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Where Are You Going in 2017?

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SFA - April 19th

Kings Dominion - April ? ..undecided on making the drive from DC area, might wait till 2018 and RMC Hurler?

Knott's Berry - May 23rd

Universal Studios - May 25th

SFMM - week of May 29 - multiple days

Cedar Point - week of June 11th - multiple days

Kings Island - week of July 9th - multiple days

Canada's Wonderland - August - multiple days

SFGAm - whenever

SFOG - August/Sept?

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- Six Flags Mexico

- La Feria Chapultepec Magico

- Divertido Adventure Park

- Six Flags Great America

- Adventure Island, UK

- Lightwater Valley

- Flamingo Land

- Blackpool Pleasure Beach

- Southport Pleasureland

- Gulliver's Warrington

- Alton Towers

- Chessington World of Adventure

- Thorpe Park




- Luna Park

- Playland Park, Rye

- aZoosment Park


3 Added, 1 Removed

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-Tivoli Kopenhagen


-Movie Park Germany

-Europa Park


-Walibi Holland

.... and tons of fairgrounds.


Planned but not confirmed:

-Port Aventura (incl. Ferreari Land)

-Alton Towers

-Blackpool Pleasure Beach

-Drayton Manor


Everything else will be visited spontaneously..

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The parks I will be visiting this year:


Efteling (multiple times, since it's my home park)

Movie Park Germany

Plopsaland De Panne

PortAventura World

Ferrari Land



Tivoli Gardens



Walygator Parc


Movieland Park


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Well, our 2017 trip plans have all been tweeked and finalized. . . And it's going to go like this:


April: BGW and Kings Dominion


May: Six Flags Over Georgia


June: Six Flags Over Texas and Schlitterbahn (Schlitterbahn is New for us!!)


July: Carowinds and a VIP Tour at Dollywood (Both New Parks for us!)


August: Silver Dollar City


September: Frontier City (something new that we haven't done together)


October: Six Flags Over Texas for Fright Fest, then Kemah Boardwalk, and Galveston Pleasure Pier (again something new we haven't done together)


Looks like it's going to be a fun season for us!! Can't wait for Dollywood and Carowinds!! Those are probably the two parks we are looking forward to the most!!

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Finalized my plans for the summer trip, so my list in no particular order:


Summer trip:


Galveston Pleasure Pier


Gatti's Pizza




Western Playland


SeaWorld Texas




Others will include:



Adventure Park MD


Playland Castaway Cove

Casino Pier




and maybe some others....it's nice having Friday's off in summer.

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For sure (nearest parks):

Kings Dominion

Six Flags America

Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Very likely (weekends at each of these parks easily before July):



Six Flags Great Adventure


Likely (one of these the weekend before the total eclipse):




And maybe a few of these (during June/July trips):

Cedar Point

Kings Island

Holiday World

Dorney Park


Six Flags New England

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Over Georgia

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For sure:

Kings Island

Cedar Point

Kentucky Kingdom

Dollywood (we already went)



Holiday World

Six Flags St. Louis

Kings Dominion

Silver Dollar City

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Somewhat Likely (plans being discussed)

Disney World


Possibly? (Would really like to plan a trip if I still have time and money after the ones I'm really making it a goal to visit this year)


Hershey Park


I could list other "maybe" parks that are near some of the ones I'd be going out of my way to visit, but that might be too optimistic.

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Very excited for 2017 coastering. Due to that nagging Viper is getting TAERD DOWN rumor, we'll be hitting SoCal up for the first time (hopefully for West Coast Bash, if Viper can hold on that long). SFMM and Knotts have personally been huge coaster targets since X and Xcelerator were new, so this by itself makes 2017 a success. We're also looking to stop by Hershey again sometime in early July, and have our yearly late-season CP trip scheduled to coincide with the unannounced, mid-week opening of Kind Streak.


Oh, and the home park (SFGAm).

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Over the summer, since I just recently became a true "coaster enthusiast" this past week, I'm planning this trip.


