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  1. The lifthill cable (isn't it called cabel car?) needs to be exchanged as far as I know and this will take a while. But don't quote me on this. However, this is a recent problem that started a couple of days ago. On your day you just must have been very unlucky. btw. forget checking their Social Media. They don't announce the closure anywhere. The only way to find out about it, is navigating to the ride's subpage on their website. There it simply says: Closed today
  2. Yes and not just for one ride. When I was in Efteling during the week and slept in their hotel, I could get into the park before everyone else. For 15 minutes I had Vogel Rock completely for me alone.
  3. As a German who lives close to the French border I can say: All those bad attitudes are more of a French thing instead of a European one.
  4. Both Taron and Raik will have a single rider entrance and will not be eligible for the 'Quick Pass'. The park confirmed that on Facebook.
  5. Pretty much any busy street is louder than theme park noise. Yet people don't complain about it. But a park? Yeah, complain away...
  6. Well, they also had problems with the lap-bars not opening, which crippled the capacity of the ride. Through the entire season 2015 the ride had seats closed off which also caused the Single Rider Line to be closed.
  7. Especially not after all the trouble they had with the Chiapas opening.
  8. I never puked but I was close a few times. It was always caused by a combination of being extremely tired while ERTing...
  9. Ride the exclusive extra scene of Assassin's Creed: The Dark Ride, for only 5$. Pay 10$ and on-board sound will also be activated.
  10. I wouldn't mind pre-shows during busy days in any way. However, when it's not busy I think this can become very, very annoying. I hope the pre show can be skipped when the ride is a walk-on. I also hope the queue will have shortcuts. Jori's queue is really annoying when the ride is a walk-on.
  11. I was in Efteling last week and the park was really empty. Re-Rides were no problem on any ride, including the darkrides, even if there were a few people waiting. However on Vogelrok we were told to use the queue after 10 rides with literally just us two in the train.
  12. Chiapas has currently enormous problems with the lap bars. They can't even nearly use half the capacity of the ride at the moment due to broken bars. And the number of bars that actually work decreases day to day. In addition the boats have truble letting the water out and one of the switches also has problems. All those problems weren't there in 2014. I would say Intamin has to improve quite a few things there, for the next season. The ride is really awesome and Intamins new flume system really rocks, IF it works.
  13. 2016 will be an interesting year if Coaster Park Tycoon and RCTW end up beeing released close to each other.
  14. Many people who are not enthusiast will not like this game too, I bet. Atari is just milking the RCT franchise which was bought for a cheap price as long as it lasts.
  15. I knew this game will be a cashgrab. Nothing else can be expected from Atari.
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