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Golden Horse Builds A Dive Machine

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China has endless new parks under construction but this is a big one.... An entire park with a ton of coasters thats gone up without anyone noticing for ages.

A rather ridiculous park that as flown under radar so far. Daxing East is in South West China and currently hash 9 new coasters. Some of them VERY interesting.


Including... Wait for it...

Golden Horse Tilt Coaster - KSC-24B Model

Golden Horse Dive Machine - GSC-24A (They finally built one)

11 Loop Coaster

Golden Horse SLC - XGC-20A

Golden Horse Moto Coaster - MTC-12A

Golden Horse Mine Train

Unknown mini coaster

Golden Horse spinning inverting coaster - ZKC-4D

Golden Horse Junior Coaster - KSC-16A


Id have to assume the other 2 are Golden Horse as well really.





Official Site













Now if only they'd gone for the Golden Horse Flying Coaster they could have had a full set of mad rides

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Never had I imagined the company to go as far as make a loose attempt to recreate the Sheikra model, yet here we are... Almost mistook that first inversion for a boomerang element with how drawn out it is.


Aside from this, the park does have quite a wicked lineup in terms of variety.

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They might as well just build a giant Golden Horse Statue in the front of the park


In all seriousness, I'm actually very intrigued by this and kinda wanna go there (not that it's going to happen anytime soon )

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I have known for a while that dive machine type coaster from Golden Horse has been in the works. See the attached photo. I live about seven hours from Anshun (a nice little city with some beautiful waterfalls close by) and would be happy to go to this park and share photographs on here, but I am a bit livid towards traveling long distances to visit Chinese parks after the restrictions on coasters that have become more and more common in the last year or so. It seems that enthusiasts (both Chinese and western) can't wrap their feeble little brains around the concept of someone wanting to do a basic thing like ride a roller coaster without dealing with ridiculous policies.


I have long said this day was coming.

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concept of someone wanting to do a basic thing like ride a roller coaster without dealing with ridiculous policies.


What exactly are those policies?


Related - didn't Golden Horse have a long reputation for poor quality and safety rides? Has that changed? Please forgive me if I'm wrong on my information.

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^They've also built a tilt coaster that doesn't hit 90 before. Don't know if it is the case or not with these

Anyway, that's pretty "impressive", lets say

That's actually a decent number of "big" coasters for a park

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I assume this is the place we'll be sending our prisoners to once Guantanamo Bay is fully shut down.


I think they would all sing like canaries after one ride on a Golden Horse SLC knockoff.

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^ ....And age. Don't forget they (and some Japanese parks, too) have

age restrictions for some of these rides and coasters, as well as the height restriction.


Crazy but true, as well! And where it says "not recommended" they still won't let

you on, without your say in the matter.


And - here's an admittance - I lied through my teeth to get on the X coaster at that China Dinosaur Park!

But their Age Restriction was ....55! I was already 59, but I still argued with the ride op, which I admit

I shouldn't have done, per TPR Tour Rules. But still, I felt fine, after the other two X's I'd endured, and would

take full responsibility for my action. But I couldn't say all that in Chinese, right? Somehow, and without

having to produce my cards that would prove my lie to them, they let me ride....


And it was just as crappy and rough (to me) as all the others I've ridden. And I have ridden them all, now.


(So you currently in the 55-65 age range - be forewarned on future trips to either China or Japan for coasters and parks.)


Sea Paradise Park ~ Me pointing out with glee, I was not "there" just yet. (5 years to go, back then) TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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Is it bad that I actually really wanna go to this park, just to see how bad all the coasters are?


I'm not sure if I would like to go there, but I really want to see some onride videos of these abonimations in action.

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