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  1. Okay, whoever is in charge of the marketing for the "Magnificent Rides" collection needs to be fired. Show all the damn rides, and in different angles. 8 second clips is not convincing.
  2. This is looking amazing! It'll be so awesome when it's finished
  3. I had the same exact visit in October last year. I only wanted to try out the new stuff. All three new attractions were awesome. No gripes at all. The new Fright Walk was really great. Can't wait to visit this summer and do all the rides and the new Fright Walk again.
  4. They show the Ferris wheel in that video, but it's not a the park anymore... so are they just going to replace the old one?
  5. I'm wondering what they'll replace the Ferris Wheel with. I'm surprised they got rid of it.
  6. ^ Same. Though this whole re-theme of Paradise Pier is lazy and tacky. I still am interesting in seeing the final result.
  7. Why paint it white? I mean... I thought they would pick a new color being that it's re-themed to Incredibles.
  8. Ever since downloading the Studio Pack dlc, my game keeps crashing after playing it for a short while. :/ I don't know what the problem is.
  9. The Sun Wheel makes a cameo. Personally, I wish they went this route with the Fun Wheel... The could've themed the cars to closet doors and called it "The Wazowski Wheel".
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