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  1. Toy Story 4 Review Recently TPR was given the chance to see a preview screening of Toy Story 4. I always thought that Toy Story 3 had wrapped up the entire series pretty perfectly so in a way it was sort of odd to see a 4th film released but it's Toy Story, easily the most successful Pixar franchise so I was eager to check it out. I'm really happy to say Pixar definitely hit another homerun here! This movies picks up not too long after the last Toy Story with Bonnie's family taking a road trip before she starts kindergarten. In her orientation she glues some pipe cleaner to a spork and creates a new toy called "Forky." Forky quicky becomes Bonnie's new favorite toy and on the road trip Forky gets lost and it becomes Woody's job to bring him back. First off, I really do think this is one of the best looking animated movies I've ever seen! The detail on the characters is amazing and the scenes and locations they visit look beautiful! A large portion of the movie takes place in an antique store and we were told in the press junket we attended that there is in an Easter Egg from every single Pixar movie in there! The characters in the Toy Story series have always been memorable and in this one the new characters really steal the show. Especially loved Forky and Duke Caboom! (voiced by Keenu Reeves) As we saw in the trailer Key and Peele voice two carnival plush toys and they are absolutely hilarious. It definitely seems like this movie has the most comedy out of the entire series. It has it's heartfelt moments as well, but to me they weren't as "emotional" as some of others in the series have been, particularly Toy Story 3. In the end, I absolutely loved Toy Story 4!! it's one of my favorite movies of the year so far. Great story, heartfelt moments and fantastic animation! It's pure fun from start to finish, really an excellent addition to the series! The way this one finishes up it kinda feels like the last one. But given the success I'm sure we'll see another one in another 9 or so years. Toy Story 4 is out June 21st! Definitely go see it!
  2. A few nights ago TPR was invited out to the opening night of the new Villains After Hours event at Magic Kingdom. If you've been to the other After Hours events this one has the same perks with some special entertainment and plused up attractions. I really dug the atmosphere of the event, it sort of had a Mickey's Not So Scary vibe and as a someone who's always appreciated the Halloween events it was cool to get that atmosphere during the summer months. Pirates and Space both had special additions for this event, they're very similar to the additions they got during Not So Scary. Pirates had some live actors in the que and ride and Space is back to being in complete darkness! All in all it's a really fun event that let's you enjoy the park with WAY fewer crowds while adding a few exclusive additions. On to the photos: TPR is at the new #VillainsAfterHours event at Magic Kingdom tonight! Can’t wait to see everything! Checking out some of the merchandise These specialty food items look delicious! Can’t wait to get to the park to try them! Made it in! Ready for a Villainous night! #VillainsAfterHours First up, Pirates! Which has some Villainous new additions! [twitter] [/twitter] One plus of #VillainsAfterHours, free ice cream!! [twitter] [/twitter] Space Mountain in total darkness is back, one of the best ways to experience this ride. Simple yet soo effective. Maleficent going around Magic Kingdom at night for the first time! Midnights the perfect time to catch the new "Villains Unite the Night" castle show. A lot of fun and the characters look fantastic! Gotta love these wait times! [twitter] [/twitter] Good night from the Magic Kingdom!
  3. TPR was invited out to Amway Center for the Grand Opening announcement of the NBA Experience as well as hear more about the new offering at Disney Springs! Press Release: Mickey’s here and ready for basketball! It’s game time at AmwayCenter! [twitter] [/twitter] Was a really fun night! NBA Experience opens August 12th at Disney Springs!
  4. Ant Man and The Wasp Review Got a chance to see Ant Man and the Wasp last night. Really enjoyed the movie, like the first one it's a very fun and comedic addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The action is a lot of fun although a bit more "low-key" than other MCU movies. The scenes in the "quantum realm" are stunning and looked amazing in IMAX 3D. This being Ant Man AND the Wasp there's a lot of double teaming action between the two that works great. The comedy works very well, Michael Pena reprises his role as Luis and he's hysterical. Anytime he tells one of his "stories" it always ends in a creative and hilarious sequence. If you've seen the first movie you'll know what I'm talking about. However, like a lot of Marvel films, the villain's pretty weak. In fact there's two villain plots that sort of conflict with each other which makes both a bit uninteresting. I sorta wish they spent bit more time on the Ghost character, I think her story may have been more intriguing had it been developed a little more. The other antagonist is your typical evil corporate CEO type that's sorta just...there. The movie does have a lot of heart, the common theme being about rising everything for family. Scott's daughter Cassie is adorable and completely steals the show whenever she's on screen. In the end, although it's a movie less epic in scale compared to other MCU movies, I'd say Ant Man and the Wasp is still a fun feel good movie that's worth checking out! By the way, absolutely stick around for the end credit scene on this one!
