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  1. The video you refer to is ever so slightly "click baity"! and is made by an enthusiast rather than a qualified engineer. I'm not quite sure whether the purpose is to make people nervous...or actually show some "interesting" stuff about how coasters are built.
  2. Glad you had a good couple of days at the park. Fully agree with you on Wilde Beast now, I am 44 years old and 6ft 2 inches tall..and I find that one breaks my back and teeth all at the same time. I seemed to do better on it in the Paramount days...but it definitely throws around a bit too much for my liking now!! I really REALLY try not to be on of the "RMC every wooden coaster" folk if I can help it....but after riding "Twisted Timbers" this year at KD.....my son and I have muttered those letters afew times at Wonderland when surveying Minebuster and Wildebeast! I don't even know whic
  3. The term "cookie cutter" is used as an insult it seems...but if the cutter is being used to make choc chip cookies...then I am fine with it! The guy who started the misery complained on the Wonderland thread that "Yukon Striker" was cookie cutter!? World's Tallest dive coaster with a vertical loop that drops into a lake through another coaster = cookie cutter. Right! Anyway...Orion looks great (I love Leviathan so I know how good a B and M Giga can be). We look forward to getting out to Kings Island in the near future (might tie it in with "The flying pig!"). Will look forward to con
  4. In that case, I apologise to you. You caught me in the middle of a cycle of night shifts (when I am a grumpy sod anyway!) and I misread the tone of your report...and that is on me. I realised after two responses (including yours) that I should have read it a bit more carefully...probably when I was more awake! It would have saved me a snarky response...when there should have been none. The only downside of social media sometimes is that it can be difficult to get the "tone" of a post or the like if you aren't fully concentrating or miss the sarcasm/humour in it. I did this time....and for tha
  5. I suggested it. You are welcome. Not often that you hear people complaining that it only took half an hour to get through US customs. I wonder how it could have been so short? Nothing to do with arriving early! Just be aware that US preborder clearance at YYZ is notorious for long lines and delay (US customs is known for that worldwide) so my suggestion was based on what Toronto Pearson itself recommends, what my colleagues who work at the airport recommend and what I have experienced myself travelling out of YYZ (it is my home airport and I work there so I have "some" idea). Saying I c
  6. Will be interested to hear if the park is busy today. The estimates for downtown at present are around 2 million!!!....and they ain't going anywhere soon.
  7. Just my two cents on this, as I am Raptors fan and a coaster fan. Couple of things work in your favour. The parade time is going start at 10am on the Lakeshore and finish downtown at Nathan Phillips square. The "festivities" are expected to last until around 3pm. So a 10 till 3 window covers the morning at the park. Also, while the downtown tourist attractions might see a bump in attendance on Monday....that is because they are easily reached from the area. Canada's Wonderland is not. You can't just hop in your car from the downtown and drive there within 20 mins (and certainly not at 3p
  8. So yes there is going to be a parade on Monday, and plus the schools are still "in" right now. Those optics alone probably mean that Monday would be a pretty good day to visit CW. The city has been pretty caught up in Raptor fever the last two months, and a championship parade "may" be a once in a lifetime for people. Good weather plus the age dynamic will draw a lot of people to the downtown (ask yourself who is most likely to be visiting CW during the day on a Monday?....not the 9-5 work crowd, not the "in school" crowd and not the raptors fanbase who will be taking the day off work/school
  9. Enjoyed your Niagara report. The funicular down to the boat is new for this season. Was it busy? Do you have to get tickets for Hornblower before going down or can you now get them at the bottom?
  10. Great to read another trip report. Looks like fun so far. You have a very understanding spouse! I made mine get up at 3am for a flight once and it wasn't pretty!! And we are both shift workers!
  11. Love the Galveston report, We cruised out of there last xmas (Disney) and thought it was great. Weather was s*** when we were there and it actually snowed in Houston (which made front page news...understandably!!) which didn't impress the Canadian and the Scot that much! I feel the same as you with the Boardwalk Bullet. I got off wondering if I really should have enjoyed it as much as I did (it never seems to get many comments on this forum). I am hoping you stopped at "Buc-ees" on your travels in Texas. We wish they would bring that place up to Toronto (and the UK). When they s
  12. Nice report...although the blue sky in the pictures looks a bit odd! Are you sure you were in Toronto? We liked Yukon Striker for the reasons you mentioned also, and I definitely felt they gave you a fair bit of hang time at the top....it seemed to be a long 1 2 3 DROP!! when we went on it. Nice to see afew people coming to visit CW this season. I've always been consistent in the CW thread in that I think Cedar Fair has done an excellent job of investing in the park, and have made it more of a "revisit" park with some solid rides. Glad you had a good day
  13. I am glad that I know you are associated with "CoasterBill" as when I read "CoasterBrit" I think...British person who likes coasters.....hey that is me!!!....ermmm no...you are better at this stuff than I am! Great to finally read you. Glad you went to CW on a rainy day.....true loyalty! I was in Ottawa the day you were here and it p****ed down so I can imagine how wet it was in Toronto!! Looking forward to reading the rest of the report and glad the Wonder Mountain's Guardian was met with satisfaction....I don't know if people think it is a bad ride or shall we just say they have rath
  14. Prozach...just as an estimate, we fly down to DC for our Virginia trip tomorrow (Kings Dominion and BGW), I am just checking in with Air Canada now and their check in page is "suggesting" 3 hours in advance for an 830am flight. "Professionally" I would agree with them on that one. If you want to PM me when you get a return flight time I will have a good look a what is scheduled around the same time you leave. For example it is ALWAYS busy first thing as all the flights to the East Coast and Florida are departing. I'll check in on TPR over the next few days.
  15. I wouldn't go with 4......3 should be OK. It really does depend on the time of your flight. They are desperately trying to improve the US customs times at YYZ, and there is more of a lean for people getting "NEXUS". However....in doing pre border clearance in Canada..they are just moving the wait time you would spend at a US airport...to a Canadian one....so the 3-4 hours includes your check in/baggage, security and THEN US Customs. If you didn't have to do all 3..it wouldn't take quite so much time. The logic is sound though as when you arrive back in the US, you land as a "domestic"
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