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Rides You Can't Ride?

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I tried to ride "Electro Spin" at SDC. (A Zamperla DISK’O ride.) I seriously barely made it off the ride. Apparently I can not do rides that spin you around in a small circle while swinging you back and forth any more. I have never been on a ride that made me so nauseous in my life.

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I don't think I have found a ride that I simply will not ride anymore out of my body not being able to handle it.


I do have rides that I limit my time on because they are just unpleasant. I will ride them if everyone else in my group wants to ride them, but they are nothing that I would be upset over if I missed them.


Millennium Force - I don't have any problem with it, I just feel there are better coasters at Cedar Point than this one. I would much rather ride Magnum.

Top Thrill Dragster - Same as Millennium Forceless.

Mean Streak - I will not ride it until I hear that it has properly been fixed.

Vortex at KI - Just not enjoyable anymore. Once again, I will ride if everyone else wants to, but other than that, eh.

Vekoma SLC's - They are a one and done for each one just for the credit.

Firehawk at KI - Have you seen that wait though?



That is pretty much it. Other than that, I am down for anything. Usually the more intense, flippy, spinny, the better.


I am a marathoner as well. I mean, I've ridden Diamondback 45 times in one day. I also marathon Beast, Voyage, Banshee (when I am able).


I will ONLY ride Voyage in the front row, but I will ride it over and over, I just love that coaster.

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