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  1. For Kingda Ka, it’s impossible to dispatch the train with a single OSTR open. They all have to be in a verified position just like El Toro. From what I’ve seen with Storm Runner, it’s the same way so this incident doesn’t sound possible one bit. You can actually dispatch Dragster with open lapbars but Dragster is a generation older than the newer Intamins with a verify if that makes sense.
  2. The Nitro crew are nearing in 2 million riders for this season which will actually be the first time the ride has given 2 million riders in a single season!! Be sure to take a few extra rides on Nitro if you visit anytime during the rest of the season! Even on a crowded fright fest day, the line will move extremely fast thanks to the amazing operations!
  3. If the park is attempting to run 3 trains at once again, I really hope they also reprogramming the brake run so it doesn't take 10 years for trains to advance through it. Checking restraints quickly is one step of the process but a ride that dispatches/advances quickly is also an important piece of the puzzle. Kudos to the park though if they really are trying to improve the capacity of the ride with 3 train operations. I wonder if Corporate had anything to do with this I know Cedar Fair are fans of good operations. If I had to guess, part of the reason the park went with permanent 2 tr
  4. Ehhh, it's not actually faster. The ride ran at a much higher capacity with dual station operations and 4 trains. But it's cheaper to run the ride with 3 trains and one station (less employees and less trains running at a time) and it also improves downtime because there are less trains launching every hour.
  5. Looks like the Toro crew had quite an hour They must have rolled every single train! 18 rides on that thing in one hour is highly impressive. (The ride can technically only send 36 trains an hour at most.)
  6. When I last rode on May 29th, the MCBR was trimming ever so slightly. I believe it will always trim the train if the ride is running over a certain speed. But if you’re train is running within the “speed limit,” then you’ll most likely just fly through the MCBR without slowing down at all.
  7. I'm going to have to disagree with you, that 3rd train is absolutely not redundant! SV takes nearly 3 minutes to fully cycle around the course. While the crew at the ride is absolutely top notch and capable of loading trains in 60 seconds flat, the length of the ride greatly reduces throughput. I have personally seen the ride run with two trains and I did not see the crew stack a train once! Kudos to the crew! However, the amount of idle time between when a train left the station and when the one behind it pulled in was very long, probably close to a minute in time. And when it came to dispatc
  8. Absolutely. The ride has 6 block sections: station, transfer track, lift hill, mid course brake run, safety brake, waiting brake. The safety brake is the first section of the final brake run that brings the train to a stop. Trains are able to stack here. The waiting brake the is holding area right before the station so the final brake run is definitely capable of holding two trains. (Random fun fact but if Steel Vengeance were built back in the 70s/80s, it may have been built so that trains would stack on the midcourse brake run if dispatches were not fast enough. Gemini, Iron Dragon, and Magn
  9. RMC seems to have made some major updates to Steel Vengeance's Final Brake Run! Hopefully we'll have two train operations back shortly!
  10. The Nitro crew is aiming for 2 million riders for the year so they should be pumping out trains like this all season long!
  11. Does anyone know what time the lottery tickets for Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown days go live tomorrow?
  12. I think the cold temperatures were definitely a factor. I know the ride had actually been running top fast the day before and the park may have tried to counteract the overspeeds with a change in the suspension system on the trains or the wheel setups. I don’t know if the track itself causes as many issues in the cold but I know the type of wheel and grease highly affect performance in colder temps.
  13. Instead of a trip report, here's a vlog I filmed over opening weekend at Kings Dominion! (Warning: If you are looking for good information about Kings Dominion, this is not the video to watch. But if you have a sense of humor and are looking to kill 12 minutes, this is the perfect video for you.) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. Thanks guys!! I live in NJ so the real HangTime is too far away. I had to add it to my bedroom.
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