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  1. I rode it once... It wasn't so great. Too short. They should change it to a pirate theme or get a new fun house I say. Plus the western theme doesn't fit the Boardwalk properly... I mean the Desperado attraction is straight acrosss from the Pirate Ship ride for crying out loud...
  2. Whatever.. It's not my fault I can't say... I don't make the rules, okay? Anywho, maybe this new title will feature all of the CS sets that have been created over the years... that'd be cool... I'm also wondering if the new game would have CS of it's own... being that people mostly depend on the fan made CS for dark rides and stuff.
  3. ^ LOLOLOL!!!! Hilarious!!! I'd do the same. Tacos for president!!!
  4. ^ @ Nick: Yeah, the Desperado game isn't so great. I think they should change it to a pirate themed shooting game, or like you said, make it into an extension of the Fright Walk, or... they can make the Desperado space into a new Funhouse Attraction... And put Laughing Sal at the entrance. It would also be cool if they made the Fun House facade like the one that was once at Playland At The Beach. I just feel Boardwalks aren't complete without a fun house... I don't know why they took out the 3D Fun House... And no, I do NOT consider the Fright Walk as a fun house, even though it has some "fun house elements"...
  5. yes... but you didn't hear it from me... November is all I can say... (2011 of course)...
  6. Hmm... tough choice.... I'd go with Magic Mountain though... since I love them coasters California's Great America for a day or the Boardwalk for a day?
  7. Yes... too many times... but most recently at the Boardwalk. A little girl puked all over the people in line while riding the Sea Swings... Ahhh... what and epic sight that was to behold... Have you ever backwashed in a drink that you were sharing with someone?
  8. Me. Especially if he has chicken tacos on him! What is the meaning of tacos?
  9. They meet on myspace every night. Do you know how to get to Tacoland?
  10. ^ ^ Indeed. They need to really see what these supervisors do to us employees. They're power-hungry control freaks.
  11. I want to live in Tacoland... wherever that is...
  12. What are you taking about? You're making me hungry... Anyway, I heard Novemberish for this new RCT title...
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