Big 2017 Trip

- June 26th - Fly into Tampa

- June 27th - Busch Gardens Tampa

- June 28th - Fun Spot America and SeaWorld Orlando (I'd like to do Disney and Universal, but they are much too expensive and there isn't much to do as a thrill seeker at Disney)

- June 30th - Carowinds

- July 1st - Fun in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg (possibly an Alpine Coaster)

- July 2nd - Dollywood

- July 3rd - Holiday World

- July 4th - Kentucky Kingdom

- July 5th - Kings Island

- July 6th - Break Day

- July 7th - Cedar Point

- July 8th - Kings Dominion

- July 9th - Fun in Washington DC

- July 10th - Six Flags Great Adventure

- July 11th - New York City fun and (possibly) Lake Compounce

- July 12th - Six Flags New England

- July 13th - Fly back to San Francisco


I know, it sounds ridiculously expensive. But I've got 3 good friends who I will be splitting the cost with.


Besides the big trip plus visits to my home parks (SFDK and CGA), I will also be going to the following parks

- Silverwood (I have relatives in Spokane)

- Las Vegas coasters (Desperado, Adventuredome, and Manhattan Express)


I've got a big year ahead of me. I will probably break the 100 coaster mark. Any support would be helpful!

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2017 will be a fairly light travel year for me since I'm trying to save up for a 2018 Kings Island-Cedar Point trip. I'll likely head down to Adventureland at some point since I missed Monster last year, but aside from that, most of my park time this summer will be spent at VF.

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Carowinds (home park so more than once)

Cedar Point (going for the first time ever in May!)



SFOG (haven't been in years but a fairly easy trip from Charleston)

WDW (was just there in November but might go back this Dec)

Family Kingdom (will be in Garden City in June for a week so might try to grab a ride or two on the Swamp Fox)

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This is really turning out to be a big travel year for me. Honestly, I've not been to many parks in the past couple years, so I'm really making an effort this summer.


Going to DC at the end of the month, so naturally I'm going to try for SFA. Honestly, I just want to ride Wild One and Superman.

Carowinds in May. I've flown over the park every year since Fury was built, so it's about time I actually get to ride it.

Kings Island in July.

Cedar Point in July or August.

September - I THINK I'm going to go to Stockholm. Grona Lund is there!!!

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Planning to:


Tivoli Gardens


BonBon-Land (haven't been there since 2002 so I figured why not)


Phantasialand (Wintertraum)




Hansa Park





Gröna Lund


Djurs Sommerland

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Well we just got back from a Cali trip yesterday, so we visited CGA and SFDK.


Thursday of this week we will be at Carowinds and Kings Island on Sunday.


Then probably CP is next opening weekend (or following).


At some point Hershey and perhaps BGE. Then USO for HHN this Sept/Oct.


All I know, so far.

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Definitely -

Lake Compounce (home park)

Six Flags New England

Canada's Wonderland

Cedar Point

King's Island.


Almost definitely -




Possibly -

Canobie Lake


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I have my most anticipated trip ever this year! I'm going overseas for the first time. To say I'm excited is an understatement.


I live in Sandusky, so I'll be at Cedar Point plenty of times.


I'm visiting Universal Orlando and SeaWorld in two weeks.

I'll also be visiting:

-Canada's Wonderland

-Holiday Park

-Europa Park



-Hansa Park

-Tivoli Gardens

-Grona Lund


-PortAventura/Ferrari World.


In addition, I'm considering a Kentucky Kingdom/Dollywood trip.

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I have a lot of possibilities but not much locked down. Trying to use this year to fill in some of my remaining holes.


Hoping for:

SWO and BGT - the two largest remaining parks in the US for me - and possibly Fun Spot

A repeat trip to SFDK for Joker and CGA for Gold Striker, and hopefully Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz

KK, Holiday World, and King's Island (haven't been since 2007)

Camden Park potentially, on a drive up to PA

Dollywood in the fall

Rye's and Clementon in June for their woodies

Potentially might have a trip to Spain later this year, gotta get to Port Aventura and possibly Parque Warner

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