  5. I've spent the last two days at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the grand opening of Toy Story Land! The areas a lot of fun, lots of attention to detail. Slinky Dog Dash is a really fun family coaster, being a 38 inch height requirement attraction it will be a great fit for the park! It's a really cool looking coaster, especially at night with the lighting package. Was pretty impressed with everything I saw in the land and I think it will be a great addition to Hollywood Studios! Check out the pictures! Good morning from Toy Story Land Can't wait to ride Slinky Dog Dash for the first time! Woody welcomes everyone into this new land at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios! It’s media day at Toy Story Land! So much amazing things to check out! We got a preview of Slinky Dog Dash! Great Family Coaster! Check out our preview video below: And here's a full POV of Slinky Dog Dash here: Here's the ride entrance sign. Theming in the station is super cute! More of the station theming... This may be the most "adorable" roller coaster ever! [twitter] [/twitter] [twitter] [/twitter] Lots of happy Slinky Dog riders! Being “Toy sized” in Andy’s backyard you might see a few toys that seem a little large. Time to take a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers! [twitter] [/twitter] The Pixar "ball" can be found in all versions of Toy Story Land. Here's the new entrance for Toy Story Mania! Fits the theme of the land and the ride! [twitter] [/twitter] Another look at the new entrance. "To infinity and beyond!" A few shots of the new queue for Toy Story Mania! I really love the look and feel of this artwork. Noted! [twitter] [/twitter] The menu at Woody’s Lunchbox! lol at "Grown-up drinks!" The ice cream floats are fantastic! Love the theming! Everything in the land has the "shrunk to the size of a toy" feel and it really works! He smells of strawberries! lol Hollywood Studios take on "pop tarts!" They were great! I love how Buzz Lightyear stands majestically over by Alien Swirling Saucers! [twitter] [/twitter] How cool does this Toy Story Land merch look?! I love the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster toy! The Green Alien eyes headband is a favorite! The eyes move, too! Couldn’t be Toy Story Land without the Green Army Men! Slinky selfie! [twitter] [/twitter] Amazing sunset behind Toy Story Land tonight. We caught a rainbow over Toy Story Land! Night falls and the party is about to get started! Things are getting lit up and it's looking great! LOVE the lighting package on #ToyStoryLand! The land looks amazing during the day but comes to life even more at night! Slinky Dog Dash in #ToyStoryLand looks AWESOME all lit up! WOW! [twitter]https://twitter.com/ThemeParkReview/status/1012496658687496193[/twitter] Goodnight Woody, we will see you tomorrow for the official dedication ceremony! Officially time to dedicate Toy Story Land! Tim Allen, Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang pull the lever officially opening #ToyStoryLand! [twitter]https://twitter.com/ThemeParkReview/status/1012718955763560449[/twitter] Just some of the team and people who made this land happen! It looks AWESOME! Thank you guys! That wraps up our report from the media event! Toy Story Land officially opens June 30th at Disney's Hollywood Studios and we highly recommend checking it out!
  6. Last night we were at the opening of H20 Glow Nights, the new hard ticket event at Typhoon Lagoon! Had a lot of fun, really enjoyed just being able to hang out in the park at night. Like other Disney hard ticket events the crowds are kept pretty light, meaning little to no waits for anything. There's some entertainment offerings unique to Glow Nights like the Partysaurus Rex dance party and meet and greets with Buzz, Woody and Jessie. Honestly had a really good time, would love to see more nighttime events in the waterparks! Sun’s setting on Typhoon Lagoon, time for Glow Nights to start! Got our credentials and we’re ready to go! Map for the event! Can’t help but take these sunset pics! Trying out some of the food selections. The impossible burger is unique to Glow Nights and is an all vegetarian burger. More food! Frozen margaritas were delicious! Some merchandise available at the park. Woody and Jessie are out meeting guests by the wavepool. Partysaurus Rex has the dance party going on the beach! [twitter] [/twitter] Love the way the park looks at night! Lazy River looked like this the whole night! Perks of hard ticket events! Buzz is also out greeting guests by Crush N' Gusher. Crush N' Gusher was a walk on the whole night! Had a great time at Glow Nights, really great way to experience Typhoon Lagoon!
