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What was your favorite new ride of 2015?

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Fury hands down. My favorite coaster I've ever ridden, front seat owns.


After 4 rides, we finally got assigned the front seat (The person assigning seats wouldn't allow us to wait even though it was only a one train wait)


The only thing I could say the entire ride, was coming over the lift hill, "I'M GOING TO CRAP MY PANTS"

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My list:

Fury 325

Wicked Cyclone




Fury 325 is without a doubt the best coaster I've ridden. Speed, airtime, and a really fast-moving line so I can get more laps in. I really liked Wicked Cyclone but Fury is in an entirely different class altogether.

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Its funny the only new coaster I've been on isn't really new - Rougarou. It was good but I still like my home park floorless (Bizarro) better. I didn't ride it as Mantis but considering my experiences with standups, I'm sure its a considerable improvement. I'll post here again if I manage to make it to either Hershey or SFNE by the end of the year, both trips in the planning stages.


I did ride the new Flyers at Dorney but I'll echo what coasterbill said - they run such a short slow cycle its not even worth mentioning. The new KONG flyers at Morey's were awesome - great lightning package, good themeing, long cycle, elevated above the boardwalk and you can snap them - so I guess that's my answer.


I have ridden a TON of "new to me rides" rides this year. Maverick stands head and shoulders above any of those. I know that doesn't count here, but its new to me.

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So far, the only new 2015 ride for me was Rougarou. I loved the conversion from Stand-Up to Floorless design. The front row is fantastic and really is a unique experience. The track layout is a strong and forceful mid 90s B&M design that still provides a good kick.


This could all change very soon as I plan to visit SFNE for the first time since 2007 and ride Wicked Cyclone. I didn't really care for the old design, and I can't wait to ride my first RMC! I might also make to journey over to SFGAm and ride Goliath sometime this fall with the great season pass deal.

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I never get on as much new stuff every year as I'd like to, so this was a relatively good year for us.


I'd say my favorite was Fury 325 at Carowinds. I have no idea where I'd rank it, but we did really enjoy it enough to do a number of re-rides (Fast Lane and reasonable queues didn't hurt). We just had a good day, flying down in the morning and back at night. Then again, Wicked Cyclone on Media Day might have been the better coaster, but I finally got to ride Outlaw Run and NTxG this summer, and those sort of eclipsed WC in my mind, for some reason. I would imagine that most people prefer WC to Fury, which is fine.


My biggest disappointment was Justice League: Battle for Metropolis at SFOTx. It was a brutally hot day and very crowded, and I've never seen so many theme park employees being openly miserable and rude. We've had decent "Six Flags Days" over the last several years, so it was a harsh wake-up.


It was at least a 30 minute wait even with a Platinum Flash Pass (which are priced at a crazy premium, as you know). I'm a Sally fan, but just our luck, the ride stopped in the middle of a scene. They got the cars moving again, but the effects and video didn't resume proper operation until the final scene of the ride, so we missed 2 or 3 scenes in whole or in part. Of course no one offered even an apology, not that we expected one. That experience kinda sucked, and we didn't want to torture ourselves with the queue again to re-ride. C'est la vie. Maybe we'll do it in Spanish next year at SFMex.


Another big disappointment was missing one of the new GG woodies in China because it opened a week after we visited.


The other new coasters we got to ride this year were Laff Trakk at Hersheypark (good addition for them), Impulse at Knoebel's (good addition for them), and Tempesto at BGW (good addition for them). Biggest whiff this year (for me, not the park) was Twisted Colossus, but there's still a chance we'll get out there in November.


Looking forward to Baron 1898 later this month.

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I've been on three "New for 2015" rides/attractions and they were Slingshot at Canada's Wonderland, Typhoon in Splashworks at Canada's Wonderland, and Cedar Creek Flyers at Dorney Park. They were all great rides! I rode Slingshot twice as it's completely amazing to be upside down at 300 feet even though the fee was quite pricey at $25/passenger. Typhoon was nice a nice addition to Splshworks at Canada's Wonderland even though it is from Ontario Place but, it was never used. I rode both sides quite a few times and found the single tube slide to be more thrilling than the double tube slide. But, both sides were fun!Cedar Creek Flyers at Dorney Park was quite fun as it was my first flying scooters ride. I was able to get the car to move side to side and kind of backwards during the ride. I look forward to Flying Eagles coming to Canada's Wonderland.


For the 2016 season, I look forward to riding SkyHawk and Flying Eagles at Canada's Wonderland!

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My trip to Paris and Amsterdam back in September, only afforded me a few new credits, but nothing I would call a 'fave'

(Red Racer in WDS, Xpress and Speed of Sound in Walibi Holland).


But my Fave New (for me) Ride for dark rides in 2015, has definitely got to be Ratatouille at Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland

Paris Resort. It's a lot of screens (7 per car) to be sure, wearing 3D movie glasses, and the trackless vehicles themself

don't really do anything like the "dream party room" in Pooh's Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland. Or the second-to-final

scene in Mystic Manor, Hong Kong Disneyland.


But honestly, it couldn't have gone the route and/or the configurations with three mice vehicles running, without it being

trackless. And not wearing the 3D glasses, through one of my rides, obviously didn't help my film viewing, but it was

great to actually see a lot of the scene's physical theming they did for each segment, including those massive cart

wheels for the ride into the restaurant, itself. I enjoyed that as much as the separate films, too.


So, I rode it (at least) 7 times during our five nights' stay, there at the Resort. And Bless The Mouse for a Single Riders Line!


From the Single Riders queue: This photo doesn't really show a lot of Ratatouille (it's the 2x loading station),

but I liked the honesty in the photo, of this child just looking at "all those mice" in a row. Don't know

if he was scared or enthralled by it all. (o; (Taken on Sept.24, 2015)

Edited by Nrthwnd
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Justice League: Battle For Metropolis was by far the best new ride of 2015 for us!


Rougarou was completely overrated. Personally, I preferred Mantis, at least it provided a different ride experience... Being a Standup and all. But Rougarou just didn't do anything for us. It was kind of... Meh.

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I only got to ride 4 new rides in 2015, but...


1) Fury 325

2) Impulse

3) Laff Trakk







4) Cedar Creek Flyers

Worst flyers I've ever ridden, even other Larson flyers beat this one out due to longer cycles/higher speeds. Cedar Creek Flyers is constantly ran on low speed. Low Speed == Low Fun.

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