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  1. ^ Let's keep in mind that, contrary to what most foreign people may think, the majority of Mexicans don't really care about our ancient history, so, if you ask a local about the landmarks of the city, they won't tak about the museums, or the pyramids. They will tell you about the Azteca stadium, the Angel de la Independencia, Chapultepec (including Montaña Rusa), the markets, etc. Also from a local point of view, the announcement looks suspicious as hell, because, as I said, the winners of the concession do not have any experience building, let alone operating, any kind of amusement park. They are famous for their cases of corruption and money laundering with the past government, and lots of contracts assigned by the current one. Just a week ago, a rumor surfaced that they were planning to build a baseball stadium in the site (baseball is less than popular in Mexico, and a new stadium was built just two years ago), the Mayor denied those claims but the "concert field" in the middle of the park tells a different story. To make thing even more shady, when asked about the decision of tearing down Montaña Rusa, they claimed that it was "no longer operational and only used for scenery" when the park closed, and we all know that is an utter and complete lie.
  2. Now that's a real classic. Here's a view I hadn't seen before: There seems to be at least two coasters, that's a good thing! And, they seem to be planning to keep both ends of Montaña Rusa as scenery, that's interesting. The park will be opened in phases, construction is set to begin in the first quarter of 2021, and the first phase would open by the end of next year, followed by a second and third phases opening in 2022 and 2023 respectively.
  3. I agree with you Robb, from the enthusiast point of view, it was not a particularly exciting coaster. In the other hand it was the only wooden coaster in all of Mexico, and a landmark of the city, just like the Cyclone is to NYC. That's what makes it being torn down particularly sad. If it was to be demolished to be replaced with an amazing rollercoaster, I would be so happy, but as it is...
  4. Hello everyone! Ok, this is going to be a though post to write, I'm still processing the information that has been released just moments ago. As Jakizle has already posted, a new operator has been chosen and it is, strangely enough, Mota Engil Mexico, a construction and infrastructure company with no experience in any kind of entertainment whatsoever (but with a lot of infrastructure contracts won under the current Mexican govt). According to the City's government, they were chosen because of the quality of their project and their financial structure. It has been made public that Six Flags along with three other competitors retired from the process, most likely because of financial constraints derived from the Covid-19 emergency. Now, as I said, moments ago, some details of the project named Aztlan (after the mythlogical city from where the Aztecs started their journey towards Mexico valley 1000 years ago) have just been released. The big reveal is that Montaña Rusa, the legendary mobius woodien coaster, an ACE Landmark that opened in 1964 is going to be demolished. As it seems, the focus of the park will be very far from thrills of any kind, it will only include a few flat rides, the most important of it all being a 50 metres (150ft) tall panoramic wheel, themed to the most important Mexico City neighborhoods (?). And what appears to be a kiddie coastr next to it. Some other rides announced consist in a laser tag, wrestling ring, and a museum dedicated to classic Mexican movies (yeah, i thought "wtf" too) Master plan: As you can see, a big part of the "park" will consist in a big concert field, because that's juuust what the city needs, and a lot of natural areas, because being in the middle of the biggest forest in the city doesn't give you enought trees and resting spaces. (/s). Rueda de los Barrios (Wheel of the Neighborhoods): Vuelo en el Tiempo (Flight of Time), a virtual ride to relive the history of the city: Thoughts?
  5. Hello everyone! Although the removal of rides at La Feria has been going for about a month, starting this week it has taken full speed with the beginning of the disassembly of Quimera and Raton Loco. More pictures here It seems likely that they are planning to remove all the rides before the official announcement of the winner of the concession agreement for the construction and operation of the new park to be located here, the announcement iwill take place on november 29th.
  6. Well, that is strange, of all the times I've been to La Feria I had never seen Los Troncos run with that little water. Usually, the water level is just "normal"
  7. A friend of mine captured the following drone footage of the current state of La Feria (April 2020), as you can see, six months after the accident, the park remains in the exact same state as the day it closed, with no rides removed yet and even Quimera's fatal train still valleyed in the spot where it's last car finally detached. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. UPDATE Operadora de Desarrollo Humano Chapultepec, subsidiary of Ventura Entertainment and former operator of La Feria has just obtained "legal relief" from a federal tribunal against the termination of their contract by the Government of Mexico City, it was determined that their constitutional rights may have been violated and therefore the licitation process promoted by the City is cancelled until further notice. Now, what will happen next? In the Mexican law system, a resource of amparo or "legal relief" stops any legal action against a person or entity and starts a series of trials to determine whether their rights are being affected by said legal action, these trials may take a very long time, from weeks to years, to finish. In the meantime, the City is forbidden to continue the licitation process for La Feria, and the park must be left "as it is", until a federal judge makes a decision about it.
