taco Bell, I put a shot of Mountain Dew Baja Blast in my Diet Pepsi for the same reason.



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I sometimes have Pepsi when I'm in the mood for something sweet, but I usually prefer Coke, because it has more of a bite to it. I also love Barq's root beer, especially in the summer for some reason.


And I love ALL forms of Dr. Pepper. Original, diet (which DOES taste just like regular, IMO), The Cherry Vanilla, and even that new Berries and Cream flavor they just put out.


Doug "There should be a law stating that only Dr. Pepper is allowed to try new flavors!" Booth

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^^ I will vouch for Diet Dr. Pepper tasting very close to the regular, even if I don't drink it much. Cherry Vanilla is...eh, and the new Berries and Cream isn't too bad.


But right now, I really like Vault Zero. Unfortunately, it's not as readily available as I'd hoped. 20 oz. bottles are all over in convenience stores (and expensive), and 12 oz. cans started to appear in local grocery stores, but all of a sudden it's hard to find again.



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