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  1. Looks gorgeous. Can't wait to try it out. Also an absolutely perfect fit and as another poster said, really feels like a proper Epcot FW addition. Sort of an old school Epcot idea with next gen tech. Should bring some renewed life and interest to Mission Space too. I also hear that you can see a ship from Guardians of the Galaxy outside of the screen (which tracks with the ride soon to be next door...) The only "problem" with Epcot now is there are far TOO MANY awesome, fantastic food spots ha. It's like Pokemon...Gotta try em all!
  2. Looks like yall had a blast. My fiancée and I head that way in a couple of weeks as part of our two-week California coast honeymoon!!! She's never been and I haven't been to DL in 10 or so years so can't wait!
  3. I'm psyched to check out the new land when we head out west in August. I know people are let down by the new ride, but like some others have said, it looks like they're taking the same approach they did with SGE. Get it open with an introductory lower-ticket attraction then work on the e-ticket. Almost like a soft opening for the entire land. Of course I haven't been to DCA in years so all of the Marvel stuff, Cars Land, etc. will all be new to me, so I'll take whatever I can get!
  4. Definitely think it's time for an extensive overhaul. From the look of the concept art, looks like they are going to really ramp up/plus the existing scenes (looks like some really nice projection mapping in play in Egypt). Then I've heard they are going to completely replace some of the later scenes. I like the focus on "storytelling" instead of communication. Will help keep it from getting dated too quickly. I'd hope/think some new ride vehicles are in order. Plus be interested to see what they do with the back half (post planetarium scene), as that has always seemed like really wasted real estate to me. I love SSE and glad to see it getting some well deserved attention.
  5. I've always thought Tokyo, and Japan in general, looked interesting but it was never high on my travel bucket list until I started following all of y'all's travels. Incredible. Always love the reports. It's #1 on my list and I can't wait!
  6. You could have 1000 Birds on a Stick for the cost of one Fire Farting Skrewt on a Stick
  7. The irony of the idea of Universal making fun of Disney for the Yeti is that Universal themselves just made some of the exact same thematic mistakes on Hagrid's as Disney did on Everest! Bird on a Stick > Fire Farting Skrewt on a Stick IMO.
  8. Just watched a POV of that version and yeah, seems like that's how it should have been done from the get go. Though I will say, I secretly love the cheesy fake ending bit in the UO version. It's about as random as can be, but having a ride op get sandblasted into a skeleton is a nice touch ha.
  9. Yeah I'm with you Rob. I was originally thinking this was going to be more on the par of Mummy. That is, an actual blend of a dark ride and coaster. Mummy is probably one of my all time favorite themed attractions, Universal or otherwise. Aside from the somewhat confusing "this is a movie set, but also actually in Egypt" queue/pre-show story, the ride itself is fantastic. Well themed, well paced, great mix of sets, SFX, coaster elements, etc. This is more of what I envision the GotG coaster at Epcot being like. Hagrid's looks like a blast for sure. A really great ride. But yeah the whole "story coaster" stuff and everything. Not so sure about all that.
  10. Whoops! Honestly, shame on UO for not seeing this coming and at least having a better plan in place. I get that HP stuff is popular and has a rabid fan base, but for a ride to have 8-10 hour waits, that's more than just an issue with popularity. It seems to have inherent capacity limitations right off the bat, then you factor in weather issues which....I mean central Florida, those aren't going away any time soon...on top of the technical glitches you're going to have with any new attraction. Granted, I don't know all the ends and outs by any means, but just seems to me like one big operational screwing of the pooch IMO.
  11. Yup, in the live tweeting thread re: the wait, they are 3.5 hours and still in The Lost Continent (by the talking fountain). And the last hour was spent in waiting in the rain. Woof.
  12. Anything over an hour is too much of a wait for me, but the 6-10 hours being reported for this are just ludicrous. If you wait in a line like that, you've essentially paid well over $100 to ride ONE ride. NO ride is worth that. Someone is live tweeting their experience in the line right now. It was a posted 6-hr wait when they got in the line. 2 hours in and they are still in The Lost Continent section and it just started raining on them haha. Oh but Universal did have food vendors going up and down the line selling hotdogs....for $9!!! Captive audience I guess ha.
  13. Sounds about like what I was expecting aside from the lack of theming, though as construction progressed it did start to look like most of the ride would be outdoors and be continously moving rather than slowing down for show scenes. That's a shame. I definitely want to ride but it'll be tough not to lament about the loss of DD. I was fortunate enough to get to ride it A TON back in its glory days when they still dueled. At its prime, absolutely a top 10 coaster. RIP!
  14. It looks like they are real props, though I'm not sure how much they will actually move. From the looks of it, it looks like the pixies will be still figures, just peppered throughout a few scenes of the ride. I'd imagine the centaurs will be mostly still (fixed in that position with the bow arched) but will likely move a little. The Devils Snare is rumored to be part of the drop track scene so I'd guess there will be a mix of projection effects with the physical limbs. Just due to the massive size of fluffy, I'm thinking the heads will move up and down some, maybe mouth movement, but again mostly still. I'd think the most dynamic figure would be the blast ended skrewt since it's sort of the spotlight figure of the ride. All just guesses on my part though. Like you said it looks pretty cool either way and seems like UO has realized that they need to step away from the screens some and go back to more practical effects.
  15. Those AAs look incredible. At one point in the video, I thought I was looking at a CGI version of Belle before realizing it was an AA. With this, Star Wars: RotR, etc, it's nice to see Disney doubling down on AAs, practical effects, etc, while so many other parks (cough cough Universal) are so screen focused. And if these and other recent WDI AAs are any indication, I can't wait to see all the stormtroopers in RotR.
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