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  1. Highland Fling is having the same issues that it has had for years and is not at risk for removal. Tidal Wave is certainly a more likely candidate as its age is beginning to catch up with it and popularity seems to be rather low. Loved Higland Fling as a kid and my oldest loves it as well, I even liked it into my 30s. Now it is just to much for to long. So sad.
  2. Could be. The forecast is not good for tomorrow either so I am thinking of heading down to KI instead and save my first CP trip for next week.
  3. I have not posted in a long time but recently caught up on the past year or so of posts. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (just not in that order) The Bad We had moved back home to STL a few years ago and was really enjoying bring my sons to SFSTL as my parents staring bringing me in 72. We spent most of our time at the water park as my youngest just didn't like the thrills, but my oldest and I had great times getting sick riding all 9 coasters in 1 day a few times. Lol Bought 4 Season Passes and 3 meal plans on sale Labor Day 2014 and then in November my wife lost her job. Unfortunatly she is in a very specialized industry so it meant we would have to move. The Ugly, All those passes went unused in 2015 as we moved in June to a city with no SF and no amusement park at all. It has a water park but it is just so, so. Never got a chance to check out JL. So sad. The Good, We landed in Columbus, Ohio Baby! 1 1/2 hours from KI and 2 1/4 from CP! Just bought 3 Cedar Fair Platinum Passes and 2 meal plans! Went to KI for 1/2 day last week and wil likely go back in the morning. (Weather looks iffy up north). My youngest is finally into coasters and rode The Bat, The Beast, Diamnondback, Stunt Coaster and Banshee on his first trip! These passes cost a lot of coin so probably will not be able to make it back to good ole SFSTL for awhile but have hopefully in the next couple of years. The Really Bad Ugly Well with all the turmoil and spending six months as a single Dad eating crap food with my boys I really let myself go and am now to fat to ride any of the good stuff. I am on the way back down but there is no hope for this season, but nothing like standing there watching your kids get on awesome coasters for motivation on sticking to the diet plan. HWFan, Prozach, TNT, HarleyJB and all the rest of you regulars are great guys and make sure you let me know if you make it to Ohio and maybe we can meet up and have a beer. Well a Diet Coke for me. .
  4. This is how I fantasize my first arrival at CP. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. I must be missing something here. Are you suggesting one side launch forward and the other side launch backwards? There is only one train if I recall correctly. Wouldn't they need to turn it around each time? How are a they supposed to do that? A turntable like Thomas the Tank Engine? Think that might cut into capacity at all? Woah woah slow down... dual loading station. Platform moves to load one side while the other operates. Cool, I understand now. That makes perfect sense. So in order to achieve this a redesign of the launch system/trains would be necessary. Regarding the crowds, I have gone on a couple of bring a friend days last year and while the park was definitely busy it was not a major problem. I suspect the overcrowding was more due to pent up demand with all the rain recently. "Jesus Concert" days I definitely find a problem not due to the number of people but just the large packs of kids traveling in groups of 15 or more. Of course they all want to walk side by side instead of two abreast. WWJD?
  6. I must be missing something here. Are you suggesting one side launch forward and the other side launch backwards? There is only one train if I recall correctly. Wouldn't they need to turn it around each time? How are a they supposed to do that? A turntable like Thomas the Tank Engine? Think that might cut into capacity at all?
  7. Not unless they have a YouTube channel. I don't think my kids even know how to bring up the guide on cable anymore.
  8. The Hannibarrels worked. The old pickup bed my neighbors decided would make a nice planter in their front yard did not. Nor do the wagon wheels and old plows as decoration work. I know to each his own but planting flowers in old crap is just Whisky Tango.
  9. I am sure that would go over well with the locals in Eureka but NO just NO, dont do it. The last thing this park needs is to be trashed up with old junk planters.
  10. Not sure this is what you had in mind....but iirc you are a lawman, Back late 70s Bi-State ran busses from the city out to the park so one summer a friend and I headed out together. We were maybe 12 and a bit devious. One of us got the bright idea to get cups of ice and take to the skyway and attempt some bombing runs on the GP below. We flew a couple of unsuccessful missions and then when we got to the end one time we were pulled aside and had a chat with a couple of officers. They chewed our asses up and down for a few minutes and then let us go and said they would be watching us but to go have some fun. They probably should have made our parents come pick us up. I have a 12 year old now and if he ever tried anything like that there would be holy hell to pay. It was a relatively slow day so after that we kept getting on Toms Twister and sticking one leg up as it started to spin, once the force was strong enough we would scoot around until we were upside down. I can believe the ride ops let us do it. Different times I guess.
  11. Hey Mr. Caps Lock, no one ever said anything about off duty officers carrying weapons into SFSTL or any other amusement park, but thanks for pointing out the obvious. You can relax, now. I never said anyone did. I was just putting it out there. Things get misinterpreted so easily on here very easily and I was just clarifying that after you said how easy it is is to get in places with your weapon that have checkpoints... thats all. Understood. You went a little crazy on the caps, so it made you sound like you were upset or something. Either way, thanks for the information and sorry about the misunderstanding. I'm sure there have been more than a few badged fools who thought riding a roller coaster and carrying pistol was perfectly fine. You would be surprised, well maybe not you particularly, of how many of them think they can do whatever they and then act like they are God and think Security must bow down to them. Lets just put it this way, "rumor" has it one lost his job for some antics he pulled at metal detection while coming as a guest with his weapon.... yes he had some other issues his department was dealing with with him already, but it was the fiasco he started at metal detection that was the final straw for him which lost him his commission What about the Phone Cops? Surely they are exempt.
  12. I concur with Steve and in addition there is a major problem with the process. How is it that getting through security is a breeze (including bag checks) but getting scanned in is such a bottleneck? It just doesn't make sense to me. Certainly the scanning equipment/software is flawed but as nice and friendly as the attendants are they just seem as slow as the Post Office. Doesn't make for a good first impression.
  13. Woodie, I doubt that is a real problem because you never know when they are going to do that, I would certainly never try to roll the dice like that. I think it is a great solution because getting into the park on busy days has always been an major problem. They are not selling you stuff and making money if you are standing in line outside the park trying to get in.
  14. How about a freakin Coke Freestyle in HH where people are actually freakin thirsty! Dynamite is the only thing that will fix the queue at Batman. Haven't been to FF this year. To freakin busy. Maybe Saturday. Hey, some of that gum is probably mine from when I was 9! That should qualify as a historical landmark. I have a second generation that needs to place their mark! Maybe "Joe the Walmart Greeter" isn't the best choice to run those new fangled thingies.
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