  9. Both Schwarzkopfs, the Spinning Wild Mouse and 27 other rides belong to Ventura Entertainment, and they must be removed from the site as soon as the legal procedures end. That being said, Cascabel (shuttle loop) may be moved to another of Ventura's parks, but Quimera... I don't know Only 8 attractions belong to the City and therefore their fate will be decided by the new concessionaire, including Montaña Rusa (möbius wooden coaster), Los Troncos (log flume), the park's train, and some older kiddie rides.
  10. That wouldn't be the case, since all the newer rides belong to Ventura and will be taken away by them. The remaining attractions are too old.
  11. Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, there's a lot going on lately regarding the fate of La Feria de Chapultepec, so here I go with the most important points: 1. Ventura Entertainment, former operator of La Feria is being held responsible for the fatal accident, as of now, two people (the chief of maintenance and the legal representative) have been sent to jail and are waiting for trial. 2. Ventura says that the City's government has not been following proper and fair legal procedures, since two international experts hired by them were denied entrance to the site, among other things. 3. The City has started to look for a new operator. Six companies registered as contestants and are due to present their projects in March for review. Two of them are in the mall business, one is linked to an older operator of La Feria and Selva Magica (not Ventura), other two are not well known and the last one is... Wait for it... SIX FLAGS MEXICO. Yes, we're all shocked by the news. No more details are known. 4. One thing that has been worrying Mexican enthusiasts is that, according to the requirements published, the future operator will NOT be obligated to build an actual amusement park. They will have the freedom to choose what they will do with the site as long as it's inspired by Mexican culture or nature, is affordable and suitable for everyone and keeps it's entertainment focus. Even they will be able to decide whether to renew, keep for scenery or scrap the historic Montaña Rusa. 5. The announcement for the winning project is scheduled for April 20th, so, stay tuned for more news
  12. The park as we know it will definitely not reopen. The Ventura Entertainment company officially fired all the employees yesterday since the local authorities have made clear they will no longer let them operate the park. The bad news is that Ventura owns half of the park's rides, including Cascabel (the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop) and will take them away, that will be a very long legal and logistical process. The good news is that the City owns Montaña Rusa, and it will probably stay. What's next is that after november, the City will look for a new consessionaire to reopen the park, but given the circumstances and the ride removal process I mentioned, I doubt we'll have La Feria back in the near future.
  13. Well, let's keep in mind that the people who perform those investigations are not experts on all things regarding rollercoasters, and they will include anything outside of the ride's specifications on their reports. I don't think the 5-car arrangement had anything to do with the accident
  14. That translates into "you should put RMC out and give it eleven rolls of barrel"
  15. Hello TPR It's been a week with a lot of new developments on this case, the Attorney's General Office of Mexico City released the results of the investigation on the Quimera accident. Mexican coaster enthusiasts site "The Coaster Zone" condensed all the information and you can find it (in Spanish) here Translation of the main points: As of the future of the park, the Government of Mexico City opened a public poll for the citizens to decide what the future of the La Feria site will be. They are asking people to make proposals to either keep La Feria or transform the spot based on 5 main points: You can find the poll and the people's proposals here Also, here they are hosting a simple yes/no poll on wether La Feria shoud remain an amusement park, it's open to everyone. Luckily enough, as of now, most people are asking for La Feria to remain an amusement park, but it should be operated by an international company. What are your thoughts?
  16. That happened because the park itself is state-owned. The government ran the park since the Montaña Rusa was built in the 60's until the early 90's when they leased it to a private company. In recent years La Feria was operated by the company called "Operadora de Desarrollo Humano Chapultepec", which is part of the mexican amusement park chain "Ventura Entertainment". So, what happened is that the City revoked the permit to the company and therefore the park will remain closed since the government doesn't have the means to run it properly.
