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  1. The new Simpsons land/facades/eateries are across from the simpsons ride in the old Back to the Future building repurposed as Crustyland. So while enthusiasts may be looking at this puzzled, because it was a land addition without a ride, new visitors will see a land anchored by an in-franchise E-ticket. A complete Simpsons land and Wizarding World.
  2. So basicAlly theyll replant te trees and restore the gazebo they ripped out for ignight. Doubt they will be removing the giant LED advertisement board as you enter hometown square.
  3. Anybody else curious what will happen to te entrance? Just recently they replaced the victorian ticket buildings with really ugly knock offs. Hopefully theyll restore the old ticket booths or change some of the architecture and layouts of the gift shops, RR's, etc. Its anyones guess because its a large enough renovation that it warrants a press release, but it doesnt appear as big of a deal as an extended midway, main st, type deal. Nor are we seeing concept art of a contemporary entrance remodel, like with cedar fair parks recently.
  4. Something new already?? I have no clue but we shall see starting Monday.
  5. I havent really seen it mentioned here but I think it is really important to mention: Goliath is FLYING these days. The ride is really running a lot faster and better. I rode it three times on media day and then twice last night and I was shocked. There was air /momentum into the dive twist and better positives on the twist and shout. The element rode really quick whereas on media day the twist and shout was so slow that youd sort of feel the sensation of being tilted over the element's supports and it was a definite lul. The airtime hill is no el toro ejector but its a nice long smooth element. People try to compare goliath to other rides based on its pacingor how hard its negatives are but one thing is for sure and that is its forward momentum is already something to write home about. Long story short, the ride is running a lot better now and if you havent been on since May, give it another shot.
  6. With regards to the shorter lines on X-flight-maybe the ride isn't that intimidating from the midway? Maybe it was marketed wrong? Maybe the gimmick of being a wing coaster and the sensation of flight wasn't well executed because of its slow appearance and compact layout? Who knows. Perhaps the tribe has spoken, and Great America's audience is tired of getting compact 2-train B&Ms. I hope this is true...
  7. here is six flags' pov. Better lighting and unobstructed views. Looks good!
  8. It has a really good twister layout and it engages the landscape more than any other ride at great america. It flies through trees and along the ground and over water. Really nice. Had it been torn down for superman, allll those trees would have been removed and the whole park would look like x flight. I dont ride it often but i love that whizzer is there. I probably ought to ride it next time im at the park! Its a bit of an escape. And check out how well done the banking is! I challenge yoy to find ONE arrow ride from the same era that banks this accurately and elegantly.
  9. I'd ride Viper in the back. Raging bull back left. Also, if you decide to do raging bull twice, use the second go around as an opportunity to ride in the very front. Don't waste your time in any other rows; time is money my friend! Batman has great foliage and dips over water. Ride in the front for great views, or back for constant greyouts.
  10. I'm thinking that the constant gap between the steel topper track is to blame. There is a crack every 6 feet or so. Maybe that bump over and over again is enough to cut the polyurethane wheels and cause them to shred. The I-boxes are one consistent smooth piece of track, welded together so there is no bumps to ride over. This problem didn't exist on Outlaw Run because while outlaw run ahs the same track, it runs on steel wheels that can't shred from riding over bumps. If you think about it, there are no steel coasters on earth that share the same number and style of gaps in the track along its course while running polyurethane wheels.
  11. Goliath is AMAZING! Ride in the back. The ride is prety much the same everywhere but the drop is best in the back so dont wait for any other seats!
  12. Goliath's begative g float makes you feel like you are flying/gliding while the momentum and ridiculous amount of speed is still forward, whereas I would say that the air in el toro and new texas giant are much stronger-you feel like you are being flung from a bull. If you were to ride either without a lap bar, i feel like the trajectory of goliath would be to throw you forward toward the dive loop because there is so much momentum and the negative gs arent super strog, whereas on el toro, if you rode without a lap bar, youd just be flung straight up and fall right back down almost exactly where your butt lifted off the seat. All the elements on giath blend into one giant element. There is no pause anywhere. The introduction to the negative g float is your first and only moment to get your bearings. Here i am, right side up, these are my surroundings- then you ascend toward the dive loop (which is an ascent, a half a zero g roll, and a verryyy long topof a vertical loop, bascally its own zero g stall but half as long) and as you fly toward that element you get this POP /gliding airtime. It makes the tripacross the ride more fun but it isnt a super intense element. It is strong enough and well designed enough to guarantee a negative g float experience sustained for several seconds. You glide along quickly toward the dive loop but oke thing is for sure-you will never be in a seat or on a train in which this element doesnt deliver, whoch can happen on bull and some other rides-elements can be hit or miss.
  13. You know when they show people on discovery channel specials for roller coasters who have been on a specific ride a thousant times? You are going to be that person for Goliath.
  14. I havent written a review yet because it is the hardest ride on earth to write a review of. And to explain why would be to write a review lol
  15. The park is passing out numbered goliath boarding passes that must be redeeme in order at the station to prevent line jumping. Someone on sfgamworld at 10:45 reported a 2hr expected wait and someone more recently said the line is 4 hours.
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