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Favorite Soft Drink

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Surge too was my absolute favorite soda, what made me miss it the most was reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Steven King, as Surge was one of her only provisions in the woods... Haven't tried Vault, I need to get out and find it somewhere so I can try it, now I'm excited again.. haha. Other than Surge, Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale is great! Luzianne is my favorite tea.

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For Myself it's Dr Pepper.


When I lived in Northern California it was Mr. Pibb.


But for whatever reason, they do not sell Mr. Pibb in Cans in Southern CA, they only offer it a various Restaurants! Why??? Who Knows!!!

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I prefer Mr. Pibb over Dr. Pepper too...


I do too. There is just something that makes it taste a little better. The only place I know of to get Mr. Pibb is Steak N' Shake. They don't sell it in the store and I have never seen it at any other restaurant, regardless of if they serve Coke products or not.

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^IDK what it is either, but it does taste better, McDonalds sells Mr. Pibb, and I think Jack in the Box does, but I always get Barq's from there so I have never noticed...


I just looked, and JITB sells Dr. Pepper instead... hmm, so Jacks not a fan of Pibb... Oh I see Mr. Box, they've got to make lots of money in order for you to like them, they have to be Doctors... ugh, whats wrong with the average Mr.???

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Hmm^ thats cool, I wonder how many McDonald's sell Mr. Pibb, ours does... maybe its a regional thing...


Yeah, that could be, but the only McDonalds that I know sells Dr. Pepper is the one closest to me. The rest/ most could sell Mr. Pibb


Also, have you noticed anywhere calling Mr. Pibb "Pibb Xtra"?

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HAHA ^It's great, *in thought* Yes, yes, but what you don't know is that all the while we are having the conversation, I am hypnotizing you with my death ray hypnotizing set for kids... Ages 4 and up

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