  7. Incredibles 2 Review Just got back from a preview screening of Incredibles 2! Got to say it's fantastically fun and a worthy squeal to the original movie that's fits in very well with today's huge superhero movie landscape! It starts off right where the first Incredibles movie ended getting us right back into the action. Right off the bat, the paceing of this movie is excellent. At no point did I find myself getting bored or checking my watch. This movie manages to balance two different plotlines through most of the film, while making both really fun and engaging. Also, didn't really think you'd "need" to see the first one to understand what's going on in this one. The characters are a lot of fun in this movie, each one sorta has their own issues and storylines that are all entertaining. The cast is great, as a Breaking Bad fan I really appreciated that Bob Odenkirk and Johnathan Banks both had roles. Bob Odenkirk was really a great fit for his character in this movie. The plotline has Helen/Elastigirl working with a campaign to bring back supers while Bob/Mr.Incredible takes care of the family. This really is a fun superhero movie that lives up to some of the best superhero movies of past years. My only real critique is the villain twist/plotline is pretty predictable, I called it from the trailers. But it didn't really take away from the movie. The tone plays very much more like an animated superhero film rather than a "kids movie." There are actually a few parts in here that seemed like they could've been pulled from any MCU movie. Now having said that this is still a great family film that's genuinely funny while delivering some powerful messages that's a heartfelt good time in the end. Also have to say the animation on this and the shortfilm are beautiful! It's definitely one of the best looking animated movies I've seen in awhile. There are so many smalls details that just look amazing. Pixar is most definitely still leading the animation field. The call backs to the golden age of superheroes are very prevalent in the look of this movie. Just like the original movie, it looks like a family friendly version of Watchmen. There's actually a character who looks just like Nightowl. Really have nothing but positive things to say about this film. It's absolutely everything you'd want from an Incredibles sequel! Personally I may have enjoyed it more than the original. Think I used the word "fun" a lot in this review and that's the perfect word to describe it! 10/10
  8. Tonight was opening night of Rent at the Dr. Phillips Center here in Orlando. It was my first time seeing the show and didn’t really know a lot about it going in. It’s definitely a show that’s thought provoking, emotional while also being a lot of fun. I thought it blended humor and serious moments very well. The cast did a great job, especially nailing those more emotional moments. The set design and visuals were stunning, really brought you into the story. I can definitely see why it still resonates with audiences 20 years later. From the offical website: Rent runs now through June 10th at the Dr. Phillips Center.
  9. Just back from seeing Finding Neverland at the Dr. Phillips Center here in Orlando. Finding Neverland tells the story of the creation of Peter Pan By J.M. Barrie. This was my first time seeing the show and I didn't know much about it going in. The production design is fantastic and it really shows in the numbers near the end of the first act. I did find the latter half of the first act to be the strongest part of the show with some very memorable songs and set pieces. Finding Neverland is a show that is a strong mix of light hearted comedy and drama and cast nailed it wonderfully. The show benefits a lot from it's ensemble cast. In fact some of the most memorable moments came from minor characters you wouldn't expect. I enjoyed the show quite a bit and would definitely recommend seeing it if you can. It's a great looking show with memorable songs and moments. Finding Neverland runs through June 11th in Walt Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center in downtown Orlando. On to some pictures: One of the best places to see a show! Got our playbills! Was so impressed with this part of the show!
  10. Tonight was the VIP party for Cobra's Curse! It was a great event, we had Montu, Cheetah Hunt and of course Cobra's Curse open to us for four hours! Plus lots of free food and drinks, which is always a plus. Cobra's Curse is really fun family coaster and a great addition to the park! Check out the photos: Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! [twitter] [/twitter]Great theming in the que! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! Got our credentials and we're ready to go! All in all, a really fun night! Big thanks to Busch Gardens for having us out! Sweet ride! Noted. Now it's a party! Let's ride! Cobra's Curse in action! Perfect amount of waiting! Can't pass up Cheetah Hunt while we're here! Love walking into a station and seeing this! Plenty of animals to hang out with. Sometimes I hang out with penguins. Montu was absolutely packed tonight! Still one of the best coasters around! Tried and failed at Ring Toss! The ball toss is TKraptor approved! Unlimited games! Time for night rides!
