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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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I'm actually more excited by this ride than Goliath at Six Flags for some reason! I always liked those CCI designs, and now that this is getting made even better by Rocky Mountain, I'm pricing up Mexico for a not-too distant trip.

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Anyone know when this is supposed to open?


There is currently a contest going on to become one of the first riders. Contest closes on Sunday June 8th.


So, I'm pretty sure Medusa Steel Coaster will open between June 10th-15th.

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^ I would disagree with that, their system of acquiring a drivers license is laughable but also cringe-worthy. The majority of drivers there are horrendous. On topic, however, I am optimistic about Medusa's turnout, it's going to bring a lot of people down there.

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New testing video! And it's awesome! (Via https://www.facebook.com/pages/El-mundo-de-las-montanas-rusas)





I went to the park yesterday, and Medusa is SO LOUD! You can hear it's roar from anywhere in the park!!!


They also posted a picture of the new entrance and the main part of the queue:





Also SFM posted a close-up of the new Medusa entrance:




Apparently there is going to be some sort of pre-show/dark ride in the middle of the queue. You will walk through the "Iron Horse Mining Co." building, who knows what you might find in there...

(Photos via montanarusa.com FB)







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I LOVE how fast this thing rips through the course! I can NOT wait to see a POV, and eventually get down there to ride it! It is looking better and better with each and every update. Thanks for sharing the video!

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I wonder what makes it so loud when the other hybrids are much quieter. But that's great!

By the way, the sign looks cool.


I believe Medusa runs on steel wheels while the other hybrids run on polyurethane wheels.

Oh, ok. I was thinking it could be because of the trains as this has RMC's and not Gerstlauer's.

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Grand opening

June 14


La apertura de Medusa Steel Coaster será el 14 de junio


¡El momento épico por fin tiene fecha! A partir del sábado 14 de junio por la tarde, después de la inauguración oficial, podrás disfrutar de la más emocionante roller coaster híbrida del mundo: #MedusaSteelCoaster. Recuerda que estará incluida en cualquiera de las admisiones al parque. ¡Atrévete a retarla!
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For those who dont speak Spanish, that means the ride officially opens June 14


Translated from google, since my actual spanish comprehension is still dusty:

The epic moment has finally date! Beginning Saturday, June 14 afternoon, after the official opening, you can enjoy the most exciting roller coaster hybrid world
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