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  1. They have to remove the top of the lighthouse in order to remove the current stairs. I’m guessing that will be difficult. But the plan right now is to bring it back.
  2. ACE had an excellent tour at the park yesterday. I’ll post a few highlights here of what is going on. -It seems like almost everything that needs paint is getting it. Entire front entrance has been repainted and looks good. At first I thought it was a little too much yellow, but it’s growing on me. The dark blue trims help. Also those chaser lights on Wildcat look really good at night. Also the entry process will be touch less now and security will be moved to the main gate instead of the tunnel. Work on Main Street, will have poles with lights and a new sign. Looks really c
  3. Just when you thought the park was at an all-time low and couldn't get anymore disappointing. The next bit of news would HAVE to be positive. Well, It appears that the Haunted Graveyard is packing up and leaving the park!! Major yikes!! https://hauntedgraveyard.com/?fbclid=IwAR0zoAKLnlN_-ubIKfR4ky-JNz5iLTT9DXhHhPQfGwyASJpjYIFVM3pCvHQ https://www.lakecompounce.com/things-to-do/haunted-graveyard
  4. I wish the park could revert back to 2016 since that was basically the last year everything was right. Since then we have had: The botched Wildcat remodel, the Sky Ride removal, Boulder crash, removal of drink stations, Lights Out/Wipeout closing, and lots of rides being closed/maintenance issues. Its clear that there are maintenance issues that shouldn't be happening. Last year a section of the floor on one of the cars on BD just detached from the train. It was towards the end of the night and they closed it after a bunch of people noticed. Saw Mill Plunge had a log that stopped at the bottom
  5. I went to the park last Friday and everything was a walk on. Picked up the Shredder and Sandy credits since they were both closed on my visit last December. Shredder was awesome and I would highly recommend sitting two on one side facing forward and no one on the other side for the best spins. The car would not stop spinning and seemed to spin faster when it hit the brake run. The layout is really cool and as far as I know the first two sections are unique to this spinner. Some of the other sections are similar to some of the clones. Some of the brakes hit a bit too hard but it is still a blas
  6. I was at the park this weekend for PPP and had a good time. The ERT was great but crowds hit hard after, busiest I have ever seen the park. Still managed to do a lot and got our first night rides on the wooden coasters. I was blown away by how fast Twister was running later one, it was insane. I have never had a ride on it that fast and the ending was insane. Phoenix was running great too and got some awesome night rides. The dispatches were amazing on the coasters too, trains were dispatching when the Twister train was at the start of the helix and when the Phoenix train went into the double
  7. The employees for the most part were doing a good job given the circumstances. I totally agree that Saw Mill and Ghost Hunt are basically un-rideable unless you get lucky with a shorter than usual line. The park does need major work in the maintenance/capacity/dealing with crowds department. Hopefully that can be addressed when things go back to normal. It was basically impossible to get a drink in under 20 minutes and this is a serious problem when the water fountains are off. IMO BD is running fine but does have a few rough spots. The train is not in the best shape either. The blue trai
  8. Lets all chip in and buy it for them. No joke, they have 4 logs running right now. There was also one log that got stuck at the bottom of the drop on three separate occasions and obviously the ride had to be evacuated each time. They finally took the log out from service after, and now are left with a whopping 4 logs.
  9. Visited the park a week and a half ago and had a great time. The new front entrance area looks amazing and I love the interaction with Candymonium. It is an excellent ride with some great air. I did find the second trim to hit a little too hard, but it is still awesome. Skyrush seems to get better and better each time I visit. I wasn't the biggest fan of it back in 2012, but my last few rides have been awesome. Rode Fahrenheit for the second time too, awesome layout and very smooth. For some reason iv'e only been on it twice in three visits. Lightning Racer was running great and is one of the
  10. Regarding the flyers, we were there a week and a half ago and I got a friendly warning about snapping and the guy said it was a safety hazard. I wasn't even trying that hard and wasn't going very crazy at all. Oh well, still a fun ride regardless, but it is hard not to snap their flyers. The ride wasn't even half full so maybe it was because there were less people to worry about and the op watched me. The flyers at Lake Compounce are entirely snap-able, but the cycle is too short. Snapping is mostly encouraged there and some ops will even do a double cycle. Still had a great time regardle
  11. If the plans are happening, Possessed is leaving. They are keeping the mechanical building and modifying pathways around it and adding a path that leads from the road. The plans show them cutting concrete around the paths and even pouring concrete over where the entrance sign is. Seems like a bad decision to me especially with a park with so few coasters.
  12. Ghost Hunt still has the same number of cars as far as I know, usually fluctuates between 4 and 6 throughout the year. They have 7 cars (car 1 got parted out). There are some issues with the cars though. If there is too much weight in the cars, they will occasionally veer off the track and keep going until they hit something then stop. The ride will not shutdown though if this happens and sometimes the operator will not notice, which can lead to trouble. This happened multiple times last year. They implemented a policy to only allow 2 adults per car to prevent this, but ride ops sometimes do n
  13. Just noticed they are doing a weekday rides schedule Monday-Thursday, this likely started today. Basically most of the big rides and the ropes course are open all the time, but all the other rides rotate being open/closed every 30 minutes. Don’t like the sound of this or the direction this place is going.
  14. Nice list! One addition would be Venus Vortex at Lake Compounce. https://www.lakecompounce.com/venusvortex
  15. Checked out the mall last night, very impressed with this place. Arrived a little later than we hoped, but still managed to do everything in the last two hours. Everything was a walk on and didn't have to wait for anything. Shellraiser was awesome, back row is definitly better, but the wind in the front row is great. I thought the first half was ok in the front, but the potholes show a bit on the second half especially at the bottom of the drop. The vertical lift and the hold at the top is a lot of fun. Managed to get 5 rides. Slimestreak was fun, trains are very small though. Restraints
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