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  1. Looks like the park opens at 12:00pm so extra time added to the end of the day and open until 8pm so in a sense you get a extra 30 min verses the normal opening time of 10:30am. HITP does attract people and its a pretty fun event. It should not be to crowded as its weekdays your looking at.
  2. Just a thought but the Solar panel project was going to be started back to front meaning starting in employee lot first then working its way back around into the main parking lots. If anyone has been to the back lot recently then you know its under just short of destruction with the massive 20,000 house project behind SFMM. Seems at min over 400 trucks are in and out all day and using the employee lot service road and Knudson and Feedmill as a exit to the Old Road. Its just a total mess right now in the back and soon as the trucks have other access or exiting options then perhaps SFMM might start with the panels.
  3. With so many offers this week/month place should be packed. Its a Bring a Friend Free until the 9th Its get a friend in for $9.99 Its get a friend in for half price. Check your app's to see which offers are available to you. Heads up allow a few extra minutes going from the freeway up Magic Mountain Parky as major construction heading up the hill might make for a slight delay.
  4. For Friday there is a Outdoor Classroom event should be under 1,000 rug rats for that. Also of Friday the park is having a private event and is open until midnight sponsored by some radio stations so perhaps you can win a 4 pack or poke around and find someone that won a 4 pack but only is a couple and they have extra tickets. One of the radio stations giving away tickets is 104.3MyFM and generally several radio stations are taking over the park so poke around. As far as Saturday word on the street its a bring a free friend both Saturday and Sunday so heed the warning and poke your eyes out now. The BAFF might only be for people that bought passes or memberships during the Spring sale so again poke around for that. Found another thing and person is reselling a pair for Friday guess its moot point if you have a pass or membership.
  5. Yes the area is out of the way since its in the back 20% of the park and you cant really do a loop around it. There are many many coaster fan boy sites posting updates. I'm not sure I can list them without getting banned and I have to much fun in here to do that. Just google it and I'm sure some pics will pop up.
  6. I work there in the parking lot and around 12:30 - 1pm all hell broke loose with wind, sleet, hail, and just glimpses of snow. Snow was non issue and melted with 20 seconds of hitting. It was colder than a witches tit and amazing thing was that people were still arriving at the park at the height of the storm. Park stayed open through advertised 6pm closing time and it was so-so cold. .... For other bean counters I'm a tier 1 worker and have been working in the parking lot since 2011. The park is very flexible with hours and bends over backwards to accommodate me with a very nice schedule by my choice. I have zero desire to go beyond tier 1, leave that for the kids
  7. Just looking for an update on this? No one responded when I asked last week. Thanks in advance. Found a link on the SFMM site (who would have guessed) it has all your perks listed for your level. Elite Passholes Perks for SFMM
  8. Last I recall it happened in February either 2017 or 2018 might have been a presidents day weekend and again it was a BAFF day. I came from SFMM at 7pm tonight and we had more cars that last time, so the CHP shut this down to early as today we still had a good 500 spots available. I have heard in the late 70's early 80's that most epic event was Loretta Lynn with massive crowd. As she was packing in around the country and Coal Miners daughter had also just come to theaters.
  9. Seems TC is still operational just perhaps at some points M-F it might be down. If you take the time from the parking lot you can watch 5-10 workers with table saws running and impact guns roaring. Also a cherry picker and perhaps a blue crane. Now I'm not a RMC freak so I sure dont know what boards or wood is being replaced but many boards seem to be being replaced. Again take the time from the parking lot to watch them work.
  10. Heading into the park tomorrow for a few hours. Rain should have it cleaned up nice. Anything to look for as I'm sort of just taking a walk around and not so much into rides except Honda Express.
  11. If I'm on schedule I shall be there as I been there done that Christmas day stuff. It will be drop dead slow early but should pickup around 2 as people look for crapola to do. And the park is open until 9pm. Maybe I could do a give away of a comp ticket on that day if I have any left.
  12. I sure hope not for SFMM. It seems that at least its trending on Yahoo so it will draw some remarks. With min wage in St Louis at $7.85 to bad all 6 entries cant get $300 bucks.
  13. I think most important would be that you must activate the pass at the host park that you purchased it from. So dont just show up at SFMM prior to activation at SFDK. Seems there must be some options on Diamond Elite that aren't available at SFMM as there is a price chop for SFDK vs SFMM at about $15 per year/membership/pass
  14. The new ride has the sounds of Rocket Rods at launch, but this seems to be Rocket Rods on steroids with banked turns. Looking forward to watch the build.
  15. Here is link to what KABC was doing at the park Thursday with just a weather report.
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