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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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I'm a little disappointed that I was there a weekend ago to see family considering I can only go once a year. Oh well, at least I passed it on the highway and got a glimpse of it. Can't wait for a POV.

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It appears that there was a fire at the park (games section) today according to Informador.


No damage to rides or injuries, and the park has posted to Facebook that they are open for business.






CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (08/JUN/2014).- Un aparente corto circuito en una bodega donde se guardan peluches y botargas del parque de diversiones Six Flags, ubicado sobre la carretera Picacho-Ajusco, en las inmediaciones de la delegación Tlalpan, provocó un incendio la mañana de hoy domingo que en cuestión de minutos fue controlado por elementos del Departamento de Bomberos de esta ciudad, sin que se registren lesionados.


Sin embargo, la columna de humo alcanzó poco más de 10 metros de altura, lo que provocó alarma entre vecinos y asistentes que desde las siete de la mañana estaban formados afuera del edificio para poder ingresar. Estos fueron los que alertaron de las autoridades del incendio, mientras que en el interior, los empleados trataban de sofocar el siniestro con extintores, lo que a decir de los bomberos, evito una situación mayor.


Raúl Esquivel, director general del Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos de la Ciudad de México, informó a través de su cuenta de Twitter que para sofocar el siniestro en esta bodega, donde el techo se vino abajo, pero que afortunadamente no dejó lesionados, participaron 50 bomberos de las estaciones Tlalpan, Álvaro Obregón, Xochimilco así como del módulo 1 con 12 carros bombas y ocho carros tanques.


Hasta el momento, las autoridades de Six Flags México no se han pronunciado sobre estos hechos a pesar de la insistencia de los medios de comunicación en obtener una versión oficial de los hechos.


Google Translated:

MEXICO CITY (08/JUN/2014) -. Apparent short circuit in a cellar where botargas teddies and the Six Flags amusement park, located on the Picacho-Ajusco highway in the vicinity of the Tlalpan delegation are saved, caused a This morning fire Sunday in minutes was controlled by members of the Fire Department of this city, no injuries were recorded.


However, the plume reached just over 10 meters high, causing alarm among neighbors and attendees from seven in the morning they were formed out of the building to enter. These were the ones who alerted the authorities of the fire, while inside, the employees tried to quell the incident with fire, which firefighters say, avoid greater situation.


Raul Esquivel, director general of the Heroic Fire Department of the City of Mexico, reported via his Twitter account that to quell the incident at this winery, where the roof collapsed, but fortunately did not leave injured 50 firefighters participated of Tlalpan, Álvaro Obregón, Xochimilco and the module 1 seasons with 12 car bombs and eight tanks cars.


So far, the Six Flags Mexico authorities have not commented on these events despite the insistence of the media to get an official version of events.

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NO. Not My Medusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.





Glad to read it was only in the games area.


Don't worry, regardless of the dramatic picture, Medusa is fine And if you recall, the games section is nowhere near it...it's between Boomerang and the kids area.


Can't wait to ride this thing! Lookin at July or August!!!! (but flights are expensive and the whole Tijuana thing is a pain in the ass)

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I cannot recall. I am old. And that's my excuse.


But I am so looking forward to next spring's visit and ride.


And I hope you're along for the re-visit, Chris.

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^And Six Flags retaliated by busting the Water Supply to Cedar Point! It's a new era of the "Coaster Wars"!!!


Really looking forward to this new ride, partly because I don't know what to completely expect due to the lack of a full POV.

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^And Six Flags retaliated by busting the Water Supply to Cedar Point! It's a new era of the "Coaster Wars"!!!

Wait until one of them sabotages the trains on a ride so that riders are ejected (literally)

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