  11. TPR was recently invited out to a special sneak preview of Finding Dory! Finding Dory takes place a year after the events of Finding Nemo with Dory, Marlin and Nemo setting out to find Dory's parents. The journey eventually takes them to a Seaworld-esque marine park where the majority of the movie takes place. It's basically a huge adventure from exhibit to exhibit trying to find Dory's parents. I will say Finding Dory is definitely a win for Pixar! It's high paced and fun while also having it's classic emotional Pixar moments. Going into this movie I was sort of thinking that giving a side character their own film wouldn't translate well. (i.e. Minions) However, they did a great job making Dory an interesting character that can hold her own as the main protagonist. Another huge pro is the new side characters introduced in this movie were really great as well, such as Hank the Ocutupus who begrudgingly helps Dory navigate through the park. This movie really does have something for everyone. While I feel like Inside Out had a lot of themes and jokes that adults got but went over a lot kid's heads; Finding Dory does a great job mixing emotional moments with jokes that most kids will enjoy. The only issue I'd have with the movie is parts of it do feel rushed such as the beginning and end. Towards the beginning it feels like they're moving the plot forward way too quickly and the ending does feel a bit abrupt. In the end, I will say Finding Dory is a very fun Pixar movie that does the original justice while distancing itself enough to take the story to new and interesting places. Definitely worth checking out! Poster! Hank and Dory! The Sea Lions, pretty much this movie's version of the pelicans from Finding Nemo. Hank and Dory finding their way around the aquarium. Dory's parents!
  12. TPR was invited to check out Universal Studios Hollywood's Lunar New Year Celebration and see the new and improved Special Effects Show! All of Universal Plaza's been transformed for Lunar New Year! Mandarin-speaking Megatron is one of the highlights of the event. [twitter] [/twitter] Curious George approves of the year of the monkey! Guests are encouraged to share a wish on the "Wishing tree." Hidden Mickey The Lunar New Year Celebration runs now through February 14th! Time to check out the new "Special Effects Show!" This version of the show feathers for stunts than in the previous one. But still lots of looks at real movie effects such as the fake blood knife. Only two more months until Wizarding World officially opens on the West Coast!
  13. TPR was invited to a sneak preview of the Disneyland Resort's 2016 Tournament of Roses parade float! The massive float is made of three sections themed to Frozen, the Diamond Celebration and Star Wars. The Frozen section will feature Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf; while the Star Wars section will have Stormtroopers, R2-D2, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren performers, as well as a flying Millennium Faclon. We got a chance to check out the build and see the floats. Check out the photos: The Frozen portion of the float. Chris Buck, director of Frozen, was on hand to help decorate. Definitely super cool getting walk around and stand on these Rose Parade floats! On to Star Wars! The Star Wars section was mostly based on concept art for the new land. The Centerpiece of the float themed to the Diamond Celebration. The bridges that connect each section of the float. Lots of volunteers on hand to help "flower" the float. And here is what the final product will look like! Look out for the Disneyland float during the Rose Parade on New Year's Day!
  14. Got a couple of theme park ornaments. Matterhorn Disney World
  15. 1. Twitter- RT and like fairly often, will tweet something original every now and again. 2. Facebook- Mainly keep it around to keep in touch with people but I'm still on a lot. I'll drop likes on anything that's interesting or funny. 3. Snapchat- I post to my story and look at other people's stories. I rarely use it to actually talk to anyone directly. 4. Instagram- I'll post something when I'm out doing something interesting so maybe a post about once a week or so. I look at it all the time though and will like anything interesting.
