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Rides You Can't Ride?

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I can't think of a single ride that I "can't" ride any longer. I can, however, think of several that I "won't" ride. I've been to enough parks and ridden enough rollercoasters that I know which designers and coasters just suck. Those - I do not ride.


I have never had a flat / spinning ride make me ill and I hope I never do

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Huh. After looking over the comments, I guess I have a death wish.


Granted, I'm only 20, so I shouldn't even be having significant problems with rides. I've actually made it a tradition of mine to immediately go on the spinniest ride in the park after I eat a big meal just to see if I can conjure up a puke-nado.



mmmm the craziness of youth. I did the same, which resulted in me discovering I have an iron stomach.

We also used to drink tons of water and ride the Gravitron, erm this thing http://rct.wikia.com/wiki/Top_Spin to feel the water sloosh inside our body. Yeah, not sure what was wrong with us!



I will second the above comment, the only rides I don't do are ones I refuse to....have done enough Vekoma boomerangs, SLC's, arrow loopers for my life, and I'll miss a new cred for pleasure.

Generally : P

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Bert, you should definitely try a Disk'O. The ride does not seem to spin nearly as fast as it looks, it's really a lot of fun.


you know what's funny?. . we were going to ride it in Kennywood, and then chickened out.


so we said: next time we see it! . . . and it didn't show up again at any of the other parks we went to!



we always skip it in Vegas too. . .

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There is very little that I won't ride, at least just one time to try it out (if it's something I've never done before), these days. However, there are rides that I've ridden before that I have no desire to ever set foot on again and I will always pass. Some of these include centrifuge-type rides like the graviton, rotor and round-up. I used to like those as a kid (Oh cool - I'm stuck to the wall!!!) just for the novelty of it, but now not only are they likely to trigger an upset stomach, I just don't find them fun. Also no fan of tea-cup type rides (but I loved the ones at Disney when I was a kid - I remember trying to inflict some serious vertigo on my mom and her friend when we rode those) and in general anything that just has lots of centrifugal spinning and little or nothing else. Other flats I'm not fond of (and often won't ride) are those that just hang riders upside down for a period of time; the kind where you can feel your blood rush to your head. I just don't find that fun.

The only other rides in the non-coaster realm I avoid are most kinds of drop towers. I used to ride them in the past, when I was just getting into coasters, but these days I usually avoid all except the S&S "double shot" kind, or ones that do more than just drop you. I don't find them painful or nausea-inducing, but I just find the sensation uncomfortable.


As for coasters, there really aren't any (at least of those I haven't ridden before) I won't ride. Of those I have already ridden, there are a few I won't ride, simply because they are rough and painful or just not fun. I am always suspicious of woodies I've never ridden before, and I ride in either the front or 2nd to front seat to minimize roughness.

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Vekoma Boomerangs. I've ridden one - SFNE Flashback - and while it wasn't rough it just made me sick. Funny, because on the way forward I was fine, but the way backward was hell. So I am not getting on another Boomerang for a long while.


Barely any headbanging though. Go figure.


As for flats, these things might as well be the Devil's electric whisk.

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I was lucky(?) enough to ride the Son of Beast in it's full glory, twice. I agree with practically everyone - it hurt too much to ride! But it really rubs me the wrong way when coasters are "tamed." For one thing, removing the loop was ridiculous; the loop was the the least harmful section. It was a breeze to fly right through it. Then, watching the video of them demolishing it kind of broke my heart. I had high hopes for this thing. I could have "steeled" myself into riding it again the next season by knowing what to expect (and maybe wearing shoulder pads). But in the end, this beautiful coaster left too many bruises and aches and pains to account for it's beautiful, giant wooden presence. I hope that the RCCA, Premiere Rides and Werner Stengel learned a lesson from this failure and deliver a wooden just as big and exciting with more shock absorbent properties.

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^^ Yep. We've gotten one of those, at our current annual fair, The PNE.


Won't - go - near - the thing. I just can't take the speed of those things,

let alone the fact I rode an OMGwhatthe'f'amidoingonthis? flat in the

China 2012 TPR Tour. Terrified me. And started to get me ill.


I was an idiot and should've know better about riding that "flat" (ha).

But when you're in a TPR Tour Group, you tend to do things you

wouldn't be caught dead doing, on your own, LOL.

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There is one Type of Coasters I can't ride but not because of problems with my body! The reason is, I rode Tatsu (SFMM) last summer and it was my first and last ride on a Flying coaster because just after the first inversion I felt sick and when the ride was finished, well ya, my breakfast left my body over the upper exit! So I will never go on any flying coasters in my life!

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Flying coasters make me sick. Boomerangs make me more sick. Flying Dutchmen make me 'my day is ruined' sick.


I have never puked, but they just make me feel miserable. I could ride all of those before my mid 20's.


The best remedy for roller coaster sickness that I've found is making sure you've had plenty to eat. The healthier food, the better. Water, not soda.

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I always enjoyed them from time to time, then one time I came off of one with a massive headache. Thought it was just "one of those things" and then rode another, in another park. Same thing happened.


And I never rode them again*.




*There were a few TPR Tours, where I did indeed ride an Enterprise or two. Still got a headache, but ever so slight. Still, I haven't ridden them again in several years now.

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For rides I can't ride, that's pretty much any kiddie ride where I wouldn't fit or the rules prohibit me from riding.


For rides I don't ride, those are flat rides that fall under one of three categories:


-Rides that rotate on skewed axes (such as a Wipeout)

-Rides that rotate backward (such as most Himalayas)

-Rides that suspend riders upside down for prolonged periods (such as swinging inverters)


There are exceptions to these three rules, but in general I don't ride these types of rides because I don't like getting super dizzy and having to sit on a bench for a bit before doing anything else, plus I'm not particularly crazy about hangtime. I'll ride pretty much any track based ride except for some water rides on cooler days.

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For me its Vortex at KI. I regret every time I decide to give the ride a chance. After the first drop its nothing but bracing myself for the god awful transitions throughout the remainder of the ride. I'm pretty sure I'll never ride it again!

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- After two rides on SFNE's Mind Eraser, I've sworn off Vekoma SLC's (at least the standard version).


- I'm done with Goliath until they do something about those Premier trains.


- I used to be able to marathon wave swingers as a kid, but now they make me nauseous. I'm really hoping NESS won't produce this effect.


- I can't do teacups. Too much rotation on too many axes.


- I nearly vomited after riding Rev-O-Lution (a Zamperla Disk'O) at Lake Compounce. But I'm fine on Tomahawk. Must be the inward-facing seats.


Wipeouts/Trabants are iffy. I like the one at Lake Compounce, but hate Joker's Wildcard at SFNE. LC's was running a more airtime-heavy program, so perhaps the vertical motion somehow helped cancel out the nausea from spinning. I got queasy at Quassy after riding theirs.

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For some reason when I rode Alpengeist 2 years ago it pretty much killed me and made me more nauseous than any other ride had ever made me feel. The whole entire time mhy head was smashing into the restraints. It was worse than my local slc(mind eraser at SFA)but I dont think the roughness had anything to do with my age considering I was only 10

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