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  1. WOW, all I can say is WOW! As much as I am going to miss Wishes, as well as everyone else, I can't wait to see what's in store for us in May. The soundtrack sounds absolutely amazing, and it seems they will be going all out with visuals on the castle and lighting as a whole. Disney has never really disappointed me, so I am super excited for this!!!
  2. That would be moderately terrifying, though I would probably ride all of them.
  3. So could that be a donkey kong type ride maybe? Mine Cart Madness!!!! I was actually hoping for a multi-launch RMC called DK's Barrel Blast, though the odd's of that happening are slim to none.
  4. That is so awesome, I love it!!! Word. The world's cleanest log flume.
  5. Fury 325 is easily the most amazing steel coaster out there. Can't wait to hear what you think. Well, I'm going in with an open mind, but every other B&M that someone has told me "this is the most amazing coaster..." I ended up feeling like it was grossly overrated and wasn't my thing. But who knows, maybe after 12 other B&M hyper/gigas that haven't really done much for me, maybe this will be the one? For the record, Nitro is my favorite of all the B&M hypers, and if I did any sort of ranking, I would still give it a solid "B" in comparison to all the other coaster I've ridden. I always try to have an open mind when it comes to any ride. Even if everyone on the planet hates it, I want to see first hand for myself. I completely agree with your opinions on B&M hypers. I personally don't find them to be all that exciting either. I appreciate them and all, and they are solid rides for the most part, but just not my cup of tea. I feel like Fury is very different though. It has its own unique design instead of just the hill after hill concept. The last hyper that was this unique was Raging Bull, but that thing rarely makes people's top coasters list. My favorite of them right now is Goliath at La Ronde, and it isn't on my top coasters list by a long shot.
  6. Have you been on Intimidator 305? Sounds like that coaster might be right up your alley. Personally, that one's a bit too savage to place higher in my rankings, but it's still very, very good all things considered. No i haven't but i soooo want to ride that coaster one day...that and Fury325. Both are top on my "what i want to ride" list The only version of I305 that I've ridden was with the trims on the first drop. Even though the ride never broke 80, it still kicked lots of behind. However, after widening the first turn, removing the trims on the first drop, and as of only a few short months ago, removing some of the trims on the last cammelback (which I hear has ejector airtime now), I hear it's running the best it ever has. That is why it is now back on my top 5 most sought after coasters to ride list. Now that it's back to doing 90+mph and running full force, I can't wait to give it another spin. Regarding Fury, there is no question that thing looks fantastic.
  7. Correct. But for whatever reason, and I honestly cannot explain it, I just like Millennium Force WAAAAAAAAY more than any B&M hyper. I find myself mostly bored on B&M hypers, but for some reason on MF, I throw my hands up in the air and I just have a kickass amazing time all the way around. I don't know what it is about that ride that I love so much, keeping in mind it is probably close to being my least favorite of the Intamin "non inverting coasters that go really really fast or have lots of airtime" (I can't say hyper or giga because I even include mega-lites in my description) but I most certainly like it better than all of the B&M hypers I've been on so far. While I have not yet been to Cedar Point, I plan to ride each coaster there with an open mind. I have a bunch of friends who have ridden Millennium Force, and I have heard mixed opinions left and right. I am looking forward to it, as it is a world renowned and highly praised ride. Not sure what I will think of it honestly, since I went on Bizarro at SFNE with very high expectations due to it's popularity, and was not blown away. Both rank as two of the best steel coasters in the world. Maverick and Dragster are my most sought out CP coasters to ride, as well as Mean Streak once it reopens. In regards to B&M hypers, while I am not a huge fan, I still greatly appreciate them and have my few exceptions. Fury 325 is easily one of my most sought after coasters to get on. It looks incredible beyond words.
  8. As of right now, I'm going to say Splash Mountain at WDW. However, if you're going by what gets you drenched the most, then Tidal Force at Hershey would take the cake, but I don't think that's considered a log flume. Also, while I don't think it's really a traditional log flume by any means, Pompeii is probably my runner up when it comes to this category of ride.
  9. Thought I would mention something in regards to Volcano Bay (which looks like it might be the best water park ever built). Did anyone take note of the Ko'okiri Body Plunge slide. Universal hasn't really announced this, but it's pretty clear that this will be the tallest water slide in the United States. Maybe I'm crazy, but after Verruckt permanently closed, there aren't any slides that are taller. Universal states that it will be a 125 ft plunge straight down from the top of the Volcano. With Deep Water Dive at Kentucky Kingdom at 121 ft and Summit Plummet at 120, this thing will hold the record. Not to mention that you will start in a drop capsule. This thing will be insane. With this and all of the other fantastic looking slides, river rides, pools, complimentary fast pass (TapuTapu), and the fact that Universal created a whole story and theme for the entire park, I am honestly looking forward to Volcano Bay more than anything else in the amusement/theme park industry for 2017. It's genius and the whole concept is brilliant. I feel it will be right up there with both Aquaventure Parks at the Atlantis Resorts, Yas Waterworld, and Siam Park as one of the best themed water parks out there. Anyone else as syked as me?
  10. As of right now, the Orange Team of Mission Space at Epcot easily takes the cake for my favorite motion simulator attraction. Disney's most intense creation ever made IMO. Nothing compares to the feeling and illusion of vertically accelerating out of the building, and then going weightless moments later. You literally feel like you're taking off in a shuttle. This thing delivers in spades, and is easily one of the most intense rides I have ever been on. If not, THE MOST. This includes coasters. I can never get enough of it. If you can handle the g forces it sustains and are ok with tight spaces, then it's a must ride. While the ride is a centrifuge, it doesn't feel like your spinning at all, just accelerating. Closest thing to the real deal as far as I'm concerned. Easily tied with Tower of Terror as my favorite WDW attraction. BTW, not to mention, the Green Team is still sooo good. Even without the spinning, it's still better than all of the simulators I've ridden so far. For making a less intense version of a ride, Disney still aced it. Also, does anyone know how fast Mission Space spins compared to a standard graviton attraction? I'm assuming it's a bit faster.
  11. Figured I'd make this thread since I haven't seen it on TPR yet. What is your favorite motion simulator style attraction and why?
  12. Six Flags Great Adventure *This list is subject to change at anytime based on how I feel, but as of right now it goes like this:* 1. El Toro 2. Kingda Ka 3&4. Batman The Ride/The Joker (Tie) 5. Nitro 6. Bizarro 7. Superman Ultimate Flight 8. Skull Mountain 9&10. Runaway Mine Train/Dark Knight Coaster (Tie) 11. Green Lantern 12. Harley Quin's Crazy Train *(I have not yet ridden Road Runner Railway. That's my last credit to get)*
  13. I might be visiting Great Adventure sometime next week. Does anyone know if they are still running Batman backwards, or is it back to normal now. I was there for Fright Fest when they were running it backwards and was just curious if this was to be continued for Holiday in the Park.
  14. I enjoyed Batman both forwards and backwards, as it delivers a unique experience each way. Both were forceful and felt how a good old school B&M should.
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