  16. Yesterday was the start of Knott's Merry Farm, the annual holiday celebration at Knotts. Featuring: the Christmas Crafts Village in Ghost Town, Christmas on Engine 41, the Calico Saloon Christmas show, Santa's Christmas Cabin, Snow and Glow in Ghost Town, Snoopy's Merriest Tree Lighting, and of course the Merry Christmas, Snoopy! ice show. Knott's puts on one of the best holiday events in SoCal! Highly recommend checking it out! Photos: Accidental selfie. Ghost Town's looking festive Ghost Town Christmas Carolers! Santa's Christmas Cabin is located in the Wilderness Dance Hall. Moooo! 50's themed reefs on the boardwalk. Time to check out Christmas on Engine 41! Instead of getting robbed we get Christmas songs sung to us. There are also other "passengers" on the train with various backstories that will interact with the guests. Calico Christmas tree! We'll be back to see it lit later. Some of the Christmas crafts booths set up in Ghost Town. Work's coming along nicely on Ghostrider. Looks like they've finished replacing the track on the mid-course. Time to see the Calico Saloon Christmas show! It's a lot of singing and audience participation. Christmas in Camp Snoopy! They did a great job decorating Ghost Town at night! Time to hang Santa!!! oh wait... Nope just lighting up a Christmas tree. Flip the switch! It's "snowing!!" Snowing in Ghost Town! On a side note, I tried the Boysenberry Latte for the first time. Not my favorite Boysenberry product but definitely still good! This show's extremely popular, people were waiting well over an hour. Make sure to get in line EARLY if you want to see it. It was my first time seeing the Christmas version of the ice show and it was very well done and highly enjoyable! More snowing!!!! The ceremonial releasing of the doves. Very fun show! Probably the highlight of Merry Farm for me! That's it from Knotts, Merry Farm runs now thru January third!
  17. Their opening night is October 30th but they've been teasing some stuff on their Facebook page, looks really cool! https://www.facebook.com/MysticMotel/timeline
  18. Saturday night was opening night of Fright Fest at Magic Mountain and TPR was there to check it out! This was my first time at Fright Fest so everything was new to me. Once the event started I noticed right away that the actors, especially in the scarezones, had a ton of energy and were really in your face when it comes to getting scares, loved that! As far as mazes go, Vault 666 and Aftermath really stood out to me. The actors in Vault 666 really embraced their roles and made that maze work. Aftermath was cool mainly due to it's setting and how long it was. Shadows of Darkness was new this year, I noticed a lot of people calling it a maze. It's not really a maze, basically they put a bunch of scareactors in the Apocalypse que, which makes the que line a lot more interesting at a haunt event which I liked. I thought it was neat but nothing really too amazing. Big thanks to our media escorts for getting us through the mazes and allowing us to film! Check out the photos and videos: Opening night of Fright Fest! Let's Go! First stop was the new show Unleashed in the Gearworks Theater. Looks of cool acrobatic stuff going on. Time to get to the scaring! Fright Fest begins for the night!! Territory Twisted in the Screampunk District was a new scarezone this year. The projection mapping on the Gearworks Theater was really cool! Zombies have taken over Apocalypse. It's now Shadows of Evil: the Ride Willoughby's Resurrected was up next. Hello there. Sup dude! Vault 666 on of my favorites from Fright Fest! About to take a "tour" of the animal-people hybrid lab. Seems legit! Noted! FIRE!!! The front gate scarezone, Demon's Door was really cool. Scareactors were really on their game! No shortage of fog at Fright Fest! Definitely like that! Zombies are on the loose! Checking out Toyz of Terror. Reds was decent, lots of screaming going on in here. I am Groot. Noted! Aftermath was cool! Definitely the largest maze at Fright Fest. Goodnight! Big Thanks to Magic Mountain for hooking us up with some sweet gift bags! Yum! Fun night! Fright Fest runs select nights through November 1!
  19. Continued: Another year of Walking Dead. Midnight snack in Springfield! Love the Halloween themed menus BTW. This year's shirt. Goodnight HHN Be back soon!
