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  1. Looks like we will hear information on RCTW "very soon", Pipeworks Facebook and Twitter pages confirmed it. Hopefully that means sometime tomorrow or later this week.
  2. Pipeworks has said RCTW will be a "early 2015 release", we still don't know exactly what that means but we are coming to 2015 pretty fast.
  3. Looks like we will be seeing more RCTW news soon, hopefully by next week: ‏@pipeworks @DasOatmeal Might have something to show soon
  4. This looks like a design for a sit down restaurant, there is an outdoor seating area with chairs, tables, and umbrellas so I would think it would be perfect for a sit down restaurant. I actually like the design of the building, its not a generic looking building and it has some unique features added to it.
  5. Thought u guys would find this interesting, found this on Pipeworks Twitter: Pipeworks Software @pipeworks · Oct 6 @SandroStepic There's stuff planned every month up until launch and then beyond that as well. I am pretty sure that means there will be expansion packs for RCTW, that is friekin awesome if its true!
  6. Yes I am eagerly anticipating some new footage, I want to see the new construction system and what new rides and roller coasters Pipeworks are adding to the game.
  7. Well the articles that I have been reading, you can construct a coaster in "under a minutes time." I think that may be under exaggerating a bit (depending on the size of the coaster). Even in RCT 3, it took at least 3-5 minutes to complete a really good coaster.
  8. So I logged on to Facebook today on my lunch break at work and saw an update from the Official RCT World fan page. The update was that Pipeworks will be releasing more screenshots and a gameplay video very soon, and that achievements will be implemented in the game just like Microsoft does with the xbox consoles. I am looking forward to seeing gameplay of the new construction system, most everything I read says it's really easy to use but I want to see it to believe it.
  9. How about adding a Halloween/Spooky theme to RCT World. Since Pipeworks is adding a Western, Sci-Fi, Americana, and Adventure themes, why not a Spooky theme too.
  10. Add to the fact that NL and NL2 don't offer nearly as much features as the RCT games do. Despite the realism that most people want to see in RCT World (myself included), this still has the potential to be a good game and I'm sure Pipeworks is figuring out ways every single day to make RCT World better than RCT 3.
  11. I can tell you right now that I will be spending ALL my time playing online, I can't begin to imagine how difficult to manage an amusement park w/ 4 different sections assigned to it (with or without financial restrictions)
  12. I just hope that Pipeworks brings back sandbox mode (either online and/or offline), preferably online but the way it sounds like you can share blueprints of your coasters and that it costs money to build them, than there's no online sandbox mode
  13. If you look very closely at the picture with the double decker tea cup ride in it, you will notice what appears to be a turn style to let guests enter the ride. I think the Youtube video I posted a while back references this as well, but I would also like to see realistic and/or custom queue lines.
  14. Yes I would like to see longer lines for roller coasters too, some of the lines for certain roller coasters were too short (depending on how big the queue line is). I would like to see guests fill up the lines (or at least make them longer than usual). I think Pipeworks should "enhance the AI" (make the guests a lot smarter and able to tolerate more extreme rides). Does it make sense to post signs at the beginning of each roller coaster to tell the guest how long it is? Pipeworks could figure out to way to make the signs change automatically depending on how many guests are in the queue. This would notify guests whether they should wait in line or go on another ride until that particular line decreases a bit.
  15. I was thinking about this new addition to RCT World today and wanted to share it with you all...what do you think about the addition of "Fast Passes" to certain rides? Since this game is getting the "Disneyworld" treatment (monorail system, park mascots, foliage, etc.) I thought it would be cool if Pipeworks added this feature. Disneyworld uses this in their parks as well as other amusement parks like Cedar Point, this would be a great addition to RCT World if you asked me!
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