  17. La Feria will close permanently The company that manages La Feria has just announced that the Mexico City Government has revoked their operation permit and will close for good. Last week, the investigations ruled "lack of maintenance" as the cause of the deadly accident that took the lives of two men on September 28th. It is expected that the Government will look for any company interested in taking over the park, but nothing has been officially announced yet.
  18. The Mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheimbaum, spoke briefly about the case during her morning press conference. Video: She said that investigations are still underway, and that they have found several "administrative inconsistencies" in the park's management and procedures, particularly in last year's archives. She announced that the government is looking to revoke all permits to the company that operates the park, (Ventura Entertainment, which also operates Selva Mágica), and that if that's the case, they will look for an international company interested in taking over the park.
  19. You're welcome Coasterbill Crazanity will be located in the spot currently occupied by the Teatro Chino, the stadium-like theather where the park's main shows and events used to take place. I've also heard that the Mundo Marino theather, which is closed since the City approved a law that forbids shows featuring living animals, will become the park's main venue in the near future. *approximate location
  20. Hello everyone, as some of you know, La Feria and SFM are my home parks. I'm still shocked and saddened by this terrible news, as far as I remember this is the first fatal rollercoaster accident in Mexico, and knowing it happened on one of my most beloved rollercoasters makes it worse. My thoughts are with the victims' families and with the park staff in this difficult times. As you may expect, at this time it's really complicated to find accurate information with all the sensationalist media spreading lies and questionable 'facts'. That being said, what we know it's that thorough investigations are underway and the park will remain closed until further notice. I will try to keep you updated
  21. You're welcome! Christmas in the Park lasts until the third week of January, that would be the 19th so you will catch it for sure, and the flash pass for 10 rides costs between $15 and $30 USD depending on the demand of the day. About La Feria, yes, going on weekends increases the chances of them running everything, although operations tend to be slow. There's a new small park built on top of a mall in the south-east part of the city, near Xochimilco, called "Kataplum!" that features a Vekoma Family Inverted Coaster, a Spinning Wild Mouse and many other fun rides: About non-park related things to do, it really depends what you're into. Teotihuacan is a must-visit definitely. Chapultepec Park is beautiful, and you can visit many atractions there besides La Feria like the Anthropology Museum, the Chapultepec Castle and the lakes: Near Chapultepec is the luxurious Polanco neighborhood, there you will find Plaza Carso, home of the Soumaya art museum and Acuario Inbursa (the biggest aquarium in Latin America, which is completely underground): In the west part of the city, also close-ish to Chapultepec is Parque La Mexicana, a relatively new urban park with fantastic views but not really much to do: Those are the places that come to mind, don't hesitate to ask me for more specific recommendations!
  22. I recommend you to visit the park on the second or third week of january, most schools have already started classes and you won't find the park packed. If you go on a friday or sunday you will find good 2-train ops and is least likely for them to close rides for maintenance (they usually do that from monday to wednesday). About La Feria, although they have made great improvements to the park and it's operations throughout this year, it's still slow compared to SF, and the park is too crowded on weekends no matter what time of the year is it. My suggestion is for you to visit La Feria on a wednesday or thursday, most rides are walk-ons! I live in Mexico City, so don't hesitate to ask me for any local advise you need
  23. PRESS RELEASE 'After an extensive safety inspection performed by both company's and independent engineering experts, I'm pleased to inform that none of the rides, slides or attractions in the waterpark were damaged during the earthquake on september 19th. However, the waterpark will remain closed for several weeks, as small repairs on some buildings and infrastructure take place. At Six Flags, our number one priority is the safety of our visitors and employees. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the earthquake' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal note From what I've heard from SF workers, while it's true that none of the slides were affected, several buildings at Hurricane Harbor resulted with structural damage and they are asessing whether they can be repaired or should be demolished. The park will remain closed until further notice. In the meantime, Six Flags Mexico has announced that 2017 Gold Season Passes will be valid at the waterpark until March 2018.
  24. It is usually very crowded in the weekends, but if you go on tuesday it should be OK. I would advise you to go the last week of August though, the kids have already returned to school and you will find the park almost empty!
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