  20. Halloween Horror Nights 2015 started last night, meaning the Halloween season is finally here! Was a fun night as usual, I thought Halloween was amazing, the performers and production design were great. Really enjoyed Crimson Peak as well, the set design was incredible! Loved the Terror Tram this year, probably one of the favorite versions of it they've done. There were a few moments where I thought to myself "Wow, this is actually mildly disturbing." Which is great, I've sort of thought it was lacking the last few years, I'm glad to see they've put the work into it to make it a highlight again. Scarezones were all around really good this year, Dark Christmas is still a favorite. Jabbawockeez was ok, it's very high production but I was sort of expecting a big "oh wow" moment which never really came. Still pretty decent, I'd say check it out if you're there. Overall, another good year of HHN, will definitely be back! Check out the photos and videos: We're here for HHN grand opening! Got our press badges and we're ready to go! Still one of my favorite scarezones. How did Harold get to Universal?? BTW Anyone recognize which maze the frozen lady was originally from? Very festive! Highlight of HHN! FIRE!!! Couldn't agree more. First maze of the night! Facade looks great! Corpz was a really cool scarezone, war torn battlefields are always creepy. Going into the Further! Visiting James Franco's house! In 3DDDDD!!! Yes, there is an Emma Watson scareactor! Honestly seeing some of these scenes performed live was actually pretty hilarious! Terror Tram! Was a pretty light night by HHN standards. Purge Party...sounds legit! This lady loves the word fabulous...I guess it's better than suuuuper. We were greeted by some welcoming looking people. Very. We found Log Bunny! (The unoffical mascot of Terror Tram) Checking this out. Pretty high production. Lots of audience participation. The crowd loved it. Obligatory construction wall shot. Trams are back this year to transport people to the backlot mazes. Oh and the Purge is going on here too. Loved the way these building look during HHN. Loved this maze! AVP...still solid.
  21. Day 2 coverage! Back to check out day 2 of Scare LA1 Dark Harbor panel was first up. The Ringmaster took over the presentation. Dark Harbor mazes. The newest addition to Dark Harbor. Then Scary Mary came on stage. Paintball and monsters? I'm down! We also got to see where the Ringmaster went on Vacation. Getting stalked by the Sinister Twins..I'm told that's not good. What's up Mr. Scareactor? Drunken Devil was one of the mini-haunts. There's the drunken devil himself! Hi Mr. Satan!! Insert fart joke here:_________ Do you know how I got these scars? Coulrophobia anyone? Evil eyes of evilness. Maze selfie! Spooky Hallow Spooky indeed! Another amazing costume! Knotts panel...very exciting! All the Scary Farm maze designers! Hosted by the one and only Jeff Tucker!! Knott's Spooky Farm. Moving on from spooky to scary. Pass is back! With parking...yay!! Then Elvira popped in to announce her new show! Jeff "I want to see an Elvira bouncy house attraction." Hey Elvira! That's Scare LA, had a great time and I highly recommend attending in the future if you're a fan of haunts! Thanks to the Scare LA staff and Theme Park Adventure for putting on an awesome event!
  22. Just got back from Scare LA, the biggest Halloween convention in SoCal! Had a lot of fun, it was my first time at Scare LA and my first time at a convention. It's a really fun and well put together event, especially for haunted attraction fans. The "mini-haunted attractions" from local SoCal haunts were really cool! It was cool to see little two or three room snippets of different haunted houses I haven't seen before. It was sort of the best commercial you could have for something like that! Obviously the biggest stories from the convention were the Halloween Horror Nights and Knotts Scary Farm panels. Horror Nights was the last panel of the day Saturday with creative director John Murdy and production designer Chris Williams. They announced that Halloween was returning as a maze. Although they did say new elements would be added to this version like Michael eating a dog, (Which we'll be able to smell in classic HHN fashion.) a peppers ghost effect to make Michael disappear and projection effects on the facade like they had in Orlando last year. Knott's Scary Farm was the big story Sunday with announcements that a new maze called "The Dead of Winter" will be premiering this September and Gunslinger's Grave, Toothfairy and Special Ops: Infected will be back with plenty of improvements. Gunslingers Grave "A Blood Moon Rises" is somewhat of a sequel maze where werewolves have overrun the town. Tooth Fairy has a new finale and a new Skeleton Key Room. Special Ops: Infected has the most changes, there will be one giant course this year as opposed to the two courses they had last year. Newer high tech guns, more zombies and check points and re-spawn points like an actual video game. It was also confirmed that Trapped will NOT be returning to the farm. Other non maze announcements included Knotts Spooky Farm, the return of the Scary Farm season pass and Elvira's Asylum! Knotts Spooky Farm is a daytime family oriented experience that is all over the park and includes Trick or Treating, arts and crafts, costumes contests etc. The rest of Scary Farm will be announced August 26th! Check out the