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Announcing "Skyline Attractions"

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Skyline Attractions has produced a full reveal / marketing video for the new SkyWarp attraction, just in time for the opening of the IAAPA Attractions Expo this year. Check it out!



Excerpt from the press blast:


"Skywarp has everything that operators of all sizes desire: Big impact, big thrills, big visibility, and big capacity with a small footprint and a small price," the Skyline team boasted. The ride is 62 feet tall with a track length of 360 feet and fits on a site just 30 feet wide and 120 feet long. It seats 32 riders per cycle and thrills 800 per hour.


Skywarp can be installed on a customer's foundation or supplied with a base frame for semi-permanent installation. While drive tires will be the standard propulsion method, linear synchronous motors from a proven industry expert are an optional substitute to further streamline the system. Both methods will gradually rock the train back and forth until reaching full speed, reducing power consumption and minimizing required infrastructure improvements.


More here: http://www.skylineattractions.com/?p=press&i=20161114-affordable-and-thrilling-roller-coaster-offers-visibility-and-capacity-with-a-small-footprint

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Definitely a cool concept and I like the straying away from the Superloops. Should be a great fit for smaller parks and establishments, I just hope we don't see these popping up at every six flags park


You know where I think Six Flags might put this?


Magic Mountain.


Think about it. They don't have a super-loop, and if it turns out that these rides count as credits, as I asked about earlier (but everyone apparently seems to be ignoring me (as usual ), then I don't see a reason as to why they shouldn't market this as their 20th coaster.


... Although, if they really wanted to make their 20th coaster, they'd want to make it good, no?

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It's not a credit but if you think "Is it a credit?" is a question that plays into their decision making or their ability to market it as a coaster then you're delusional. Anyway, I don't know if Six Flags would have much interest in this. I can't get into their heads but it looks to have 2 loading areas for increased capacity and while that's nice, Six Flags would probably be much happier with a Larson Loop that doesn't require additional staffing like this ride does to run 2 load platforms.

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I wouldn't count this as a "coaster credit" because we don't count Disk'O coasters as "credits" either. Pretty much every vertical attraction is powered by gravity at some point.


That being said, I could see many smaller and coastal parks getting one of these in their current form. Though, wasn't their original pitch something much larger? A double-sized one of these could be really interesting in a larger park or in transportable form at a European fair.

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Perfect candidate, Fun Spot Orlando!


That's was what I was thinking. I could really see this fitting in well a Fun Spot Orlando. . . Or Coney Island/Luna Park.


Nah, Coney Island is owned by Zamperla. The only non-Zamperla rides there are the historical ones like the wonder wheel, cyclone, etc.

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Wow. I didn't think you could really improve on something like a Super Loop, but this certainly looks like an improvement and a lot of fun. Hopefully some of these will head over to America soon.














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As fun as this rides looks,lets hope big parks dont pull a Larson Loop/Disk'o thing on this ride....im sorry but advertising those rides as coasters is such out and out.....tacky...and i admit this even though the Larson Loop is one of my favorite basic carnival rides! This ride would be so EPIC for a local carnival or county fair!! Id be thrilled to see this at a near by fair! However i dont think I could handle the amount of cringe if and when, the big boy parks parade this around as their "omg hot new coaster added to our great coaster line-up!!!", all while showing that infamous fancy commercial with Over Enthusiastic Man talking about like its the next coming of jesus! Complete with making the ride look 10 times taller then it really is.....cant forget that part!

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Skywarp looks like a fun and amazing new ride concept! The Immelmann gives it a nice touch! Hopefully it'll show up at quite a few parks in the future! Does anyone know if it will/can switch directions throughout the ride duration?

Think the origional post said it rocks back and forth before completing the.circuit (like a super loop). Guessing that means it can go backwards in the same manner as a super loop as well.


Seems like a really neat looking ride overall, a sort of cross between the larger premier shuttle-coasters and the smaller super loops.



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I probably wouldn't be very interested in riding it, but it does look like a good alternative to Larson's Super Loop.


I hope that every installation of this is marketed as a roller coaster, just because of how much it irritates people.

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I agree it would make a great fit at SFMM (or Knott's), or enclosed at USH. All parks need unique flat rides, and this kind of attraction blurs the lines between coaster and flat. Would make a great neighbor to Full Throttle at SFMM. And at 800 pph, line would move faster than FT.

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Well, this looks like a crazy thing. The low height requirement makes me think it'd be a prime candidate for Canobie Lake Park's next new ride. Hell, they could put it in the Canobie Corkscrew's spot and still have a good amount of space left over for other rides.


Though, I'd like to see that particular ride replaced by an actual credit...

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