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  1. If you’re using that mindset, why would Cedar Point build Valravn or Steel Vengeance? They already had Magnum which is 200+ ft. A giga dive coaster would be awesome!
  2. You are going to absolutely love it. I worked there last season, this season I'm contracted to Dragster, but I'm hoping I can go back to Millie from time to time.
  3. Nooo. Because most parks don't care about hiding their transfer tracks on coasters. Every single GCI in existence has a building or cover on the transfer track. The only two exemptons are El Toro and Kentucky Rumbler, both of which have only one train. He's also trying to make a joke about "sheds", but it just isn't funny. He knows that we all know Mystic Timber's shed is specific to that ride as it is a thematic element. El Toro was manufactured by Intamin and assembled by RMC, not GCI He's referring to this El Toro..https://rcdb.com/4274.htm
  4. If I return to work at CP again this summer I'm hoping to go to the following parks I didn't make it to last season: Dollywood Kentucky Kingdom Kennywood Canada's Wonderland Dorney Park and a bunch of the Pennsylvania parks
  5. There was a parking lot carnival near my house probably about 15 years ago. They had a Kamikaze, a carousel, and this funky Scat 2 ride. That was it, definitely the smallest "carnival" I've ever seen!
  6. Absolutely beautiful. I'm going to do anything I can to be able to cross train at this ride.
  7. I have to go with Ejector. Nothing like feeling like you might be flung to your death!
  8. I went on Skyscraper when it was at Valleyfair a handful of times. It is probably my favorite flat (minus the cost)
  9. Around March 15th. Source. Why are some of the seatbelts red? Are they the big boy seats?
  10. That's really disappointing. I loved the single lap bar on High Roller. It gave so much freedom!
  11. They're just adding new stairs for the Ferris Wheel. Source: my supervisor.
  12. I only work there during the summer, otherwise I'm in college. But anyways, looks like Shredder is going up fast. I have no doubt they'll have the ride ready for its November opening.
  13. No offense but I kind of find it hard to believe that a ride, where part of the experience is shaking your seats, would have a design flaw where the whole ride could need extended maintenance if too many people shake their seat at inappropriate times. People are always going to do things like that during raising and lowering regardless of announcements, look at all the times people pull down their lap-bars before a seat belt check on YOLOcoaster. I'm sure this would have been considered when the ride was being developed. I would take what Cory says with a grain of salt; there's a reason he is no longer employed at NU.
  14. You think they are going to move Shockwave to VF? Hello no. Nobody wants that. Just saying Valley Fair doesn't have a Togo Standup. Fills a gap, lol. I would rather have a gap.
  15. A clone of FOC or SD could not fit in the old Tilt-a-Whirl spot, and I doubt they would add a clone of a ride that's 20 minutes away. Also as a side note, I find your posts to be difficult to read. I'm not trying to be a backseat mod or anything, but could you maybe learn how to use commas and periods? Most of your statements are run on sentences. Anyways, I would love to see Valleyfair add flying scooters and maybe a Delirium clone.
  16. WTF is this??!?!?? Looks awesome! Where did it even come from? That's Goldar from Power Rangers! Didn't you have a childhood? jk
  17. I usually wait around 20 minutes, but it also depends on how close to riding I am. I once got in line for Deja Vu at SFGAm which was almost a two hour wait. After waiting for about 15 minutes it broke down and almost everyone got out of line which reduced the wait to about 30 minutes, and the ride even reopened 5 minutes later. Patience has its perks
  18. It's from Chance. There's information about the new ride in our rides office and it states it's from Chance Rides.
  19. Danny Phantom is being replaced with a Chance Revolution 20 themed to Shredder. At least that's what the concept art shows in the rides office.
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