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Where Are You Going in 2017?

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We are doing our usual Florida trip in February to escape the claws of the Canadian winter....so we are definitely doing SeaWorld and the Disney parks. We are giving Universal a break till 2018.


We have taken a partial to Disney cruises, of which we have two next year. The second one is out of Galveston, Texas...so we hope to go down early to San Antonio, and go to Six Flags Fiesta. I have not yet been on any RMC coaster, so the "Iron Rattler" has always been on my list of "to do".


I should probably count Canada's Wonderland......does you home park count in this thread?

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For Sure:

Kings Island

Cedar Point



Kentucky Kingdom

Dollywood (I get in free for working at ki)

Holiday World (also get in free for working at ki)


Mall of America

Mt. Olympus

Six Flags Great America

Kings Dominion



Want To Go To But Don't Know yet:


Dorney Park

Michigan's Adventure

Worlds of Fun

Six Flags St. Louis

Busch Gardens Williams-burg

Busch Gardens Tampa

Universal Orlando

Sea World Orlando

Fun Spot America

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Since a few people here have listed beyond 2017, here's what I have planned:



2017 - Cedar Point Coastermania! Tour with buddy Bert!


2018 - Tokyo Disney Resort with David ~ We "turn" 46 years together, woo hoo!


2019 - Knott's Boysenberry Festival & Disney, and (hopefully) WCB ~ Disney ~ Universal.


2020 - Amsterdam and Walibi Holland (maybe Drievliet and Duinrell too?), Paris and Disney Paris.


2021 - Not too sure about this year. Maybe a tour including Dollywood and Silver Dollar City?


2022 - Tokyo Disney Resort ~ Our 50th Anniversary ~ David and Me.



So far, so good, huh?

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Bayern Park

Canobie Lake Park

Europa Park

Holiday Park

Lake Compounce


Six Flags New England

Skyline Park



Casino Pier

Clementon Park

Fantasy Island


Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Great Escape

Huck Finn's Playland

iPlay America

Jenkinson's Boardwalk

Keansburg Amusement Park

Morey's Piers

Playland's Castaway Cove

Sesame Place

Six Flags Great Adventure

Storybook Land

Steel Pier


Possible Parks

Dutch Wonderland

Heide Park


La Ronde

Movie Park Germany


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I'll have a season pass for Hershey next year, and I'll also be going to BGT again this summer.


I'm also working on planning a week long road trip that involves hitting Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Dollywood, but might have to compromise one of the parks to save money. I just went to CP this past summer, but with RMC'd Mean Streak potentially coming in 2017, I feel like I can't pass up going again.

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Someday . . . I WILL get over my fear of flying and make it to the other SF parks


Why not take the train? Add travel time for there and back, pay for a sleeper and you're traveling First Class!


A suggestion.


What I enjoyed, down the west coast to WCB weekend, this past Sept. Meals were included, too.

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My list is becoming more official now. I booked an Orlando trip for early to mid-April, so that really boosted the number of parks I'll be attending in 2017.



Knott's Berry Farm

Universal Studios Hollywood


Disney California Adventure

Magic Kingdom


Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure



Six Flags Magic Mountain

SeaWorld San Diego

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

California's Great Adventure

Six Flags New England

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Grona Lund

Port Aventura

Six Flags México

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Disneyland California



Le feria de Chapultepec

Kolmarden (If Wildfire open again, it will be sure)

Universal Studios Hollywood

Knott's Berry Farm

Alton Towers

Thorpe Park



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Yay, for first post!


I will definitely being going to Luna Park Sydney in the coming weeks. In July 2017 I will be visiting Disney Sea, Yokohama Sea Paradise and Tokyo Dome City. There is also a maybe for Sea World GC and Movie World. You guys think I should post a trip report when I go to Luna Park Sydney????

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a couple of bucket list things:


Cedar Point (for sure) (with Nrthwnd. . yay! I get to meet and spend a week hanging out with Bill)

Possibly another park on this trip too. . . we'll have a car, so who knows?


and then in July/Sept, Niagara Falls w/ my hubby. (so we'll have to find a theme park to hit while going from there to a weekend in Toronto).


that's all planned thus far. . but these are biggies for me.

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Welcome, and please do! We don't get a lot of reports from parks outside NA and EU. Luna Park looks like a lot of fun from what I've seen.


Thank you for the warm welcome and I will bring a trip report from Luna Park when I get around to visiting there in a couple of weeks...

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I'm planning to visit my parents in January or February and while I'm there hit up Busch Gardens and Sea World.

And I would like to try to get some friends together to go to Kings Island next summer. I just hit up Cedar Point for 2 days this year but I haven't been to Kings Island since I was a kid. Any Detroit area people who would like to go to KI hit me up!

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Liseberg & Tivoli for sure as I live in Copenhagen and regularly visit family in Gothenburg.

Also Orlando parks, either in the spring or autumn, depends on whether or not I need surgery on my foot

Either way I'm looking forward to going! Haven't been since 2011!

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