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  1. ^ Let's keep in mind that, contrary to what most foreign people may think, the majority of Mexicans don't really care about our ancient history, so, if you ask a local about the landmarks of the city, they won't tak about the museums, or the pyramids. They will tell you about the Azteca stadium, the Angel de la Independencia, Chapultepec (including Montaña Rusa), the markets, etc. Also from a local point of view, the announcement looks suspicious as hell, because, as I said, the winners of the concession do not have any experience building, let alone operating, any kind of amusemen
  2. Now that's a real classic. Here's a view I hadn't seen before: There seems to be at least two coasters, that's a good thing! And, they seem to be planning to keep both ends of Montaña Rusa as scenery, that's interesting. The park will be opened in phases, construction is set to begin in the first quarter of 2021, and the first phase would open by the end of next year, followed by a second and third phases opening in 2022 and 2023 respectively.
  3. I agree with you Robb, from the enthusiast point of view, it was not a particularly exciting coaster. In the other hand it was the only wooden coaster in all of Mexico, and a landmark of the city, just like the Cyclone is to NYC. That's what makes it being torn down particularly sad. If it was to be demolished to be replaced with an amazing rollercoaster, I would be so happy, but as it is...
  4. Hello everyone! Ok, this is going to be a though post to write, I'm still processing the information that has been released just moments ago. As Jakizle has already posted, a new operator has been chosen and it is, strangely enough, Mota Engil Mexico, a construction and infrastructure company with no experience in any kind of entertainment whatsoever (but with a lot of infrastructure contracts won under the current Mexican govt). According to the City's government, they were chosen because of the quality of their project and their financial structure. It has been made public that Six
  5. Hello everyone! Although the removal of rides at La Feria has been going for about a month, starting this week it has taken full speed with the beginning of the disassembly of Quimera and Raton Loco. More pictures here It seems likely that they are planning to remove all the rides before the official announcement of the winner of the concession agreement for the construction and operation of the new park to be located here, the announcement iwill take place on november 29th.
  6. Well, that is strange, of all the times I've been to La Feria I had never seen Los Troncos run with that little water. Usually, the water level is just "normal"
  7. A friend of mine captured the following drone footage of the current state of La Feria (April 2020), as you can see, six months after the accident, the park remains in the exact same state as the day it closed, with no rides removed yet and even Quimera's fatal train still valleyed in the spot where it's last car finally detached. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. UPDATE Operadora de Desarrollo Humano Chapultepec, subsidiary of Ventura Entertainment and former operator of La Feria has just obtained "legal relief" from a federal tribunal against the termination of their contract by the Government of Mexico City, it was determined that their constitutional rights may have been violated and therefore the licitation process promoted by the City is cancelled until further notice. Now, what will happen next? In the Mexican law system, a resource of amparo or "legal relief" stops any legal action against a person or entity and starts a series of trials
  9. Both Schwarzkopfs, the Spinning Wild Mouse and 27 other rides belong to Ventura Entertainment, and they must be removed from the site as soon as the legal procedures end. That being said, Cascabel (shuttle loop) may be moved to another of Ventura's parks, but Quimera... I don't know Only 8 attractions belong to the City and therefore their fate will be decided by the new concessionaire, including Montaña Rusa (möbius wooden coaster), Los Troncos (log flume), the park's train, and some older kiddie rides.
  10. That wouldn't be the case, since all the newer rides belong to Ventura and will be taken away by them. The remaining attractions are too old.
  11. Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, there's a lot going on lately regarding the fate of La Feria de Chapultepec, so here I go with the most important points: 1. Ventura Entertainment, former operator of La Feria is being held responsible for the fatal accident, as of now, two people (the chief of maintenance and the legal representative) have been sent to jail and are waiting for trial. 2. Ventura says that the City's government has not been following proper and fair legal procedures, since two international experts hired by them were denied entrance to the site, among
  12. The park as we know it will definitely not reopen. The Ventura Entertainment company officially fired all the employees yesterday since the local authorities have made clear they will no longer let them operate the park. The bad news is that Ventura owns half of the park's rides, including Cascabel (the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop) and will take them away, that will be a very long legal and logistical process. The good news is that the City owns Montaña Rusa, and it will probably stay. What's next is that after november, the City will look for a new consessionaire to reopen the park,
  13. Well, let's keep in mind that the people who perform those investigations are not experts on all things regarding rollercoasters, and they will include anything outside of the ride's specifications on their reports. I don't think the 5-car arrangement had anything to do with the accident
  14. That translates into "you should put RMC out and give it eleven rolls of barrel"
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