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  1. I was looking through Vekoma's website the other day when I stumbled upon an interesting article in their news feed. Of course I was on the website because I am a nerd of some sorts. But the headline stated:New Train Designs 4-Abreast Sit-Down and Suspended Trains. As I researched a little further, it turns out that the design uses the same restraints as their new suspended junior coasters. It seems as if they've learned something from B&M because they plan for it to be a 32 passenger train which is typical for a B&M, and the track design too. I like the new direction vekoma
  2. I would agree with what people say about wild beast...it's painful. Another thing to note, even on the busiest of days the most you will have to wait for a ride is an hour or two(mostly behemoth or something like time warp). Along with that, an interesting thing is that almost every major coaster has no switchbacks or very few. Like skyrider, minebuster, backlot stunt coaster, time warp, and dragon fire all have very short queues.
  3. Great TR what company makes that rapids ride I've always thought it was made by shwarzkopf for some reason.... How smooth is firewhip anyway knowing that SlC's are more like Fight club:the ride.
  4. I absolutely love this thread, and especially your segment on Kennywood. I just love that park and I was only there for the afternoon to take it all in. The Jackrabbit is such an awesome ride and boy does that double dip get you! It almost scared the pants off me. On another note...Ben Folds rocks I saw him in concert with the Philly orchestra, all I could say was wow just imagine any of your favorite songs by him but with the full harmony of an orchestra and brass section. Is he touring with Regina Specktor because of his new single You Don't Know Me?
  5. The idea popped into my mind a couple days ago, and so, after extensive searching I have yet to find The motion simulator discussion thread! The point is lets talk about motion simulators, how they work, different kinds, old ones (dutch wonderland's simulator for starters, if its even still there). My personal favorite is Mission to mars with Gary Sinsie! It takes motion simulation to the max by making a human centrifuge. Alas, I would like to know what the people think. First major post hopefully its a good one!
  6. My brother Showed me this trailer and I nearly cried from laughing so hard, I am amazed movies like this can be produced its just so....so hilariously retarded and I love it http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi3465806105 SURF NAZIS MUST DIEE!
  7. I wouldn't be suprised if Mytle Beach would buy the park, then again I have a feeling even THEY wouldn't bother I agree EPIC FAIL are the words of choice It's a lesson that could easily fall into economics: like a restaurant building that routinely switches restaurant chains would be a bad choice for a new location. Same thing for any other venue like two entertainment venues fail why not build an amusement park on them? yea that sounds like a good idea oo maybe we shuld spend millions of dollars in an economic crisis too yea great idea!
  8. Great pictures of Hershey, Busch Gardens(or Inbev?) and Kings Dominion. I have two questions about Busch Gardens though:How does the skyride work with only one side and is it just me or is alpengeist missing its front row if you look at the train.
  9. Great TR! I'm so excited to go to Chicago on the North of the border thrillcoaster tour. Such a beautiful city.
  10. This is my first post. Besides the point European fairs just completely trash any American one like others said. Even though it's far fetched my life goal is to become an engineer and design sick and twisted thrill rides like these.
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