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  1. I like the first page. I'm not one for Twitter, but I feel it's more professional looking esthetically.
  2. Hmmmmmmmm Tough one. Presently Outlaw is my #1, that being said there is allot about Rattler I'm interested in. Now that I know I love the Wallcrawler element on Outlaw. I'm anxious to see if there is any new surprises on Rattler that awaits me. BTW I will not vote till I have ridden both. Any poll where you can vote for or against something you have never ridden is invalid as the data is ignorant. Just a big popularity contest at that point with no validity to it.
  3. Sadly the media day trip report was lacking in the photos of me. Just the one is cool though!!! And I still owe you oral Robb.
  4. So is YOLO fun or sad? Haha!! I said stupid is sad, drunk stupid is fun. To answer your question, both look fun.
  5. Whoops! You're not a member any more! EDIT: Oh, look at that. You weren't a "new" member, you an old member we once banned and you're now trolling the forums. Thank you for alerting yourself to us! ps. And you've also now answered the question "How dumb are you?" LOL! Would have done the same thing!!!!! Guess people will start saying I'm an asshole too now. Its people like El loco that ruins forums for me and has me pity the future of human existence. I do not tolerate stupid. But I do tolerate drunk stupid. One is fun, one is sad.
  6. As much as I like Cedar Point, Yolocoaster intrigues me more. New things excite me. Larger Rehashes of things done before does not. I'm not saying Gatekeeper wont be fun, just saying I'm excited for Yolo more. Although I'm not sure why they would name a coaster after "You Only Like Ostriches"
  7. I guess I should say a hello!!! I'm Rocco and I would like to thank Robb and TPR for having me here. Some said it would never happen!!!!
  8. This is my very first year participating!!!!! Glad to be part of Team TPR!!!!! http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/rocco-casella/CedarPoint2013#
  9. Still wondering about the "Keyhole" gaps. It's like Gatekeeper is flying through a Debit card reader more than a Keyhole. I guess I'll eventually get used to it.
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