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TPR New Front Page In Development!

Which version of the new TPR Front Page do you like better?  

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  1. 1. Which version of the new TPR Front Page do you like better?

    • Option 1
    • Option 2

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I voted for option1. I do like the bigger photo in option 2 but the twitter feed is great. I also really like the login and register buttons at the bottom, to me it seems a lot more user friendly.

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Option 1: I also like having the Twitter feed right there at first glance. It's one more way to get a quick look at something interesting happening right now on the boards, or some other little bit of fun content that isn't yet on the boards.


Overall, though, both layouts look great! They are cleaner, more contemporary graphically, and they both still "feel like TPR."

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I like Option 1 myself. The video/slide at the top of Option 2 seems a bit big and takes up a lot more room on my monitor than Option 1. I also think the Twitter feed is a nice touch on Option 1, even though I never use Twitter. Although, that's definitely a plus of having it up there, cause I would never see what you post on there otherwise.


I'm not sure how much feedback you're looking for from a design standpoint, or if you'd be up for any design changes at all, but I really think getting rid of the boxes and lines would be a great way to give the site a more modern, updated look. here's a screen cap that I touched up in Photoshop real quick just to see the difference. I also darkened up the scroll bars a bit. When I look at the site as it is, my eyes tend to be drawn to the scroll bars because of the contrast between them and the background.


With that said, I'm fine either way and no matter what you decide. I'd visit the site no matter what it looked like just because of the people and content.


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Without going through the thread and seeing everyone else's comments...


I picked #1. It would be nicer, in my opinion, if the "tweets" were "latest forum posts in parks/coasters/donkeys". When I come to TPR's front page, I'm looking to see what's new, and that is mostly in forums. I already follow you on FB and Twitter, so those links in twitter would have taken me directly to the content you were promoting anyway. Almost all of your social media audience has already seen it.


I'm going through the same exact issue at my day job with the newspaper and the twitter thing. Our most clicked module is "Latest comments", and almost nobody clicks the twitter feed.


To please management, we accomplished both in a tabbed situation, but comments are default, and everyone uses them. (example below...)


tabs on top, people can switch between the two, but nobody actually does...

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I personally prefer option 2. I'm not a huge fan of the twitter bar, partly because I don't use the site and partly because it just seems like it distracts from the image, plus it seems like the information there would be somewhat redundant for those that follow the twitter feed. Option 2 has a much more attractive image section that may be just a tiny bit too large but otherwise seems perfect. Of course, I'd be happy with either of these as they are both a massive improvement over the current front page.

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