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Rollercoaster Tycoon World (RCTW) Discussion Thread

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Box art has been released in another blog post. Apparently they've used in-game models for a lot of the rides shown, so I'm assuming we'll see a Zipper and a Rockin' Tug in the game.


I think I'm back in with this, just changing my expectations. Theme Park World was fun, even though it was far from reality.... this looks like it could be the same.


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Here's the blog post itself:


RollerCoaster Tycoon World Production Blog #4


Dear RollerCoaster Tycoons,


This week we will be taking a slight detour in our production blogs to write a short pre-Game Developers Conference marketing update.


First, I would like to thank all of the fans who entered our Valentine’s Day sweepstakes led by our new Community Manager RCTCM. The sweepstakes entries were true to the RCT spirit – both creative and hilarious. It serves to highlight the importance of being able to build what you want, and the incredible things fans have been able to do with custom scenery. Fan creations are one of the very reasons we have had many serious design discussions on how and when to implement custom scenery features, as discussed in our previous blog posts.


But enough about production! As mentioned in our last blog, Atari has been extremely busy getting ready for GDC, so we apologize for not being able to get a post out sooner. However, I am happy to share that we’re going to reveal our second trailer very soon! We wanted to make sure we continued the story that began in the first trailer, while also featuring gameplay footage in a way that only RCT can. We can’t wait to show you!


The second piece of news is with the launch of our trailer we will also be launching our official Steam and Atari.com product pages; once those go live we will share a note about the release date of the game. We know a lot of you have been asking about our release schedule, and we will be addressing that shortly. Our primary focus is and always has been making sure we release the best possible game. We have exacting standards – RCTW must stay true to the franchise, be of AAA quality, and please our most dedicated fans, along with those who have yet to discover the magic of RCT.


I would like to take this time to ask all fans reading this blog that once the Steam page goes live to make sure to add the game to your Steam Wishlist and Follow the game. This is incredibly important to us as it allows us to not only communicate with you all automatically (most news will be posted there as well) but shows us and our partners the strength of the fan base. It takes two seconds for anyone to do and gives us, as well as you, a ton of value.


Lastly, as many of you have noticed, a few of our partners (particularly in retail) have already launched their product pages and in fact have shown a cool new piece of marketing material that I would like to officially share with you all. Below you will find the official reveal of the box cover for RollerCoaster Tycoon World. What’s special about this box cover is that it was designed almost entirely using models and art assets from the game. That means that a lot of what you see there will be available in the final game!


Basically, they are saying, "Oh, this game will be GREAT! It will be just as good as the previous ones, trust us!"

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New trailer, eh? Alrighty, we'll see what they've got. Also, I really like the box art, but they did say "MOST" of what you see will be in the game. Anyway, they have a lot to deliver and not that much time from what it sounds like. I think the game will be released in April.

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Yeahhhhhhh if the new cover art is as much of an indication as they say it is, I'm out. I had hope. Apparently too much hope. If they can't even get a vertical loop to look right...

Are you freaking serious?


None of the box arts from the entire franchise have been completely representative of the final product. I'm not completely defending the game here, but when was the last time that a game's box art looked totally representative, especially in the recent history of video game publishing?

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I would agree. Looks like I am going to skip this one. Quite a lack of texture detail, and I don't get a feeling that you can create a theme park , more like something like Thrillville. Honestly I would rather have the highly detailed, non-3D of Tycoon 2 than deal with this graphic downgrade. Still have Tycoon 3 somewhere, might just go back to that if I need to revisit the game. Pretty interesting use of SFMM's Goliath in the ad.

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This video would only make sense if it was released on April 1st


Things I've noticed:


- No terrain work

- Terrible texturing

- Is that TOGO track? It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen

- The physics are all wonky

- Why are there no banked curves?

- Stick supports

- grid system paths

- Oh boy food stands that look like food

- Why is one of the ploppable mountains going over the path?

- I guess more flexible coaster layouts even if the models and track designs are atrocious

- What the fuck are those mountains with the skulls built in?

- Why does one of the flatrides look like a medieval torture device?


Symbolism I liked:

- the coaster crashing and burning like RCTW is

- the peep symbolizing me who puked at the end


Basically they went through the lists of suggestions we gave them, took a huge dump on them, and then showed us a mobile game.

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Holy crap. This looks like some kind of test demo, not a finished product. Atari keeps on saying that "Oh, this game will be GREAT!", but judging from this, I don't know what to say. Even RCT3 looks better, and that game was released a decade ago! Let's just hope that this is NOT the final product.

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The goliath at sfmm scenes didn't look to bad. The weird looping coaster looked horrible. I still say try out the game and see how it is. RCT3 looked horrible at first, and ended up being pretty fun after the expansion packs.

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The track styles look horrible, the attractions look so cartoonish that it isn't even funny, and the structures in the park look so horrible. If it would've been close to what RCT3 was, I would be interested, but what it looks like they did was take the coasters and pretty much generalize them.


The game had so much potential when RCT2 came out and it pretty much took a nose-dive from then by failing to keep what features they had and learning to implement new ones in along with them. Willing to bet that the way the coasters calculate G-forces will be either non existent or pretty far off compared to what they did on the second or third one.


But until the game comes out and some people to demonstrate that it a little more realism can be accomplished with this game (which I am kind of doubtful), I have more hope on TPS being better.

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^ I'm not even that interested in Theme Park Studio anymore (in fact, I'm still waiting for that full-featured physical copy that I was promised when I pledged), as it's more of a theme park simulator than a game. I'm much more interested in Coaster Park Tycoon and Parkitect now.

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