photos: Scare LA day 1! Got the credentials. Lots of make-up demos through out the con...very cool to watch! And scareactors! This mini-haunt was sort of a showcase of different Halloween props and special effects. Although one scene was rather shocking. First panel of the day was the Legend of the Hatbox Ghost. Disney Imagineers were on hand including Tony Baxter! Lots of concept art and other cool photos. Tony Baxter and Tim Burton. Very cool panel! Next was Making Monsters moderated by Rick West! Creative directors from Fright Fest, Dark Harbor, Knotts Scary Farm, and Halloween Horror Nights took part. More concept art and pictures! Dark Harbor! Knotts! HHN! Great Panel! More make-up demos to check out. Checking out the LA Haunted Hayride booth. Perfectly normal to see body parts all over the place at Scare LA. Fright Fest had a booth set up. Plus scary chicks! This dude was killin it. What's up Bill? I made a couple friends. This dude's really happy about that HHN announcement! Cosplayers were everywhere! Any takers? Just 15 cents a day and this monster can find the home he needs. HHN panel's about to start! Very cool to #ScareLA trending! Packed house for this panel! John Murdy and Chris Williams ready to do some announcing. Honestly I had no idea Michael Myers lived at Universal Studios. Halloween producer Malek Akkad stepped on stage to talk about Halloween. Halloween 3 Easter eggs be back. Then it was time for trivia, winner won front of the line passes and a backstage tour of a maze. Question was: "What is Michael Myers' middle name?" Correct answer: Audrey...the more you know. To finish off the day it was world record breaking time for most candies opened at once! John and Chris stayed to help. Where's my candy at?? Sounds like an episode of Dexter. This costume...amazing. These two were also killing it! Wouldn't be Halloween without masks! With that, day 1 comes to a close!
  23. TPR was invited to the grand opening of Fast and Furious: Supercharged! The event was a lot fun, Courthouse Square from Back to the Future served as the backdrop for the ceremony. As a movie fan, getting walk around those sets was incredibly cool! The opening ceremony was kicked off by a performance by the Fast and Furious pit girls, followed by a speech from Universal Studios Hollywood President Larry Kurzweil. Fast and Furious stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and Jason Statham were also on hand. The ceremony was concluded with an epic car chase that officially open the attraction! Then it was time to time to check out the actual attraction. The facade is very impressive, it really does feel like something pulled out of the movie. The ride is split into three parts with the first two rooms being a pre-show. They blend video with practical sets using the tram monitor or projections, similar to what we've seen in the Forbidden Journey and Gringotts pre-shows. The ride itself is fun, it's basically the same technology as Kong 360, although this has a lot more fog and water effects. It does give you that 360 sensory overload feeling like Kong which is cool. It's definitely the biggest and most technology advanced attraction on the tour and a good grand finale. Fans of the movies should love it, it's definitely a huge improvement over the old spinning tunnel. Check out the photos: Here's our ride for the day! New design on the trams by the way. Will admit it was a little weird being on the "other side" of the Studio Tour. The media event took place at Court House Square on the backlot. Lots of picture cars from the movies were on display. Lots of cool photo ops! We could even sit in them! Got my new ride! Lots of food for us...highly appreciated! Save the Clocktower!! The red carpet was rolled out for the celebrities. Tyrese Gibson aka Roman from the Fast and Furious franchise. Jason Statham who plays Shaw. Wouldn't be Fast and Furious with out car stunts! Or hots chicks. USH president Larry Kerzweil's ride. There he is! "Last time I'm taking Uber" LA mayor Eric Garcetti also gave a speech. The cast was brought up to cut the chain and open Fast and Furious: Supercharged! Vin Diesel gave a speech dedicating the attraction to Paul Walker. Chain is about to be cut when...... The FBI showed up to look for a known criminal somewhere at the event. They don't look to impressed. Is that the guy? What's Mr. Stunt Driver? Flying Cars!!! Now it's officially open! Explosions!!! Confetti!!! Dancing!!! Time to check it out for ourselves! You're first introduced to the story right after Wisteria Lane, when the tour guide calls in a suspicious vehicle. We're told we need to hide out in this old warehouse...seems legit! The facade's very impressive! We're given tips on how to survive the action. (Meaning put away your phones, camera etc.) Cool party going on in here. Then the FBI brakes it up...don't know why they keep doing that! Projection effects are cool! It's cool to see they got pretty much the whole cast for this. Also some cars and trucks fans might recognize. From that point you're taken into the actual attraction. Like I said earlier high action and there's a lot to see on both sides of the tram. There's not really a bad seat for it either. We were in the last car and I was second seat from the right hand side and the 360 effect looked great! Fast and Furious Supercharged is open now go check it out!!
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